Dawn of a New Era: Return of the Layers


It’s done! Tameeka of Jaded Tresses made a house call for me and a friend yesterday to give us fresh new cuts. I asked for the same thing I did last time, to keep as much length as possible, but for some layers around my face and max volume.

I applied a pre-poo mix of Aubrey Honeysuckle Rose and Vatika Oil to my dry hair and placed it into 6 twists that morning. Then, I used my Heat Therapy Wrap for a couple of rounds to speed up the penetration (I usually sleep in the pre-poo overnight). I brought my own DevaCare No Poo for Tameeka to use to wash my hair. Once she shampooed and lightly combed through my hair with a wide tooth comb, she rinsed and we were ready to begin.

 She got to work and cut my hair into the shape.

Then we re-wet it and she used Wonder Curl Get Slick Hair Smoothie leave-in and Wonder Curl Get Set Hairy Jelly to style. The Jelly was applied in small sections from the back moving forward. She raked it through repeatedly to separate and clump the curls. Then she diffused my hair to dry it and pump up the volume.

And voilà! We were done!

 So, I am happy to have layers and to have gotten a real cut!! I know that I needed to get rid of those very old and thinned ends and that uneven crown area really needed to be cleaned up. But, at the same time, I’m nervous! Though Tameeka left me with most of my length in the back and just shortened the distance between the longest hair and the bulk at the back, the length that I lost around my face was significant. It’s about collarbone length stretched and it was almost waist length prior to the cut! So, I’m just wondering how my updos and buns will be impacted because of the layers! Big buns had DEFINITELY become my security blanket! I’m wondering what twists will look like now too?? But, I’m looking forward to playing around with the new cut and WnGs again! I’ll be breaking out  my old combo of LaBella Lots of Curls and Carol’s Daughter Healthy Hair Butter for sure. You might even get a video tutorial of my WnG technique out of the experiment;).

Alright, gotta go! Hope that you guys like my new cut!!


 Do you prefer to rock your curls layered?

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    • Tiffany, we confirmed last minute on Friday for Sunday, so it was late of notice. But, I’ve got an idea for the near future and I’m just waiting to hear back from a couple of people to see if it’s doable!


  1. I agree with Lavendar. You look like you not only ended up with a great cut, but that you got mega definition and volume to boot.

    I have two questions. Don’t get mad, but is that gray showing up in your hair so soon after your henna? Also, I cannot get volume to save my life. What am I doing wrong? Is my medulla missing? Lol, but not really. As I have said before, I am CG, so I leave conditioner in my hair. Recently, I have been incorporating gel. I get crazy good definition, but how it looks wet, is how it looks dry. When I scrunch to break up the gel cast, it just goes from crunchy Ramen noodles to soft Ramen noodles! Help!!!


    • LOL!!! I wouldn’t get mad at that Tracy. Yes, that it TOTALLY grey hair a couple of weeks after a henna. That’s why I have no doubt that my hair grows. A WEEK after a henna treatment, they start peeking out!

      As to your volume issue (LOL @ the missing medulla;), maybe your gel and/or leave-in are too heavy for your hair type. How does you hair look when it is product free? Does it fluff, get big? If so, then you know it’s possible to have volume, you just have to find combos that are light enough for you. Have you tried HeyFranHey’s method of using a leave-in sealed with AVJ? The trick is getting you hair to seem as if it is naked, but with the necessary moisturizing agents! You may need to just go lighter on your products until you find that right ratio of definition to fluff. Or, you may need different, lighter products.


  2. Shelli,

    I agree with Lavendar that the cut really made your curls pop and your hair looks fuller. From the pictures, it does not look like you lost alot of length at all. I’m happy you now have a cut that is perfect for summer WnG’s. Just curious if Tameeka used the same combo of stylers (Wonder Curl Get Slick Hair Smoothie leave-in and Wonder Curl Get Set Hairy Jelly) and technique for your summer 2010 cut? Your hair looks very similar to the look in that photo.


    • Hey lady:)! I’m happy that you approve:)! As to the products, no, completely different. She used the Christo products for the 2010 cut. But, she used the same exact technique. I’m hoping to post some footage of her doing my friends hair. Her hair is shorter, but the technique of applying the product is the same. I’ll have to see if the footage is any good though. I just got it uploaded to my computer this morning. So, I’ll have to work on it in iMovie to compress and make YouTube ready. Hopefully, I’ll have it up within a week or so.


      • Yea! Good idea. I can’t wait to see the video. Better yet, why dont you be the first blogger to do a special summer meet-up with a “Cut, Chat and Chew” theme. I know I would appreciate it as I am so long overdue for a trim/cut. Your results are fabulous and I could not fully appreciate the difference until I saw the side-by-side comparison. So, thank you for sharing those photos.


  3. Hi Shelli! I love the layers, but I think I would’ve cried at losing the almost waist long hair in the front. But hey, it’ll grow back. Other than that, the cut looks great and your curls really pop! Do you like the Wonder Curl products?


    • Thanks Keedy! You know, even though I was facing the mirror the whole time, I didn’t really notice it falling!! She went through gradually to add the layers, so I didn’t realize how much was gone around the front until after I was styled!! Then, I went to the mirror and was like, “Whoah!” LOL!!! But, it’s still CBL and my front grows faster than my back and doesn’t really break too much at all. So, I’m pretty sure the front layers will grow out very quickly.

