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Episode 8, Book 1 (Air) of Avatar: The Legend of Korra aired yesterday. We’re a little bit past the halfway point of the first season, which has a total of 12 episodes. So, as the consummate Avatar: The Last Airbender fan, what do I think of The Legend so far?

Well, it’s no Avatar: The Last Airbender (ATLA)!! LOL! Okay, so I say that, not as a bad thing … but just to say that Korra is not a fluid extension of ATLA. It definitely has its own unique feel and the fast forward to the future of steampunk machines, Shanghai Jazz, motor cars and modern thugs has definitely been a bit jarring and unnerving for me. Gone are the familiar characters and the music that I immediately loved and adored … it was time to get used to a whole new Team Avatar: Korra, Naga, Bolin, Mako, Asami, Naga and Pabu. There are also some new adults in the mix. But, unfortunately, so far, Aang’s uptight son, Tenzin, and Toph’s angry daughter, Lin, are complete downers!! They are the complete opposites of the jovial, yet fierce Uncle, the hilarious nut job, King Bumi and the deadpan, yet subtlety droll Piandao!

To be honest, all of the characters have been hit and miss for me so far. Actually, let me take that back. It’s more that I am not in LOVE with any character the way that I was with ATLA. From the third or fourth episode of the original, I fell in love with Uncle, then it was Sokka and don’t get me started on the cuteness and mischievous gluttony of Momo. Pabu is cute … but he’s no Momo … though it seems he has a similar appetite. And I doubt that there will ever be a “Naga Alone.”

Then there are the more frequent anime moments and the romances that aren’t quite my cup of tea. I know that Aang immediately had a thing for Katara … Sokka had his moment with Suki in the Warriors of Kyoshi, which was only four episodes into the series. But … I don’t know … the sentiments in ATLA felt more organic and authentic whereas, in Korra, things feel forced to me. The whole Korra, Mako, Asami, Bolin love “square,” and the frequency of reference to it, is more than I can take. I mean, they had an entire episode devoted to it already!!! It feels so much like filler … I know ATLA had “The Great Divide,” but they had 20 episodes and 3 seasons, 1 episode wasn’t such a loss ;).

And then, there’s this issue that I have with the frequency with which Korra finds herself knocked out. I mean, c’mon!!! I know that she’s not a fully realized Avatar, but she’s close! She can’t do better than this? I feel like I’m watching Superman: TAS, where he constantly got his a@#$ handed to him until the very end of each episode. And shoot, Korra’s track record isn’t as good as Supes, because she is NOT ending the episodes on top!! *lol*

Okay, so yeah, I’m not loving everything about the series. It has yet to really hit its stride with me. There have been some really great episodes, but just when I think it’s getting really good … we hit a bump in the road. That being said, let’s talk about the things that I am loving. Gorgeous sets and colors, Melo’s lumpy head, “flashbacks” of adult Aang, Sokka, Toph and an angry man (who looks like an older Admiral Zhao to me), chi blockers, lightening benders, metalbending police, scary a@#$ Amon and his bending stealing powers, secrets yet revealed, wicked awesome fight scenes and, most recently, Tarlok exhibiting a fearsome display of bloodbending!

So yeah, let’s just say that, though I’m not in LOVE with Korra, I am firmly in my seat for the ride! I can’t wait to see her really connect with her spiritual side and visit the Spirit World, talk to Aang, enter the Avatar state and airbend. I also can’t wait to find out how Zuko and his mother reunited, why Uncle Iroh went to the Spirit World (I know that one is wishful thinking), who is still alive (Toph? Zuko? Suki? Anyone?) and if Koh will keep his promise to Aang, “We’ll meet again.” I know that some of these things are coming eventually, though they may not manifest exactly the way that I expect.

Speaking of expectations, I had none that Korra would be better than ATLA or the same … but I do count on it being a really good story. And, though I miss the BoomerAang Gang ;), I would not have had Michael and Bryan drag out Aang’s story for anything. ATLA was good and it was perfect and it was beautiful. I am soooo happy with how it ended and that they had the integrity to say, “This story is over” instead of attempting to prolong it for the money and the fans. To me, ATLA is the perfect trilogy the way that Star Wars Episodes IV, V and VI were … you see what happened when George Lucas tried to mess with perfection? Ughhh.

And, though Korra is no Aang, I think that she will be an Avatar to reckon with in her own right. I’m not going anywhere and will be riding this one out until the very end, because I have faith that Bryan and Michael won’t let us down ;).

With that, I’ll leave you with one of the most poignant and moving moments of ATLA. The character Mako is named after the late, great and inimitable voice behind the hilarious, yet powerful Uncle Iroh. Mako died during the taping of the second season of ATLA and they pay tribute to him during the episode, “Tales of Ba Sing Se,” where sings to the only son he lost in the war.

I tear up every time.


 So, what do you think of The Legend so far?


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  1. OK, as a 40 year old black woman I hesitated commenting, but since I love everything Avatar here goes. I had high hopes for Legend of Korra. I like it, I don’t love it. I thought Korra was too busy with pro bending to train in her air bending skills. Between that and battling the extremists, where ever will she find the time? From the jump I figured that Amon and Tarrlock were the same person, but now I’m not sure. Crazy is crazy. LOL. They can leave that foursquare love mess alone and concentrate on the action. Side point, I did like how Tenzin’s daughter threw Korra under the bus about her love interest. Anyway, I like the show and hope that it continues to get better, and let us know a little bit more about what happened between the first series and this one.


    • Ummmm Camille … you know that a 40 year old black woman wrote this post, right? LOL!! I didn’t think Amon was Tarlok … I had my own theories … but they seem to be out in the multiverse, so probably are wrong. I’m revising my theories now … but they’re probably still wrong. But, yeah, seems like we are on the same page on this one. I really wasn’t feeling the pro-bending at all, so was very happy that that quickly came to an end. I almost feel now that it was just a device to bring the team together and I’m happy for that. As the prior series never seemed to drag things into the ground, I suspected that we wouldn’t see a lot of “in the ring” episodes. The thing was, none of them were as good as EARTH RUMBLE!!!! LOL!! I did think it was pretty awesome when Lin used that “sonic” sense when they were fighting Asami’s father, like Toph did during The Blind Bandit. Now, I should have said this in the post … I love how they are gradually building onto the flashbacks … but they are driving me insane trying to figure out what is going on with them! I think that they were in court in the last one. Again, I have my theories … but, I’ll keep them to myself as there is sooo much speculation out there and I don’t need to add to the fervor! LOL!!

