April GOC Update: LeShor (#43)


I have been adhering to the Hair Rules Regimen-Kinky; however, I did not straighten my hair for the third week. I just continued to do the wash-n-gos. I feel I have gotten a good grasp of the routine and my wash-n-gos have improved. I find that, by day two and three, I am really loving how my hair looks.

On his website and at his salon, they suggest that you re-wet/co-wash your hair every 2-3 days to keep it moisturized and to keep dry hair at bay. Now that we are hitting month two, it is time to deep condition, which I did using the Silk Elements MegaSilk Intense Conditioning Mayonnaise that I got from Sally’s. I washed my hair and then sat under the hair dryer for an hour with the Silk Elements MegaSilk Intense Conditioning Mayonnaise.

I colored my hair using Clairol Beautiful Collection Advanced Gray Solution Semi-Permanent Color in Midnight Black for the back and Burgundy Brown for the front. I have decided to wait to straighten my hair until the third week in June. I will be getting my hair done for a work function.

Health & Fitness
I feel that my workout regimen is on point. I have lost a total of 17 lbs so far. Almost to my half-way point of my goal of 40 lbs. YAY ME!!


Before: Bust 41.25″; Arm 15″; Waist 41″; Hips 54.5″; Thigh 32″

After: Bust 38″; Arm 15″; Waist 37.25″; Hips 52″; Thigh 30″

LOSS: Bust 3.25″; Arm 0″; Waist 3.75″; Hips 2.5″; Thigh 2″

From my measurements, you can tell that all my junk is in the trunk!! LOL!!!


  • I am still doing 3 days of 60 minute personal training.
  • Day one consists of kickboxing
  • Day two consists of body sculpting
  • Day three consists of a form of Samurai sword play called Forza, that my trainer changed up a little to add “more rhythm.” From the minute I begin the workout until the end of the workout I am sweating!!
  • I alternate 2-3 days of Zumba and Billy Blanks.
  • I am still following a low-carb diet.

Want to see LeShor’s first post with her goals and planned regimens? Check it out here!



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  1. I love how defined your curls are!! Very pretty. Mine never turns out that way because I have so many different curl patterns in my hair lol


  2. Your hair is absolutely beautiful. I must say that I didn’t think you could get a look like this from a WnG. I would have thought only a TO or BO could define like this. Beautiful!!! Congrats on your fitness goals as well. Awesome job!


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