Tim Okamura and the Painting that Resembled Her


Okay, just finished up all but one April GOC Update for tomorrow. But, before I hit the sack, had to share this with you guys. Last November, we had a mini meet-up in NYC to go to a small exhibit of paintings by Tim Okamura, this amazing artist who paints these gorgeous images of natural women. Well, while we were there, someone asked if I was the model in one of the paintings. I immediately responded, “No” laughing a little at the question as I turned around to see the painting he was pointing at. When I saw it, I had to acknowledge that there was a slight resemblance.

“Okay, I see what you’re saying.”

Well imagine my surprise when I received an e-mailed from friend and reader Niah that said, “If I didn’t know any better, I would think this is a painting of you. It reminds me of your many before and/or after profile shots you take while standing in front of your mirror.” The following pic was attached:

Ummmm … yeah … that’s kind of uncanny.

So, just for fun, I searched through my photos for a similar angle and hair shot and found this pic that I flipped to match the profile direction of the painting.

Okay, pretty weird!! I think I may have found my doppelganger! With the first painting, I was like, “Okay, yeah, I guess I can see why you would say that.” This one was like, “Dang! That does look like me!!” LOL!

Thanks for playing folks.

That is all.


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  1. You bear a striking resemblance to the model. I would also agree with Marsha and Michelle, you also favor Chicoro. I would definitely reach out to the artist. He may be so inspired to commission a portrait for you. It could happen….


  2. Wow you really do resemble the women in the photos. But I must admit that in the second photo the woman in their also favors youtuber “Tranaturally” in video: Stretching Hair for a Braidout


      • You ladies are so sweet. Now, I don’t really think that I look like Chicoro … I think it’s just the forehead and big eyes that always make people say that I look like someone they know or someone else;)! But, I do see the resemblance with the lady in this painting. And, rest assured, I actually posted all of these pics on Tim Okamura’s FB wall the same night that I did this post. But, alas, no response yet;). I figure, why would he want to paint someone he’s already painted twice anyway;)? LOL!! But thanks for all your kind words and nudges ;)!!


  3. Omg! This just reminds me of why I love your blog so much… after discovering his work in the movie “Prime”, I fell in love with Okamura’s art 😊


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