      Speaking of speculation and fervor, this was a great response from an animator on the series when someone asked him who Lin’s father is.



      • I think the speculation is a part of the fun…trying to guess who the bad guy really is…trying to piece together the parts of the the characters’ lives that have not yet been revealed…whodunit…and why?

        I’m the kind of person who really does want to know before it’s all revealed…chalk it up to my being impatient (my son hates that!)…but I can still watch the whole series as if it hadn’t all been revealed to me.

        So if anybody wants to give me any Korra spoilers, I’m all ears!


        • LOL! No spoilers. I don’t search for them as I like to be surprised. But, I do always have theories and, though I love being right, I like it more when a series/movie surprises me!! I actually HATE spoilers for that reason. I specifically avoid all things related to any movie that I REALLY want to see to make certain that I don’t get exposed to any spoilers through interviews, behind the scenes segments, online leaks and entertainment shows. That’s why I loved the animator’s comments! I do think it’s GREAT to theorize and agree with you that it’s part of the fun. BUT, that being said, I would never want a writer or animator to tell me what happens! That ruins the fun when I’m right … or wrong! LOL!


    • Camille, we were soo thinking the same thing. Nobody couldn’t tell me that Armon and Tarrlock wasn’t the same person, lol!


  2. I quickly skimmed through this to avoid giving myself a massive spoiler. My incentive to finishing my work on the 15th of June if that if I get through it all doing the best I can, then I can sit down until I catch up on the Legend of Korra (I haven’t even watched episode one – sob!).
    But every time I hear Brave Soldier Boy, my face starts to crease up into the ugliest ugly cry you’ve ever seen…like listening to the soundtrack of one of my favourite K-dramas! Uncle Iroh was one of my favourite characters and I felt really sad when I heard his voice actor had died 😦


    • Oh no!!! I hope you didn’t absorb too many spoilers in your skimming!!!! LOL!! Ok, I LOL at the “crease up into the ugliest ugly cry.” So, when I was looking for the video and started playing it … I’m sitting on the couch next to Wei and he starts staring at me in amusement, waiting for what he knows are the inevitable tears!!! I’m like, “Leave me alone!!” And he’s like, “Why are you watching it if it makes you cry?” And, I’m like, “Because I love it and it’s one of the best moments and it’s so sad, because Mako really died!!!! Waaaaaaaaa!!” The scene when Uncle and Zuko unite?!?!?! That’s another tearjerker too!!!


  3. Hi Shelli, thanks for the post. I always wanted to know what you thought of this series. Like one reader said, I like it, but I don’t love it. I watch every episode, I’m excited when it comes on, but its like half way through i get slightly disappointed. I’m a little upset that Korra is so weak (to me at least). Her character has the personality of a strong woman, but she is so easily defeated. The love triangle story was a bit much. It’s like they are trying to throw us off and prolong revieling who everyone is. I don’t know., maybe I still miss Ang. But, I know one thing…. I will keep watching every week 🙂


    • Right there with ya Nancy! You put it so accurately … half way through, I’m slightly disappointed with most episodes. But then, there are those that disappoint in the first half, but have you on the edge of your seat in the next. The thing is though, those are always those moments that either have elements of ATLA or tease us with glimpses into the missing 75 years! So far, it’s not really standing on its own merits … it’s mostly only good when it has something to do with ATLA. I’m sad to see that the characters really don’t have that grab that they did in Aang’s world. Like, even the Cabbage Man was awesome enough in ATLA to warrant cheers when he shows up in Korra! I don’t see any peripheral character like that in Korra so far.


  4. I liked ATLA, so my son talked me (another 40 yr old Black woman!) into watching the Legend of Korra. I think I watched the first 2 or 3 epidsodes with my son and I got on his nerves during every one:

    “So is this Ang’s kid?”
    “No, Ma. The avatars are never related.”
    “So why isn’t she related to Ang?”
    “Mom! Ang couldn’t be his own granddaughter…OK!”
    “OK…so that guy is Katara & Ang’s son?”
    “Yes, Ma.”
    “Why couldn’t he be the Avatar? Hey…why are you going to your room? Don’t you wanna watch TV with me?”

    Yeah…something like that. I was kinda disappointed this show was SO different! No Sokka. No Zuko. I absolutely LOVED Uncle Iroh!!! (I didn’t know his voice actor died! Aww! So sad!)

    I don’t think I’ll be able to get into this one. I may give it another try and put my prejudices aside…I dunno.


    • Bwahahahahahaaha!!! OMGosh Polly, welcome to the crew of regulars!! You have endeared yourself to me greatly:)!! I was seriously cracking up reading this!! I think it’s worth it to watch Korra just to find out what happened with the old gang:). Plus, there isn’t much else out there to watch on TV;).


      • That’s what I was hoping for…some flashbacks of the old crew to see how things came together for everyone. I ESPECIALLY want to know what REALLY happened to Zuko’s mom! Remember when Zuko went to his dad in the prison and asked what really happened to his mother? Well, inquiring minds are hoping that we’ll find out from Korra & ’em!


        • Remember … oh Polly … you don’t know me very well … ;)! LOL. I know that Joaquim Dos Santos storyboarded Zuko’s reunion with his mother and that Bryan wouldn’t let him use/reveal it … that, among other things, is what made me KNOW that the story wasn’t over with the end of the series. I started attending New York Comic Con because of Avatar:) … I KNOW that we’ll eventually see what happened when Zuko reunited with his mom … what I want to know is if they’ll ever reveal how Uncle ended up in the Spirit World. Do you remember that Uncle saw the Aang when he was in the spirit world riding Roku’s dragon? My theory has always been that Uncle somehow got there trying to see Lu Ten one last time. He’s so spiritual side and with his connection to the original Firebending masters (the two dragons), I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s how he gained access. Well, that would be how I would write it if they ever tell us the story behind that one;).


            • Uncle is never in the spirit world in the series. But, season one, in the episode Avatar Roku: Winter Solstice Part II, Aang flies over on Roku’s dragon. Uncle is being transported as a captive of the Earthbenders and he looks and gasps at what he sees. Then, in Siege of the North: Part I, Zhao says to Uncle, “I know all about your little trip to the Spirit World.”

              Oh, and SERIOUSLY, you ladies are making my DAY!!! I am sooo pscyhed to find so many ATLA fans that are black women!!! WE are out there!!!! LOL!!! It’s always awesome to find people open-minded enough to cartoons to recognize that they can be very intelligent and engaging:).


