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Hair Therapy Wrap Review and Giveaway *CLOSED*


It hit me the other day, as I was “baking” a henna treatment, that … “I never reviewed the Hair Therapy Wrap!” So, in order to rectify this oversight, here goes ;)!

As you know, I am a frequent pre-pooer, deep conditioner and a henna head. Because I feel like it enhances the results I get from the products, I like to use heat to intensify all of these treatments. However, given the frequency with which I do all of these things (weekly) and the length of time I like to use heat (an hour minimum), it would be really inconvenient to be immobilized by a dryer that has to be plugged into a socket. Enter the Cordless Thermal Turban Heat Wrap by Hair Therapy Wrap. I first read about it from … guess who? You got it! Curly Nikki! *LOL* She often mentioned that she used a hair therapy wrap that she loved. However, it wasn’t until last fall that I finally decided to order one.

Price, Design and Packaging
I decided to order the Heat Wrap from CurlMart, where it was $21.95. However, I used a 25% discount code and only paid $16.47 for it. I’ve searched a few other places online, like the manufacturers site and Amazon, and CurlMart appears to have them all beat by about $4-7.

The Wrap is shipped in a box with instructions on the sides, as well as an additional set printed on an insert inside the box. It also included two plastic caps. The Wrap comes in two colors, brown and white. Of course I ordered the brown, as white quickly and easily gets dingy and dirty without any help. With henna and indigo treatments, it wouldn’t have stood a chance!

The Wrap itself is made of 100% polyester and is a very soft, terry cloth-like material. It has three pockets, one that goes from the front over the top and one on each of the other two sides. These pockets are for the heatable and reusable gel packs that must be inserted.

How to Use
It is very important to read and follow the precise instructions provided or risk bursting the gel packs.

Note: The gel packs may also be heated separately in water on the stove top, if you prefer that over the microwave. Instructions for that method are provided on the package and insert. Following are the instructions for using the microwave method.

  • First, you insert the gel packs into the pockets on the Wrap.
  • Though they are creased and shaped to fit into the pockets, the gel packs were a little challenging to insert into the hood the first time as they seemed a little too large. But, they did fit. They just poked out of the edges a little after I closed the openings of the pockets with the velcro.
  • Next, you have to place the wrap into the microwave laying flat. Again, this was a little awkward as the hood naturally peaks and sits up once the gel packs are in it. But, I just mushed down the center and it collapsed well enough.

Never heat the gel packs outside of the cap.

  • Once placed flatly in the microwave, I warmed the Wrap for 45 seconds on high, which is the maximum time the wrap should be heated in any one interval.
  • After allowing it to stand for 30 seconds, if the Wrap isn’t warn enough, it can be heated for an additional 10-15 seconds until the desired temperature is achieved. However, it should never be heated longer than 80 seconds total. I heated it an additional 10 seconds. I find that 55-60 is the max time that I need to reach the temp that I like.
  • Then, I don a plastic cap and fit the Wrap with the “tail” at the back of my head.
  • Finally, in order to secure the Wrap, you twist the tail and bring it to the front of the head, securing the end to the velcro in the front.

Final Review
And that’s it!! The Wrap is very easy to use once you get those gel packs into it. Once they are in, you can leave them there. No need to take them out with each use. I just fold the Wrap and store it in its box under my sink! I’ve been using the Wrap for a good 6 months now with great success and no problems. The packaging indicates a one time heating is good for about 30 minutes, but I get close to 45 minutes of “thermal action.” I tend to only heat the Wrap once for a deep conditioning or pre-pooing session. When doing a henna/indigo session, I heat 2-5 times as I like to add heat for 2-4 hours of the 4 hours that I process the henna and another hour for indigo.

I find the wrap to be an effective, comfortable and convenient way to add heat to my different treatments. I am able to clean house (yeah, ‘cuz that’s what I’m doing with my freedom ;)) or do whatever as I’m able to move about freely. Shoot, if you saw my Tweet last week, you know I drove to work with the Wrap over my post emergency-henna, deep conditioning treatment!! LOL!! The fabric of the wrap is soft and, despite the fact that I’ve used it with henna several times, has yet to get stained! But, if it did, it’s machine washable! Cha-ching! Just make sure you remove those gel packs before throwing it in with the dirty laundry!

So overall, I really like this wrap. My only challenges were getting the gel packs in the first time and figuring out how to make it lay flat. It can also get very hot and form heat pockets, but that is why it is very important to follow the instructions provided and to use it judiciously. Other than that, it’s been a breeze to use. My one concern with the product was the apparent inability to purchase replacement/back-up gel packs. I looked around the site and couldn’t find them for sale, though I found comments on a forum that the company had quickly and without hesitation sent replacements packs to someone who burst them due to a failure to follow the instructions.

My concern, of course, was what would happen if any of the gel packs burst after extended use. The site indicates that they are good for years of use and are guaranteed or will be replaced for free. But, I always like to have a back-up plan and would be annoyed if my gel packs burst in the middle of a henna session. And, what if, horror of horror, the product gets discontinued? Then I’d be “ish” out of luck!! So, I reached out to the company via e-mail to inquire as whether I could order additional gel packs. I received the following reply:

We thank you for your kind words about our products.

We currently do not sell replacements gel pack.
However, with your kind feed back (sic) we will start carrying them in the near future.
We’re projecting that we will have replacement gel pack towards late summer this year.

Again, we thank you for your kind words and suggestion.

Now how frickin’ awesome is that?!?! So, looks like HairTherapyWrap.com will make the replacement gel packs available very soon!! Now THAT is what I call Customer Service! This experience with the company definitely solidified my positive view of their product and ability to service their customer.

In conclusion, would I recommend the Thermal Turban Heat Wrap? ABSOLUTELY!! If you are a frequent user of heat for various hair treatments, pre-pooing, deep conditioning, henna, dye, bagging, the “greenhouse effect,” etc. and want something more convenient than a bonnet dryer, but with a little more heat than a winter hat, than this may be the Wrap for you!!

BONUS: Hair Therapy Wrap Giveaway!!
So, guess what? When I reached out to the company, they offered me a giveaway for you guys!! So, want to get your hands on a Thermal Turban Heat Wrap? All you have to do is any one or more of the following:

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