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I didn’t get home from work until almost 9 p.m. last night and I was just as frazzled as my hair. *lol* Not every day is a good hair day! In fact, my hair was in four pre-pooed twists (AO HSR/Vatika oil) that I did on Sunday. I still haven’t gotten around to washing it out. I know some people may be bothered by going to work with a little frizz and fuzz. Maybe it’s my nerdy ways, but I really don’t think much about it. Generally speaking, at work, my hair is pulled back and very “unspectacular.” I don’t feel a need for it to look fabulous every day. It’s like when I go to the gym, I usually layer up with clothes that are huge and swallow my shape, even when I’m ripped. Or, how I generally don’t wear make-up. I know what I look like, I know what’s under those layers, what’s in that bun, what a little make-up can do. And, I’ll “whip it all out” on occasion *lol*, but I don’t feel like I need to flaunt “what I got” all of the time. I’d rather save my “big reveals” for special occasions and get that, “Wow, she cleans up real good!” reaction. LOL!! Hmmmm … this was kind of a ramble. But, I was just thinking of how boring (and fuzzy) my hair generally is during the work week and how it doesn’t bother me or make me feel like I’m tucking my hair away and not having fun. I realize that my lack of self-consciousness about my hair and inclination to tuck it away is based on the same personality trait that keeps me layered up at the gym and make-up-less most of the time. It’s just who I am … and probably a manifestation of my Ugly Duckling syndrome (Shallow Hal … look it up ;). *lol*).

Okay, back to the late day at work last night. I got home mentally exhausted, hungry and not particularly savoring the thought of a Lean Cuisine for dinner. I walk in the door and, to my surprise and great pleasure, Wei had brought dinner home from the city! And not just any dinner … “salmon” steak from Veggie Paradise II, which we had just been discussing my love of the day before!! Definitely one of those, “I love me some him” moments:).

Mmmmm … and the leftovers always taste better on day two!!

In other news, my girlfriend gave me free tickets to see A Streetcar Named Desire last Wednesday. It was really good and Nicole Ari Parker was SPECTACULAR!! She played the heck out of Blanche DuBois (yes, that’s who the character on Golden Girls is named after)! I’ve known of the movie for years … who hasn’t heard, “STELLAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!” But, I really knew nothing of the plot. The play was originally written in 1947, yet the topics it addresses are surprisingly modern! I won’t give anything away though. I’ll just say, check it out if you’ve never seen the play or movie. On a side note, Belle Reve, the family estate of sisters Stella and Blanche, is also the name of the prison for metahumans in the DC Universe (you know I had to slip in that comics reference!). Oh, and one last thing! Towards the end of the play, the actress on the right who played Stella walks to the edge of the stage, squats down and we hear her say, “Give it to me.” Next thing we know, she stands up with what is obviously a lit cell phone in her hand, pockets it in her dress and finishes her lines. The crowd broke out in applause. #GANGSTA!

Before we went to the play, we actually made it into the city early and were able to hit the Tracy Reese sample sale, which was a couple of street blocks away! I picked up a really cute pair of aqua blue, high-waisted and belted harem pants for $50! I’ll be sure to post pics soon ;)!

And finally, to wrap up this mish mosh mash post (you get it now, right? I’m all over the place ;)!), the humidity on the day of the meet-up was a BEAST!! I mean, you could see the air. Ugh. So, I decided to try something that I had picked up in November when I went to an Aveda retailer salon to get a heat protectant for a tension blow-out.

Curly Nikki had raved about the Aveda Anti-Humectant Pomade in the past and, of course, I had to snag some since I was already there! Well, given that it was winter, I really had no need to use it! But Saturday? Good Googa Mooga!! Yeah, time to break-out the anti-humectant!

via Aveda.com

This satiny pomade repels moisture from your hair, helping to prevent frizziness and flyaways. Tames curls to give hair a polished look. Excellent in humid weather. Work through hair before or after styling.

• Repels moisture
• Prevents frizziness
• Satin finish

via Amazon.com


So, I opened to jar to find a translucent white product that strongly resembled and smelled like … wait for it … grease. Yeesssss!! LOL! I placed a little tiny bit in my palm, emulsified it and applied to my dry hair, as directed. I had done a twist-out with Aubrey Honeysuckle Rose the night before and, again, my hair was completely dry the next morning!! Yea for Aubrey!! Once I got to the spot, I fluffed the twist-out and I think the pomade really did help to preserve the definition in my style. I usually would have been a big, tribble-like, frizz ball in that type of humidity …

Instead, my hair looked pretty decent!

Now, the face in this pic is another matter entirely.

So yeah, after the first round, the score is 1-Aveda Anti-Humectant Pomade, 0-Humidity. The fight’s not over yet though folks. Summer hasn’t yet officially started and we have a long battle ahead of us. So, don’t turn that channel;)!