        • Yes! I need to know what happened there too!!! Isn’t it weird how things like this animation can take hold of you. And even though you know it’s not real It enchants the point where you are a 30/40 year old woman whining over how the new episodes just don’t measure up. ***SIGH***


  5. OMG, I love all of you!!!. I thought I was the only adult that went into immediate heart break to know that my beloved characters had almost all passed away. I am dying to know what happened to them! I feel empty watching Korra. I just don’t feel vested the same way I was the the original series. I still watch the episodes, but every single time I’m dying for a flashback, update, something! We should form a support group!


        • That’s what this is …. the platform for the support group:)!! Danielle, you hit the nail exactly on the head … I don’t feel vested in the characters the way I was with the original series. I mean, I immediately loved the show. I remember LOLing at Sokka flexing in the water, loving when Katara was essentially cursing him out and tore up the iceberg … laughing when Aang went to the Southern Water Tribe camp and made the kids laugh. I remember thinking, “Okay, they are serious” when Aang went into the Avatar State for the first time and made the water funnel … or when Zuko fights Admiral Zhao and he and Uncle are walking away after Uncle said, “Even in exile, my nephew is more honorable than you” after Zhao tried to sneak attack Zuko … and Zuko says, “Did you really mean what you said Uncle?” And Iroh says, “Of course …. I told you I love jasmine tea.” I knew at that moment that Zuko wasn’t our villain. So many great, great, great moments in season one and then, season two, The Blind Bandit?!?!?! Whole NEW level!! Ahhhh man …. I truly feel it is the best TV series (animated or otherwise) of all time for it’s brilliant storytelling and plot development in almost every episode of its 60 episode run. Even the eps that you thought were throwaways the first watching reveal these little breadcrumbs when you watch them the second, third, fourth … I’ve lost count … time.

          Ahhhh … Aang … we knew thee well. And how weird is it seeing him as an adult?!?!?! It’s like … Aaangy?!?!?!! *lol*


            • Excellent idea, Nancy! I think I’m going to see if I can find the episodes online and have an ATLA weekend!


          • Dang it! Now I have to go out and download and/or buy the whole dang series. This post just dug into my pockets(again). My product junky is gonna upset when she hears about this foolishness!


  6. Totally love it! I watch with my son and then watch again to really watch! LOL. Still missing the old gang a bit ut C’est la vie. Korra rocks!


  7. Haha! I never thought two of favorite things, hair and cartoons, would ever cross!! I am so pumped for the next episode! I hope I still watch cartoons when I’m grown!


  8. Hello ladies! I’m new to the site and I can’t BELIEVE that I ran across this article and your love for Avatar! I’m a 29 year old black female who is a gamer, and avid anime/cartoon watcher. It’s funny because it has always been a guilty pleasure of mine because I always thought that others felt it was kind of taboo for a black adult female to like these things, but I grew up on these things and they are very much a part of who I am. It was my younger brother (who is also an avid gamer/anime watcher) who turned me on to Avatar. I had seen it a few times on Nick, but never really watched it. Then my husband and I watched a couple of episodes and fell in love with the series. I am kinda late to the series and I haven’t seen every episode of the first season so I have some catching up to do. I think I may follow in your footsteps and me it an Avatar weekend, lol. So far, I actually like Legend of Korra in the sense that they still tie it to Aang’s story, but it is a different tale altogether. (I loved the scene where Korra is shown as a little girl and is bending her little butt off, lol). I hate it when tv companies try to milk the cow soo much that it spoils everything. Aang’s story was told, and it’s on to the next one. I actually think that the show should continue in this way, every season tell the tale of a different Avatar. I know that I’m rambling, but I just wanted to say again that I am soo happy that I found your site and this article. *whispers – I really can’t speak freely about these things to any of my coworkers or friends, lol.* I found a website that talks about my two favorite things – hair and anime/cartoons. Who woulda thunk?


    • LOL!! Welcome Keedy:)!! Oh yeah, I’m a massive cartoon fan and have been all of my life. I’ve never had any compunction about making that fact publicly and widely known:)!! Everyone at work knows about it too:)! I’m loving learning of others like me through this venue and it is especially awesome to find you lovely ladies through a hair site:)! So, in case you want to see some of my other cartoon related posts, you can click on the “cartoons” tag on this post or, I’ll make it easy, here is the link to all posts tagged with cartoons on my site:


      Maybe you’ll find some other things that you like:)!!


      • Thanks ma’am! And I actually watched the first season of ATLA this weekend, and I have to say that I agree with you guys in that the story of Korra is kind of rushed. In ATLA, there was more character development, and simply more to the story. The fact that there are 20 episodes in one season as opposed to just 10 in Korra shows that. Still liking Korra though, but I definitely see a difference in this and ATLA. Still….Amon is one spooky son of a shut yo mouf!


  9. So did any of you catch the most recent episode of Legend of Korra? (This may be a bit of a spoiler, so…SPOILER ALERT…)

    Apparently Korra was having some kind of vision and we get to see grown up Aang and grown up Sokka! I missed the beginning…my son says it’s good that I missed it because I would’ve been confused and I wouldn’t have got it…I don’t know if I’m offended by that or not, but I was so excited to see a little bit of what happens to our favorite characters from ATLA! So now I have to go online and find that and watch the whole thing!

    Did any of you see it? Have you seen any other good “flashback” scenes?


    • I did! The last episode was very good so if you get a chance to see it, please do. Plus, you learn something about that evil Tarrlok!


      • Ohhhhhhhhhhh…see, now that makes sense! I watched it last night (and I won’t give anything away), but I was wondering about who he was and what his deal is. So when I go back and watch that last one, I may get something that I missed! Thanks, Keedy!



          Okay, so here we go … I don’t think Amon and Tarlok are related at all. Amon is a bad mother shut yo mouth and I think that he is the BEST character on the series. He is the only one who makes me stand up and take notice. I was disappointed in the flashback as, outside of Toph calling Aang Twinkle Toes, there was no indication of the personalities that we know and love. I also didn’t think the flashback provided any enlightenment that was at all useful to Korra or anyone. So what that homeboy was Tarlok’s father?!?! Korra already knew he was a bloodbender and bad news! So, what did that vision actually accomplish outside of showing us that she can actually connect in some way with her past life? I was very disappointed that she didn’t interact/talk with Aang. I’m assuming that there is more to the “vision” of her past life that will be revealed in the next three episodes. But, now I’m wondering if it’ll be just as lackluster as this one. Something big needs to happen and it can’t just be Amon carrying the whole show. But yeah, that dude is serious!! Only 3 episodes to go in the season … so, I’m hoping for something big. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

          Oh!!! How could I forget? If Korra gets knocked out one more ‘gain … there’s going to be a problem!!!! Now, she’s getting knocked out by roots and trees?!?! What the FRICK???!?


