April GOC Update: CJ (#31)


Things have been a little nuts lately. I graduated from Georgetown Law on May 20, finished my last student trial on May 24 and am in the process of moving to Nashville. I start my job there on June 4. I think it’s just now hitting me. I’ve tried a few new things, but ultimately returned to using Keracare (I think my previous debacle was due to user error). The pic above is my Curlformers set for graduation (using Keracare setting lotion) before sweat and humidity caused it to exponentially explode. And here are some more pics.

A dry twist-out with Camille Rose Moisture Butter.

Pictures from graduation.

See CJ’s initial post for GOC-The Sequel here.


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  1. awwwww congrats!!!! your hair looks good with the cap. I know a lot of people have trouble figuring out how to wear there hair for graduation but thats a great style.


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