Alright, gotta go!! I’m going to be off schedule today, but hope to put up a couple of the last few April GOC updates later today … just in time for you to start sending in your May updates ;)!



So, what’s up with you ladies? See any movies or plays lately? Score any great clothes or shoes? Try any new products? What was your week’s Mish, Mash, Mosh?


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    • Brittany, it IS delish:)! Well, the potatoes and veggies are kind of bland … but the “salmon” steak?? Mmmm mmmm GOOD!! Definitely check out Streetcar and let me know what you think! I want to see the movie now too!


  1. I bought some of that last year, but that was the first summer of me trying to wear my natural hair in its curly state and let’s just say a little frizz or a lot of it was the least of my worries! Now that I am trying to be CG, can you recommend a CG friendly antihumectant? Or am I just going to have to gel it up for the summer?

    Oh and btw, has your sister ever done a Hairstory? Everytime I see a picture of her, I tend to think that she and I have similar textures (that’s probably wishful thinking on my part), so I would love to read about her hair journey.


    • Hey Tracy, no, I don’t know of a CG friendly anti-humectant. But, I think a good homemade protein conditioner and sealing the hair may help reduce/prevent frizz? The whole goal is to keep your hair from absorbing the moisture in the air be sealing the cuticle.

      As to my sister, I have been hounding her since the beginning about her hairstory and sent her your comment to try to get her to do it!! So, we’ll see;)!! I’ll hound her again;)!


      • I saw on FB that your sister has agreed to do a Hairstory. I don’t know if it was because of my request or your hounding, but I can’t wait to read it and see the pics! Thanks to you both!


  2. I just saw Men in Black III this past weekend. It was pretty funny, and it drew some conclusions for unanswered questions in the previous films. I recommend it. Also I tried the One n Only Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. It worked really well in my hair. I’m transitioning (going on 16 months; I have only a few inches of relaxer left on my ends) and finding products that add moisture and provide easy detangling has been very hard for me. I’ve tried the expensive stuff and the cheap stuff. However, the One n Only Argan Oil products really seem to work for me, so I think I’ll stick with these until they no longer work.

    The PJ in me totally has to try this Aveda Anti-Humectant Pomade. Humidity does crazy things to my hair. I never noticed it when I was relaxed, but now that most of my hair is new growth, I need help!


    • Hey Nancy! Okay, I want to see MIB III this weekend. I actually started my MIB journey with the cartoon (LOVED it!!). Then I saw the first movie, which I liked a lot. The second? I thought it was pretty weak. I’m hearing this one isn’t as good as the first, but way better than the second, so think Wei and I will go see it today.

      And congrats on the One n’ Only Argan OIl find!!! It’s so awesome to find those HG/Staples after searching for months!! As to the Aveda Anti-Humectant, I think it’s worth a try if you can find it on the ground … that way you can return it if it doesn’t work:)!!


  3. I love the aveda brilliant damage control spray. It was my HG while relaxed and I still use it as my heat protectant before blow drying and flat ironing my transitioning hair (im at a yr now!). works great! havent tried the pomade!


    • Ashlei, I used that when I did my blow out too! MopTopMaven recommended it, that’s what I was buying when I saw the Anti-Humectant pomade and decided to get it too!!


  4. I’ve been eyeballing this product for a while now too because of CN..but I hate the price!!! I’ve tried their BeCurly line and I like it but there weren’t enough extras for me to splurge, ie scent was ok, price was cray but it defined our hair but I only wanted to use it for special occasions…lol so I still have more than half left…waste of money, right?


    • Girl, I got the Damage Control Spray that Ashlei mentioned above and only used it once too!! Given that I have no plans to blow out my hair often, it probably was a waste too! But, actually, I think that it can be used as a leave-in too. I’ll have to look at the bottle again and see if I can incorporate it into something so it’s not a waste of money! Oh, now I remember what I planned to do!! I figured since I was going to be using my bonnet dryer for sets, that I could use it to protect my hair against that heat too. Haven’t used the bonnet dryer yet though!! LOL!!


  5. LOL@ that pic with the man’s head in the fur balls? LOL

    I feel you on the “I don’t care if my hair is glamorous” phase. I’m like that right now. when its hot I could care less and you know we are having some humid weather. i have my hair in small twists pinned up some kinda way.

    i never really wear a protectant so my hair doesn’t frizz. i don’t care about that either LOL. I usually don’t wear it out when its hot so it doesn’t much matter. I don’t get any swell on.


    • Ok Michelle, you had me cracking up at the “man’s head.” You know who that is, right?!?!? You know what this is a scene from?? ……. That’s William Shatner! Captain Kirk! Star Trek?!??! LMBO.

      I’m with you on not wearing it out much when it’s hot and humid. But, on occasion I do, so this may be a keeper for that. We’ll see;)!!