          • Lol, you know I’ve been noticing everytime that Korra gets knocked down ever since you mentioned that, lol. But from what I got from the flashbacks is that the guy is Tarlok’s father. I guess since they were all grown up, they couldn’t have the light, silly personality that they had as children, but I definitely see what you mean. It was like you didn’t see ANY part of their personalities. But I don’t think the flashbacks are over yet, she probably won’t be able to interact with Aang until she actually goes into the Avatar state for the first time. I hope it’s soon though!


        • Sure! It clears some things, but there are still some questions. Hopefully we will get more insight in the next few episodes. I guess they are trying to get us to savor the moment, lol.


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  11. You know what I just thought of in regard to ATLA versus Korra? Boomerang … an inanimate object … is probably more beloved than any of the protagonist on Korra. I mean, when Sokka sacrificed “him” to try to save his and Toph’s life … “Bye boomerang:(.” … it was like, “Nooooooo!!!!! Not boomerang!!” ATLA was on a whole other level … I mean, it’s not surprising that Korra can’t live up to it. I just expected a little more than what’s been delivered.


  12. I was watching an old Facts of Life episode last night and I kept thinking that this man who was guest starring in the episode sounded SO familiar…sounded kinda like…Uncle Iroh! I just looked up the episodes and it was Mako! How I miss that voice! *sigh*


  13. So last night I watched Tales of Ba Sing Se and was REALLY tearing up when I heard Uncle Iroh singing Brave Soldier Boy. I had seen this episode a long time ago but since I wasn’t following the series it didn’t really sink in, but after hearing from you guys that poor Mako had actually passed away, the song had an entirely different effect on me. It was really sad :(. Amazing how it actually tugs at your heartstrings.


  14. Now how did I miss this, I was waiting so long and now the convos already 42 deep.LOL T_T

    Loooved and agree with your review! Thanks for the tumblr version of bryan tip, I felt kinda bad for doubting the creators,producers,writers and everything after reading a couple posts. I have to leae but I will be back to read comments and indulge with the rest of your guys *waves Team Avatar flag*

    (btw, i am 19 and love the fact that such a wide variety of people enjoy ATLA. for while it was just me and a 10yr old from my little god sisters school.)
    On a completely non-related note and I hope this isn’t bad, but i was curious since for i dont even know how long the only person i knew who liked avatar as much as i did was a 10yr old from my sisters school..Shelli, ladies…anyone interested in these other series?

    HP:harry potter
    LOTR: lord of the rings – a new movie about Bilbo is coming out!

    Supernatural? Daria?!

    HBO stuff:..Game of Thrones anyone? books or show.
    …Girls? Veep? True Blood? thoughts! 😀


    • Okay, on the unrelated note, I don’t really follow Harry Potter, I love LOTR (especially Two Towers) … the new movie is, “The Hobbit.” It’s actually the prequel to LOTR. I read it. It was a slow read … which is why I never read LOTR.

      I watched Supernatural for the first 2 seasons … but, it got a little to scary for me to watch at home alone! LOL!! I watched Daria a long, long, long, time ago, but not many episodes. I have the first Game of Thrones book, but haven’t opened it yet. One of my good friends also lent me the first season of the series … haven’t opened that yet either! LOL! And no to the last three. I watched Buffy, Angel, Firefly and Pushing Daisies. Now, I watch The Big Bang Theory, Community, Rules of Engagement and Happy Endings. That’s about it, because there aren’t any Sci-Five shows on that I’m really feeling. The SyFy channel pretty much sucks.


  15. Okay, I’m back [took me a while to scroll through to find the reply button!]. Just watched all 10 episodes in…well, since this morning, basically.

    Please don’t get me started on the romance thing. Just….urrrrrrrgh. Mako needs his head checked out. Or some serious competition for Korra’s attention or something. None of them are taking it seriously [really Bolin? You’re over it THAT quickly? A couple of green snot tears and throwing up your noodles and you aiite?] and it all happened too fast. Seriously, love/affection from the moment they met? You don’t even know his last name!! How you gon’ decide to confess and kiss and all other sorts of oogies stuff?


    There is a part of me that will never recover if she actually settles down with Mako as they’re seriously hinting at.

    Everyone is really straight laced in this story, which is a bit of a bleh, but I think the story plot line involving the Equalists is FANTASTIC. Because they threw us in there straight at the beginning, they’ve missed the opportunity for comedy [Bolin tries, but he’s no Sokka] and a slow gentle introduction to the characters has been missed. However, I think Tenzin’s seriousness allows for the little funny bits and the erratic craziness of his children to really shine in their moments. Plus, everybody here is MUCH older than the BoomerAang crew were [though Boomi’s exploits tell us that it’s no excuse]. The setting and colour and detail is superb [1930s Shanghai influence is sumptuous] but I think it’s also the creator telling us it’s a different time – no more wandering the hillside like nomads. We’se in the city now!


  16. OMGee! OMGee!! OH EM GEE!!!
    Did you guys see the season finale of Korra today?!
    I would never, ever give away the end…so all I will say is WOW to the nth degree!!
    I think this is the first episode that I absolutely loved!!!
    Hurry up and watch it so we can talk about it, OK?

    And I will just add that I had figured out so much of what happened…go, Polly…go, Polly!!
    : )


    • Okay, I watched it this morning. Sorry Polly, I was HUGELY disappointed in the whole thing. It just leaves me empty. These characters are so flat and underdeveloped … nothing feels authentic. Things just don’t make sense. Tarrlok and Amon make no sense. There were some great action scenes … but again, I feel that far too much time in this series was wasted on romance and pro-bending, which led to flat and one-dimensional characters. And, the one character for whom I felt something ended up being unbelievable in my opinion. *sigh* I think as a series outside of ATLA, it’s alright. It’s wasn’t horrible. But, it is soooooooo far off of ATLA, it isn’t funny. I didn’t expect it to be as good as ATLA, but I expected it to hold its own, and I don’t think it did at all. I think it was rushed and one-dimensional all-around and didn’t have the forethought that was put into developing a complex story and multi-dimensional characters. The ending really was whack to me.


      • What can I say…little things excite me…and like my son says, I’m easily entertained! LOL!

        The ending was the only thing I liked about the series so far and it was the only thing I really got…probably because I guessed (correctly) at about 90% of what was going to happen. Including this episode, I think I may have watched 3 or 4 out of the series, so I never really got that deep into the characters.

