Comparison Pics: A WnG Pre- and Post Layered Cut


As requested by a couple of you in the comments on this post, I dug up photos of a WnG I did in March in order to do a side by side with the pics I took on Sunday, post cut. The WnG in March was prior to the 2″ self-trim I told you about here, the 1″ trim I mentioned here and has almost identical poses (Yea!)! You definitely see a big difference in length, but a part of that is definitely attributable to more shrinkage/enhanced curls.

Oddly enough, no one at work really noticed the haircut until I asked them, “Did you notice my haircut??” LOL!! Goes to show you how rarely I wear it down at work!! LOL!!

So, there you go:)!

(p.s. I mentioned in the comments on the earlier post about my haircut that the part hanging lower is straighter than my other hair and really isn’t that much longer than the bulk. My plan is to keep it at the same length until the bulk catches up with it, which means it’ll be shorter eventually. In the interim, if I can’t get it to shrink up more, I’ll braid, twist, bun or pin it up so it doesn’t hang longer than the rest.)


Would you sacrifice healthy length for a more flattering shape and improved definition? 

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  1. I like it a lot! The question has been floating around other forums asking if ladies would sacrifice length for definition. I would say the majority chose length, but with results like this, I think some might change their minds. Great job!!!


  2. Its so pretty and defined. I love it… @ Tracy, I dont know if I would sacrifice length for But that may be because I have been trying to grow my hair since it was damaged at


  3. I love getting a good trim and shape-up! I know a lot of naturalistas try to gain as much length as possible but a good trim can do wonders for your hair health. Your hair looks great!


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  5. I am so late on this! LOL!! Thanks everyone!! If you saw my later post showing a pre and post cut length check comparison, you’ve seen that I didn’t lose as much length as it originally seems! The layers around the face were major cuts. But, my longest layer is still waist length and the cut really just enhanced my curls and increased the shrinkage, which means it looks fuller too. Yea!! Thanks again everyone for the kind words!!


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