Style Refresh: A Dry TnC


I generally don’t do too much re-twisting of my hair between weekly wash sessions, but that’s because most times it’s up in a bun or something. However, after a couple of days of wearing it up, I decided to re-twist on Tuesday night and set my ends on flexirods. I wasn’t trying to have a repeat of the shenanigans my ends pulled last wash day ;):

First, I re-moisturized the length of my hair using Doris New York Olive Oil Cream and sealed it with Wild Growth Hair Oil (WGHO) Light. Then, I oiled my scalp with the regular formula WGHO. I put my hair in 6 loose twists as I wasn’t trying to reset the wave pattern from the last twist out. Rather, I was just trying to “contain” the hair in order to preserve the existing waves and set the ends. After twisting, I used DevaCurl Set It Free  to wet the ends (love that stuff, though I don’t use it often … have had the same bottle for well over a year) and JBCO to seal, prior to rolling the twists on medium-sized purple flexi-rods. Then I hit the sack with a satin bonnet.

The next morning, I applied Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel mixed with shea butter to my edges and tied them down with a satin scarf before hitting the shower with my requisite terry-lined shower cap. Once done my wash rituals, I removed the flexi-rods, untwisted the twists and fluffed my roots a little, but left the ends of the twists intact. I didn’t remove the scarf until I was about 20 minutes down the road on the way to work, then separating the ends a little to fill out the perimeter.

At the end of the work day, it still felt moisturized, but not oily or weighed down. I actually wore it with a center part at the office. But, I pulled the front back to take pics. I should have worn it like this all day as I think that it makes me look younger this way! LOL!! Just reinforces to me that it and I will look better with some layers!

 As you can see, my hair lost a lot of the definition that it had from the wet twist-out I did over the weekend with Aubrey Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner. And, since I neither dampened nor twisted my hair tightly, the dry TnC did not reset the pattern. You can also see that section of hair that just refuses to behave and hangs lower than the rest of my hair despite the TnC set! This is the section that is almost completely straight. It is the BANE of my curly girl existence!! Ugh!! *lol* I think the only thing that can be done for this is to cut it shorter than the hair that is above it. I’ve had that done before and, in fact, a Ouidad stylist cut the nape section in an upside down “U” shape because it’s just the center that wants to act a donkey. Because it’s covered by the other areas, it wasn’t noticeable when my hair was straightened. So, that may be what I go for again because, right now, I think it’s actually the longest section of my hair. Curly hair Algebra: Longest + straight – (shorter + curliest) = tail. 😛

Now, back into an updo for the next couple of days. I tried a very simple style for the first time and will share that tomorrow. I know, I’m such a tease;)!


Do you like dry sets? What techniques and products give you the best results? 


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  1. You DO look younger! Not that you looked old to begin with 🙂

    I like dry sets in that I think my hair holds better but I think I need to switch up to the flat twist twist out method for more definition. As far as products I’ve yet to find a holy grail for twist outs. I think I need to give the products I have more than one go to figure it out because I have a LOT of products that I just tried once maybe twice and am not sure if it’s the product or my technique. Stay tuned for an update after I’ve given some of them a whirl again with the flat twist method.

    Honestly, I don’t think my hair will ever curly up as nice as yours. It’s just not made that way. The crown is probably the only part that while it gave me problems in the past, its not loosened since my blow out and after 3 washes so far my texture change appears permanent. On top of that, my mom said that I’ve always had a more wavy vs. curly hair pattern. I have to utilize rods to make it curly up more. C’est La Vie


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