        I think once I finally accepted that it was not going to be anything like ATLA (thanks to my being told repeatedly to get over it by u know who!), that I just kind of took it for what it was…what I could understand and get into…and I just rode it out.

        I kinda liked the story of Amon and Tarlok…it didn’t make a whole lot of sense that Tarlok would just go into his whole life story on the fly like that, but the story itself I liked. Again, I probably liked it because I had Amon totally pegged from the last episode I watched (the where he kidnapped Korra).

        I think, over all, I just like being right about stuff…drives my kid up the wall! LOL!

        Now what I don’t really get is where they’re going to take it when they do the second season. :/


  17. Ok so help me out. As far as our girl Korra is concerned… is that it? Does anyone have any clue as to a second season? I mean is it over, just like that? Are they gonna haphazardly crank out another avatar in a year or so and within 5 seconds of the first episode hint that everyone we just got used to is dead (again)?

    I know Korra was no Aang, but dang! The whole series had me disenchanted, But then the last episode actually caught my attention. And as soon as I got into it, fade to black with a million question marks about everything. WTH! I am the kind of person who will sit through a two and a half hour movie with 64 ounces of soda pressing down on my bladder because I am afraid I am going to miss something! So you know all this mess isn’t sitting well with me! **SIGH**

    I guess I will have to round up my Xmen, Voltron, and Thundercats dvds to pacify myself while I wait for an answer.

    OH, ONE LAST THING. If you had the ability to bend what kinda of bender would you be? I’m thinking airbender. What about you?


    • Danielle, yes there is a second season. What it’ll be about?!?! Who the heck knows??? The one thing that would have made me interested, they resolved … pathetically. Okay, I’m about to copy and paste the thread I had with my ATLA friends on my personal FB page.

      I would want to be an earthbender. I thought that the first time I saw Bumi … and then it was solidified solidly with Toph;). I just love the strong movements of that bending form and the uniqueness of the praying mantis style used by Toph.


      • You know that I know what martial arts style each of the bending forms were modeled after, right? LOL!!

        Air – Ba Gua Zhang
        Fire – Northern Shaolin
        Earth – Hung Gar Kung Fu (except Toph who used Southern Praying Mantis)
        Water – Tai Chi

        Yeah … I got it bad. I haven’t shared my glow in the dark Avatar Aang tee-shirt with you guys yet. I’m wearing it now.

        ETA: Glow in the Dark Aang 2

        Glow in the Dark Aang


        • “You know that I know what martial arts style each of the bending forms were modeled after, right? LOL!!

          Air – Ba Gua Zhang
          Fire – Northern Shaolin
          Earth – Hung Gar Kung Fu (except Toph who used Southern Praying Mantis)
          Water – Tai Chi”

          Shelli, with this, you may become my son’s new best friend! LMBO!!


      • There is going to be a second season…yea…I guess? I dunno! I will still watch it, but do not expect me to like it! And by pathetic do you mean to boat suicide? It was rather lame. I just want some friggin closure! I’m with you though, what in the heck could a second season possibly be about?

        Earthbending does kinda rock. My favorite scene was when Toph escaped from her captors after learning how to metal bend and skated/ surfed her way to freedom. Now that was hot! Aside from wanting to be the avatar, I’m still pro airbending!


  18. That’s kinda how I’m feeling about season 2.

    With ATLA, there was a thread running through the entire series…we were waiting to get to the whole Sozin’s comet thing where the Fire Nation would be unstoppable…there was a continual building of excitement…and characters…over the 3 seasons. This one didn’t have that…and there appears to be nothing to look forward to. Maybe they should have left Korra in her predicatment (not wanting to spoil anything for people who haven’t seen it yet!) and let that be a cliffhanger going into another season.

    I dunno. I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see.

    And…if I could be a bender…I think I would like to be a fire bender (with the ability to bend lightning) or a blood bender. Yes…I have power issues and dreams of world domination…LOL!


  19. So, this is the convo my friends and I were having post-finale of Korra season one: Avatar No More.


    Shelli: So, I watched the season finale. Waiting for you guys to let me know when you watch it. Because I don’t want to sway anyone either way, I won’t make any comments to say good or bad. But, it’s killing me.

    LaShonda: Here is my reaction…. O_o

    Shelli: Am I reading this correctly? Bewildered? Shaking your head? Wondering … really?!?

    LaShonda: Yes. All of the above. lol

    Shelli: Ok. Glad it’s not just me.

    LaShonda: I think we are definitely on the same page. Can’t wait until everyone is up to speed so we can discuss!!

    Isaac: Well, if you haven’t seen the season finale of Korra do not read any further. Spoilers!

    Shelli: Uh-oh, sounds like Isaac is about to go in hard!! I can’t wait to read this. I have to give it to you, you were right on one thing and your idea about taking out the kids was on the right path. Unfortunately, all fell flat and so much was unbelievable and lacked authenticity.

    Isaac: I will start by saying: What in the Avatar State was that mess?!!!! That was the weakest, lamest ending and shouldn’t be associated with the name Avatar! Issues! Issues! that episode seemed like these guys forgot writing basics 101. #1 Why did Tarlokk open up and tell Korra and Mako his family secret? what motivation did he have for doing that? Did losing his bending make him decide to become good and feel that having a Dr. Phil moment would change his situation? #2 Why hasn’t Asami slapped the taste out of Mako’s mouth for cheating on her and leaving her for Korra? She gave up EVERYTHING for that nut and all he as to say is “well, Korra had been kidnapped by a crazy blood bender? what was i supposed to do” #3 The revelation of Amon’s and Tarlokk’s connection was uh, less than exciting and predictable. ho hum. next. #4 When did Tenzin and the kids get captured? the last time we saw them, they had gotten away. the airships had turned away from chasing them after Lin’s attack. hmm.. #5 Why hasn’t Asami slapped the taste out of Mako’s mouth for cheating on her and dumping her for that lame brained half bending Avatar wanna be named Korra? ( i know i said this already but i needed to say it again) #6 What purpose did Korra have in this show other than to bear the title Avatar? she was useless. Naga had more respectability and purpose than she did. #7 Where has that blasted fire ferret been all this time. He just shows up at the end out of nowhere? really? #8 how in the blue blazes is Korra able to air bend after Amon took her bending away? really? really? really? #9 the fight between Korra and Amon was weak! did i say weak? i meant wet noodle in boiling water with a teaspoon of salt weak! Lin’s fight scenes were fifty times better than that. #10 General Iroh’s fire bending is exceptional compared to Korra I steal your boyfriend Avatar’s is. His scenes weren’t spectacular but they were still better than Korra’s. #11 What was the point of Boomy in this other than to have a name to link this series to the original? He did nothing at the end. we don’t get to see him in action. #12 How many bender’s does it take to change a light bulb? none because they’ve all been knocked out! sheesh! i think we can count the number of times Aang was knocked out on one hand compared to the way the benders were being put to sleep in this. Honestly, they shouldn’t continue with another season. this should be the end of it. let it end on a bad note so we don’t continue to have a bad taste left in our mouths week after week.