      As to the Wonder Curl products, I LOVE (no pun intended) the Butter than Love Pudding. That’s my TnC staple and I haven’t found anything that gives me the moisture and hold that it does. The Get Slick Hair Smoothie is okay. I’ve used it before as a leave-in under the butter and it was good. But it didn’t displace my kimmaytube leave-in, though I’ve been really like Aubrey Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner as a leave-in lately. In regard to the Get Set Jelly, I was really excited to try that and requested that Tameeka use it specifically. But, though it made my hair LOOK great, I had this tacky feeling to my hair and, although Tameeka diffused it for a while, that tackiness was there when I went to bed. I also didn’t have the sheen that I like the next day and used some Aveda Brilliant Anti-Humectant Pomade to combat the NJ humidity and add some sheen. I do wonder how it would work mixed with Carol’s Daughter Healthy Hair Butter as I’ve ALWAYS mixed any gel I used for a WnG with a grease (back in the day) or a butter. I never like the feel/shine of my hair with a gel alone. So, I might have to try it out mixed with the Butter Than Love or the CD HHB to give it a fair shake;). For now, I’ll just be using LaBella Lots of Curls like I mentioned above. I have a huge, full bottle of it that’s been under the sink over a year. So, it’s about to get a work-out. I hope it gives me the same results that it did in the past. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my sister’s observation that it causes shrinkage and tighter curls is accurate for my hair too. My hair was curlier when I used it. But, I don’t know if that was just because, my hair WAS curlier when I used it. LOL!!


      • Lol thanks for the product reviews. I am 7 months post BC and still trying to get my process down. I am trying very hard to keep it simple, but the product junkie in me kicks my butt everytime. I pretty much have my puffs down to a science, it’s the wash n go’s that are hit and miss. But I’m sure it will come in time, at least I hope so because my 15 month old has a head full of hair so I definitely need to learn what I’m doing so that I can take care of her hair. Before I go I wanted to ask if your hair loosened because of the henna? I’ve only tried a gloss twice and I’m scared to do a full on henna treatment because my hair at the crown is much looser than the sides and back and I am terrified of the henna making it so straight that I won’t be able to do my wash n go’s anymore. Do you still henna or do you regret doing henna in the first place? (Thanks for taking the time to respond by the way, lol)


  4. The hair looks good, but in the 3rd picture from the bottom did she not cut your ends correctly?. It still looks like she missed that portion, but either way the hair overall looks good. It does fame your face much better, and don’t worry your hair will grow back quickly for the areas that were cut to much :).


    • Thanks Zyaran. LOL, that was a bad angle. I updated the post with a straight on shot of the back of my hair. But I do still have that layer that hangs longer as I didn’t want it cut even. But, I had even MORE of a “tail” that she snipped several time. I’m hoping with the La Bella gel, that it’ll curl up more, but the issue is that the hair in that section is barely wavy and the hair above it is the curliest on my head. So, I would have to cut the nape section shorter than everything over it to make the bottom look full. Rather than do that, my goal is to keep it at about waist length until the bulk of my hair grows past it! I’ll probably braid and pin it up in the future when I wear WnG, if I can’t get it to curl more. That’ll allow me to have a better/cleaner back silhouette:).


  5. What? She didn’t use the CreaClip? LOLOL!

    I think you’ll be fine for your buns. it’s not like you lost a big chunk of the front’s length, just the area that frames your face. You still have plenty hair to work with LOL.

    So umm you sneak and did it? I do recall practically begging you on FB to let me know when you were doing the house call so I could join in!


    • I seriously LOL when I read the CreaClip comment!!

      Yeah, I think the buns will be fine too Michelle. I had a big ol’ pineapple ponytail that I can just fold in half:). I just won’t be able to wrap the hair around itself twice to secure, I think ;).

      As to the “sneaking,” I hit you in a private e-mail. Like I said above, it was last minute. But, I’m working on something for the near future. I’m waiting to hear back from a couple of people to see if it’s doable.


  6. I think the cut looks great! It really did pump up the volume! Gorgeous! I agree with Marsha, would like to see a side by side comparison if you have time!


  7. I love the cut Shelli! I too got a much needed trim over the weekend to clean up my layers and to get rid of an inverted V in the back that was driving me crazy. While I miss the length the benefits from the clean cut were well worth a needed sacrafice of scraggly, thin ends.


  8. Shelli your cut is cute! As a bunhead, I understand your concerns re: future bunning. However, your curls are bouncing and behaving too much to be thinking about buns this summer. Rock that hair girl! You will still be able to updo and bun to your heart’s content. I’m perfecting my TnG this summer with Shea Moisture Curl Smoothie and I must say I’m happy with the results.


    • Thanks ladies:)!!! Queenesq, I think you’re right and thank you:)! And, the banana clip big, bun has never failed me;). What is a TnG? A twist and go? I need pics!!! Get on over to the FB page please;)!!


      • Yes I meant twist and go – sorry I’m making up my own shorthand (lol). I’ll try my best to post pics as soon as I perfect it!


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  10. Ummmm your hair looks FRIGGIN INCREDIBLE!! But then again you know I am biased…you are my hair crush AND Tameeka is my hair affair!!! The cut gives you such volume #loveit and the layers give you such an amazing shape. Absolutely GORGEOUS!!


  11. Shelli, OMG!!! I was so surprised about the cut. Tameeka did a fabulous job!!! Your hair looks so full and I do not think you will have any problems in styling buns, wash n go’s, twists, or what ever your heart desires. That idea (which I guessed through reading the other posts) sounds unique, interesting and I wish I was there. 😦 Oh well…Shelli you look beautiful!!! 🙂


  12. Shelli, your new layers are FAB! I know, it’s soooo hard to loose length when you are used to it, but in the end, if your hair is fuller and more lush, the curls more defined and healthier overall, isn’t it worth the loss? I think you look great and Tameeka did an incredible job.


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