The CreaClip … Well I NEVER!


I mean … I’m sayin’ … I want some layers, but there ain’t no way under God’s blue sky …

Awwwww hellllll naawwwwwwhhhh!!!

Have you ever seen the CreaClip? Would you try it?


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  1. huh? Wait. Even if this thing does work, shouldn’t she have smoothed her hair down after flipping it forward? I’m sayin’ she has several feet of hair to play with so no big deal but what about if you only got a few inches to work with? you’d be jacked up!


  2. HAWT MESS!!!! Right??? She just butchered her hair LIke you guys said, it wasn’t smooth and she missed a whole piece!! And I was cracking up when the voiceover said that she would spritz the ends to encourage the curl … as if that would hide the hack job that was just done. IMO, the only explanation for this girl doing this to her pretty hairs is that a stylist was going to fix it after and/or she was donating it to locks of love!!! Someone pointed out on FB … doesn’t the narrator sound like Kimmaytube?!?!? That’s crazy and I know it just can’t be her!! Right?!?!? LOL!!


  3. Er….

    I have to admit, I actually had this idea for cutting my hair using just a pony tail holder and flipping my hair into a shrub on top of my head instead of all the way forward (I don’t have that much hair to spare).

    You know what? I’m still going to try it (probably not any time soon though…). But if my way works, don’t watch for me hawking my ‘creative’ system for 30 a pop…what a rip off! ¬_¬


  4. Ummmmm How bout NOT! But that is a very cleaver contraption! I have to give them props for that. However I wasn’t at all pleased with the end results ha ha


  5. Hot mess on a bun in a plastic baggie on a garbage pail! That’s the most ghetto cut I’ve ever seen in my life. Is that the long version of a mullet?


  6. Hetzelfde kan je ook met de hairclip, die kan je vinden bij
    Het is goedkoper en doet hetzelfde werk. Het is fijn voor als je eens een keer je eigen haren wilt knippen. Voor mij is het een musthave dus.


  7. ok just to clarify this is a terrible example of using the creaclip on curly hair. i have similar hair (not so long) but i washed my hair had it wet and cut it more like the girls with straight hair and had awesome results.. my natural curls just took to the edge of the guide and were pretty even


  8. I use the creaclip but not that way. I’ve figured that if you cut the hair so its straight upwards from the top of your head you get a better cut. The girl in the video has massive hacked chunks at the front which is because she held her hair forward. Not to mention no idea how to use scissors.


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