    Isaac: #13 Why was Amon crying like a little kid who’s had his lunch money stolen at the end? he was Amon! the scourge of Republic City and they have him crying!! why? #14 Did we really need the family reunion at the end? huh? what? Where was Amon’s fearless attitude? where was his aggressiveness at taking the city and humiliating the Avatar? this was a disney-fied ending with nice neat wrap up with a bow and it was terrible. at no time did i ever feel that anyone was in any real danger. Amon was taking bending but who was in danger by it? it was so…meh..oh well..why couldn’t we see someone lose it mentality or emotionally after losing their bending? bending defines who they are and to lose that would make a tremendous mental scar. but nooooooo. we don’t get that. we get….nothing. a few sad faces and that’s about it. why not have someone go after Amon with a rage not caring about casualties they cause as long as they get to Amon and make him pay for what he’s done. oh wait, i’m talking about actually adding tension to a story. sorry. i actually paid attention in script writing class! ok. ok. i guess i’ll wait to see what everyone else has to say. sorry i took up so much space guys.

    Shelli: Isaac … you went hard … and I agree with your every point. You just saved me the effort of having to write all of this. I’ll just add on a few more comments. How did Tarrlok and Amon go from being good to totally bad, then to … what, ambivalent? I don’t even know what they were at the end. That was the most unbelievable bag of garbage. Made no sense whatsoever that their inherent characters would be changed by a father they didn’t like and if Amon was so anti-bender, then why would he use the most horrid bending of all? And, the ability to remove bending with blood-bending makes absolutely no sense other than chi-blocking, which Korra should have been able to address. In regard to how Korra could airbend after Amon took her powers, that I can explain actually. He took away her realized bending, not her non-realized, which she only manifested after he took her “powers.” But, like, seriously, MAKO can resist bending, but the frickin’ AVATAR can’t?!?! You know, I’m really mad about this. We finally have a female hero and she is pathetic. Toph, Katara, Azula, Suki, Tai Lee and Mai ALL put her to absolute SHAME!! They need to make my Toph plush, b/c Korra is an embarrassment. Your points about Iroh and Bumi are dead-on. Iroh was awesome with those plane scenes, but we have no idea who he is as a person. You know, I need to continue to digest that nonsense to break it down. But that ending was so pathetic, Wei and I just sat here and looked at each other like, “You have GOT to be kidding.”

    Shelli: No, that’s okay Isaac. You are saving me the effort of finding the words to express my disappointment in this whole fiasco. I just can’t believe how lackluster and flat this entire season/series was. And, the “threat” is over … what is season even going to be about? I thought that they were at least building a two season series and, when Korra didn’t have her bending at the end, I figured that would be the cliffhanger and the struggle of season two. I’m really just so sad about this. I really expected soooo much more of Bryan and Michael. I just KNEW that they weren’t one hit wonders. But, this has disabused me of that notion:(.

    LaShonda: I agree with the both of you. This whole series was very disappointing. Very disappointing.

    LaShonda: Plus Korra and Mako’s relationship was really dumb. I just had to say that – LOL!!!

    Shelli: It was idiotic, to say the least. And Bolin was supposed to be the Sokka of the season and he so was not. Sokka had far more complexity than Bolin. His machismo was underlined with a desire to protect his family as the manchild who was left home and charged with that duty by his father. Bolin was simply comic relief with no more complexity than the fire ferret. *smh* I can’t even remember the name of the thing. And the whole Mako thing, he’s so deep because he watched his parents killed by a firebending thug and he and his brother were left as orphans … that’s about as deep as it gets. We get nothing of their struggles other than trying to get some pennies together to compete and pro-bending. And what a joke that was. So much wasted time on that and the romance. *le sigh*

    LaShonda: In total agreement…. *le sigh* 🙂

    LaShonda: It would have been so much better if Korra would have found out the truth about Turlock and Amon through meditation instead of hearing it from Turlock as he spilled the beans. Plus I guess that face change Yacun went through also made him younger – LOL!!

    Isaac: i agree LaShonda. that would’ve been a better way for Korra and the audience to find out than Tarrlok spilling his soul like it was a an episode of Oprah! Shelli, you are right. that love triangle, square, circle thing with Korra, Bolin and Mako was idiotic and pointless. What was there about Mako for her to like anyway? What as there for either of them to like about her? It seemed to turn into a Lifetime channel original movie at the end. i really don’t care if there is a season 2. with the way it ended, what is there left to do other than introduce a new threat/villain that we won’t care about. in ATLA, i really liked Fire Lord Ozai’s insanity and quest for power. it was what made everything he did make sense. what was Amon’s reason for wanting to take over Republic City? hmm..can’t seem to recall. maybe because there wasn’t one.

    David: I was trying to give the series the benefit of the doubt. It was very disappointing. I have a theory. (A behind the scenes theory) The creators of Avatar are idea-men. In the first series they were assisted by a team of apparently talented writers who took their ideas and crafted characters and stories. These talents writers were not used for The Legend of Korra and instead we got the idea-men attempting to do the whole thing themselves.
    22 hours ago · Like · 2

    LaShonda: You’re so right David. So right.

    Shelli: You know I’ve been saying all along that the team of writers now seems crucial. But, I won’t say that Michael and Bryan are only idea men, because they were credited with writing some of the best episodes of ATLA: The Blue Spirit, The Drill, and Sozin’s Comet Part III and IV. The Blue Spirit was my first favorite episode! But, I think their writing “patches” worked so well in the greater context of the patchwork quilt that was ATLA. And here, as stand-alone writers without the benefit of a group of creative minds, it just didn’t work. I actually feel disgusted reading the gushing praise that is being bestowed upon Korra on the Legend of Korra site. I feel like saying, “What were you people watching?!?!?! Are you kidding me?!?!?!” One guy even wrote he is a writer of 20 years and cynical, but was so surprised by how great Korra is. I was like, what?!?!?!?! I guess my friends have far more refined palates than the masses ….

    Shelli: You know, my DVR crashed again, so I wasn’t able to tape the episodes. I really would like a chance to watch again so that I could dissect all the failures. But, I know they’ll give me that opportunity with the reruns. But, I don’t need to see it again to say what a colossal failure Korra was as an Avatar. Seriously … again, Mako was able to break Amon’s bloodbending hold enough to stop him from taking his bending and electrocute him … but Korra, with her status as the Avatar on the line, doesn’t go into the Avatar state as a subconscious self-defense mechanism to save herself?!?!? Are you kidding me?!?!

    This whole thing makes me again so happy that ATLA ended with the perfection that it did and won’t be tainted by this. Though there were all these ties to ATLA in Korra, nothing was significant enough to sully the memory that was Aang’s story.



    • Okay, I’m adding more of my thoughts … this is what I said after Tarrlok was “revealed”:

      I agree that Amon is the most “likable” character … I disagree on Tarlok. I really can’t stand a weasel. But, I mostly agree with you Isaac, except that I do believe Korra has something to lose. She has the reputation of the Avatar to preserve … which is why I think wants her alive … he needs her destruction to be his ultimate accomplishment … he probably wants her to be a fully realized Avatar before destroying her … that would demonstrate how powerful he is and if his plan is to destroy her in the Avatar state … it would destroy the reincarnation cycle of the Avatar. Just figured this all out as I was typing … which is why I was so great at essays … I’ll write until I figure out the answer;)! LMBO!! In regard to the citizens of the city … she is connected to Mako and Bolin and Tenzin … she is vested in them. But, I think her biggest investment is in living up to the legacy handed to her and failing as an avatar would dishonor the tradition of the Avatar … and that would destroy her. So, though I’m not totally pleased with the series so far … I think that they have more in store for us and that there are moments that make it worthwhile to watch. Unfortunately for Korra, most of those moments have nothing to do with her, but more to do with our desire to see Aang’s world. That’s the failing of the series thus far. Almost all of the edge of the seat moments have nothing to do with this new world and all to do with the old one.

      On June 11th:

      Oh!!! How could I forget? If Korra gets knocked out one more ‘gain … there’s going to be a problem!!!! Now, she’s getting knocked out by roots and trees?!?! What the FRICK???!?

      On June 13th:

      You know what I just thought of in regard to ATLA versus Korra? Space Sword … an inanimate object … is probably more beloved than any of the protagonist on Korra. I mean, when Sokka sacrificed “him” to try to save his and Toph’s life … “Bye Space Sword:(.” … it was like, “Nooooooo!!!!! Not Space Sword!!” ATLA was on a whole other level … I mean, it’s not surprising that Korra can’t live up to it. I just expected a little more than what’s been delivered.

      And, after episode 11:

      In regard to Lin … I have a feeling that the “unbended” benders will get their bending back. So, I wasn’t too devastated by what happened. If she and the others don’t get their bending back, I’m still not devastated. No one died, life goes on.

      In regard to Korra … I am really feeling some kind of way that she hasn’t truly connected with her past lives in any meaningful way. And, it’s not even as if I’ve had the sense that she was trying and was just unable to do so. I just don’t find her interesting or particularly engaging as the heroine of this series.

      I love Meelo. The girls are okay, but Meelo is probably my favorite character if there was any. His lumpy head and “don’t care” attitude are funny;). I did like that the kids got to fight, but I saw that coming.

      In regard to developing the characters better, I think there has been far tooooo much time spent on romance in this series. Far, far toooo much. That time could have been better spent with showing Korra’s attempt to learn airbending and struggling with it … learning more about her past or seeing her learn about what it really means to be an airbender. I think the plot device of the Fire Ferrets and Pro-Bending probably used up too much valuable time in that it was essentially meaningless other than a way to introduce Korra to Bolin and Mako and Mako to Asami. Those fight scenes were pretty boring to me … and I guess it was because, nothing really was on the line. Again, I hate to draw the comparison, but these had nothing on Earth Rumble and the plot that supported the Blind Bandit episode.

      I think Mako and Bolin have this backstory that we should know a lot more about than we do thus far and the same goes for Amon. I think to reveal all in the season finale is too late and the characters should have developed some complexity by this point. But, they are pretty flat so far and there isn’t much story left to tell. I also feel like Tarrlok was a waste of a villain. You introduce this bender with this power one episode and take him out the next. The brilliance in season 1 of ATLA is that you start the series thinking Zuko is your villain. Then, episode 3 comes along and you realize this is an exiled child with a sense of honor. “Hold up Shelli … this isn’t your villain.” And, you meet a real jerk …. Admiral Zhao …. then that admiral that you thought might be a throw away character, shows up in The Blue Spirit and he has been promoted and is thiiiiisssssss close to getting the Avatar. He’s a real threat. And Zuko becomes more complex … and Uncle is more than a comic foil …

      I mean man, I could go on and on. And all of this is missing with Korra for me. Great action, great animation …. the plot has moments that make me jump …. but only to fall down … and those jump moments are only when they relate to ATLA. I just think that this series should have had the team of writers that ATLA had. I think the variety of writers is what probably led to such dynamic characters because everyone was able to add a little something to the story and the players. Just my thoughts. And now, I’ll copy and paste from Isaac’s message about how he would have written it … and, I think he should write for Korra!! LOL!!

      Later: The problem, it’s probably too late in the game to do anything that can be jaw dropping because we aren’t invested in the characters. ATLA did more work developing characters in one episode than Korra did in a season: Hama, Jet and even that little girl from the Fortune Teller!! Can’t think of her name right now. Anything that they do now will probably feel contrived or just won’t have a sustainable impact. The more we talk about it, the more disappointed I am in the series as a whole and the failure to deliver on the characters.


    • So first let me say that i love this website. Second I agreed with what Isaac said. The season just felt rushed. I don’t know if they rushed it because they only had 2 seasons to work with so they tried to get as much in this season for a greater more developed story line next season. Idk. I’m hoping that is the case. But I would have perfered if they developed the characters this season and next season was about taking down Amon. I could have lived with that. I still dont know anything about these characters. And Korra is just weak to me as an Avatar. I’m sick and tired of her getting knocked out. I could have sworn that she would turn into the avatar state when Amon was about to take her bending. But sure enough she was too weak to fight through it, lost her bending and finally connected to the past avatars when she was crying…… Weak. Every Saturday my brother and I just look at each other and ask with all the bending powers they have why are the equalists beating them so badly. Why did they wait until the equalists (non benders) touched down on air temple island to start fighting. Why couldn’t Korra bend the water and knock the planes out of the air. Why didnt they air bend and knock the ships out of the air. Or earth bend. Anything. Why are they so weak. And why on earth did Korra jump in the water to “help” Iroh if all she was going to do was dodge bombs and look at what was going on like she is clueless. Idk. I’m just a little disspointed. But I will say it left me less dissapointed than the last airbender movie. That just pissed me off.


  20. This was on June 4th and I think that my guesses would have been a far better plot than what was revealed:

    Isaac: I think they failed to develop any characters we have an emotional connection to. Korra is a hot head but what is our connection to her? What reason do we have to sympathize with her or any of the new characters? I like Amon and Tarlok more than any of the other characters. They are both driven and will do what it takes to get what they want. I suspect Amon and Tarlok are the same person but that’s my own theory. Amon not smoking Korra when he had the opportunity is baffling. Why does he need her alive? Unless its to torture her by making her witness the deaths or suffering if those she cares about but since she doesn’t care about anyone that plan makes no sense. Korra doesn’t have a connection to the city so keeping her alive to watch the city burn makes no sense. There are 2 good evil characters in Amon and Turlok but no direction for either other than to fight it out or gang up on Korra.

    Shelli: I agree that Amon is the most “likable” character … I disagree on Tarlok. I really can’t stand a weasel. But, I mostly agree with you Isaac, except that I do believe Korra has something to lose. She has the reputation of the Avatar to preserve … which is why I think wants her alive … he needs her destruction to be his ultimate accomplishment … he probably wants her to be a fully realized Avatar before destroying her … that would demonstrate how powerful he is and if his plan is to destroy her in the Avatar state … it would destroy the reincarnation cycle of the Avatar. Just figured this all out as I was typing … which is why I was so great at essays … I’ll write until I figure out the answer;)! LMBO!! In regard to the citizens of the city … she is connected to Mako and Bolin and Tenzin … she is vested in them. But, I think her biggest investment is in living up to the legacy handed to her and failing as an avatar would dishonor the tradition of the Avatar … and that would destroy her. So, though I’m not totally pleased with the series so far … I think that they have more in store for us and that there are moments that make it worthwhile to watch. Unfortunately for Korra, most of those moments have nothing to do with her, but more to do with our desire to see Aang’s world. That’s the failing of the series thus far. Almost all of the edge of the seat moments have nothing to do with this new world and all to do with the old one.


    • Cover me with the prayer sheet because you and Issac just laid down a smack down sermon. PREEEEEEEACH!

      I was screaming ‘Nooooooooooooo!” all the way through the two episodes, only at the protagonists – Mako? WHAT. WHAT. WHAT. He needs to sort his mess of a self out. Why Asami channeled all her Mecha rage into her father instead of laying it where it needed to be (i.e. Mako’s neck) I will never understand. At least gimme some tension between Korra, Iroh and Mako, you know? General Iroh literally kicked backside, up, down and centre but people who don’t read stuff online and don’t listen well [same voice actor as Prince Zuko Dante Basco – LOVE HIM!] will have no idea they’re even related.

      I was kind of glad when Korra lost her bending at the end – finally, some complexity! How would she cope with it? Would it allow her to get more in touch with her spiritual side? Will we get to see her achieve Avatar State – ?
      Oooh! contact with past Avatars! How excit – No, Aang, no. No, don’t give her back her bending! Nononononononoooooooooooooo!


      I sat there and watched her nonsense display of look-I-got-my-powers-back in pure disbelief. I’m so frustrated and disappointed I could cry.
      And then Bumi made an appearance and I got excited because I thought we might get a little bit of crazy, a little bit of fun
      I think if they had taken this one plot and put it over two seasons, it could have been magnificent.
      But they rushed. Then they slipped. And they seriously messed it up.
      I’m not even smiling on the outside, I was just straight up screaming.

      Korra better redeem herself in the second season or I’m going to have to pretend this mess never existed.

      Sorry for the essay -____-


  21. I like Isaac! 🙂

    I agree with a lot of what you guys were saying. I kinda thought my feelings about the show were connected to the fact that I was expecting a lot of ATLA to be incorporated into the series. So, I had to sort of let that go and just watch, wait and see. I wasn’t impressed by the series as a whole…although I did like the last episode.

    I figured Amon was a bender from the beginning. That guess was solidified for me when Tarlok was blood bending Amon and Amon was not affected by it.

    I figured that Aang would reveal to Korra how to restore the bending that was “taken away,” but I wasn’t sure how he would do that. I did not expect Korra to lose her bending, and when she did I thought that would be the cliffhanger going into the second season.

    I didn’t understand Tarlok spilling his guts to Korra and Mako. I kinda liked the backstory, but I agree with you that the new Avatar should have been able to come to this revelation some other way. And I didn’t really get the Noatak (Amon)-Tarlok family reunion at the end. And then Tarlok tries to blow up his brother (after making nice)…?

    I loved Isaac’s #2/#5…Asami was a little too accomodating for her man dumping her for another girl. I kinda expected her to turn on them and join her father out of a jealous rage or something…

    And how DID Tenzin and his family get captured? I thought I’d missed another episode or something…

    I guess I’m wondering why this first season was so rushed…why did everything have to happen so fast? Even if Mako was going to fall for Korra, did it have to happen in the first 5 minutes? The bad guy came, was discovered, and defeated in the next 5 minutes…and, like you said, with no apparent motive for his “evil.” [My guess, which so far has proved wrong, was that Amon was a secret bender pretending to be with the equalists…He was gonna take everybody else’s bending away, leaving him the most powerful man in the world…mwhahaha! Not…]

    Second season of Korra? Eh…I can take it or leave it. Most likely leave it…


  22. I liked the ending but only because I wasn’t expecting it. I was left with several questions. What’s next for Korra? Will there be a worthy enough opponent for her? That love element gets on my nerves. Will they put that on the back burner. The dialogue seems so stilted. Why would Tarlok spill his guts to Korra? Why would she believe him? Will we see the rest of Aang’s family? One sentence to describe how Amon was taking people’s bending away? Really? So while I liked the resolution aspect of the finale, it left me strangely unsatisfied. Here’s hoping for better character development in Season 2.


      • Those were funny:). No Polly, I can’t bring myself to watch them again. Even though there were some good episodes, they won’t seem like it anymore because I know how it all ends … then, I was hopeful, if I watched them now, I’d be shaking my head at the inevitable letdown and the failure to deliver.


        • They do these live spots with the writers during the episode. I missed it when they first started…I was wondering if the writers were trying to give the audience (especially those of us who were a bit disgruntled) some explanations as to what they did and why. I usually catch the very end of the Korra episode and then get to watch 2 ATLA episodes. (They do the commentaries for ATLA, too.)


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