  6. I loved the book an movie version of a streetcar named desired! And your boo gets major brownie points for that special dinner 🙂


  7. I found your website a few weeks ago after doing some research on henna.
    After a month of indecisiveness (the brand), trepidation (the color) and fear (the curl loosening), I had my first henna treatment yesterday with Jamila from the Indian Grocery.

    Praise him. Hallelu.

    You have single-handedly changed my life. I love you forever woman!

    (I know that was unrelated to the questions posted at the end of this post but I had to let you know!!! lol. I saw MIB and loved it, and bought/tried some Vatika Oil; Straight Magic).

    congrats on your engagement!


    • Yea!!!! I don’t care that it’s unrelated … though it kind of isn’t, since it’s something new that you tried;)!! AWESOME!!!! So glad that the experience went well for you Lauren!!!

      I’m planning to see MIB III tonight, hopefully and Vatika oil is my junk!!! LOVES it!!

      Thank you for the congratulations:).


  8. Hey Shelli I think we are kindred ugly duckling spirits. I totally got you in that first paragraph. I am stretching my hair this week through braids because I’m going to be in a wedding this weekend and my hair will most likely be flat ironed, curled, sizzled and burned :-/. Well let’s hope not I’ve learned to be a little more vocal. I’m treating myself to a trim so I am VERY excited about that. My hair needs it. I am riddled with SSKs & Fairy knots long hair can be so frustrating sometimes


    • Hey Steph!!!! Hope that your flat-ironing experience went well!! I’m getting my hair done this weekend!! It was touch and go for a minute, but I really need to fix up these ends somewhat. The last trim that I got did not end well. Nothing major. I only got an inch trimmed, but the styling session left something to be desired and my ends felt really janky. So, the plan is to get them cleaned up better on Sunday. You know I’ll be posting the full details next week;)! As to SSK, unfortunately, they are just part of the territory. Honestly, when I was wearing WnGs all of the time, I just got a trim once every 6 months, which got rid of most of them. I didn’t even look at my ends between trims and it still did well. And, I KNOW that I had them because my ends would get really tangly and when I got the trim, they would be all better:).


  9. Ah to be human. I totally get the don’t-give-a-banana-about-the-hair bit. I’ve had my share of blah hair days, but I’ve found that my hair has been happy at being blah, as long as take care of it. And in my opinion that’s all that counts.

    Lol on the cell phone incident…shame them into silence. I read somewhere (might be NYT) that during a concert the conductor halted the performance until an audience member answered his / her phone.


    • LOL!!! Thanks for the co-sign on that Renee;)! And I totally agree. Sometimes being blah means that I’m leaving it alone so that it is healthy;). I wore it down a lot last week and think I was manipulating it far too much. This week, I barely touched it and it stayed in those four twists until Friday. I was like, “Yeah, I and it needed that!”

      As to the cell phone incident, it was HEE-larious!!!! The crowd erupted in applause when we realized what had happened!! As tot he guy at the NY Philharmonic, that actually was a crazy story! The conductor ended up apologizing to the patron! See, the patron is a big donator to the arts and a regular patron of performances. The iPhone had JUST been given to him and he turned the volume down, thinking that he had silenced it. He didn’t know how to turn it off or silence it using the top and side button (which I can totally relate to as I had to look up how to do that online!!!!). So, he was absolutely mortified when the whole thing happened as it was in no way intentional. After the story behind it came out, the conductor ended up apologizing to the man publicly. How crazy is that, right? But, the guy at my show was obviously playing on his phone, in fact, he may have been trying to take a picture.


  10. I really liked this post – so much actually that I finally came out of the closet/cupboard/box-what-ever to say something *feeling shy* :). Anyway, I really like what you said about dressing “down” for the gym, heh, I guess I feel sorta the same. I recently joined a gym and have been mildly surprised to see so many ordinary looking people, who aren’t there for a fashion show but to work out. Let the fashion stay on the catwalk, please. And anyway, one never sees guy’s flaunting their “stuff” in a speedo while at the gym (at least I hope not..) – would seem totally whack, right :)? If you’ve got it, why flaunt it, right 😀

    Anyhoo, I just thought how nice it was to read about a beautiful lady who doesn’t feel the need to rub it into everyone’s face – that just makes her more beautiful :)! Oh yeah, I’ve been stalking your page since January, so sorry for not writing earlier!


    • Hey Funlayo!! Yea!!!! I love when Lurkers come out of the shadows (*lol) because something moved them enough to comment! And LOL @ the speedo comment! LOL!! Yes, that would be totally whack!!

      And thank you so much for the kind words!!!! I really appreciate them!!


  11. Shelli, I understand what you mean by not feeling the need to flaunt your figure (esp in the gym) or wear your hair down. I am the same way. Those are saved for special occasions. BTW…I love you in the blue skirt. You are beautiful inside and outside!!!

    I saw Streetcar Named Desire at the local Black Theater last year. It was spectacular!!! So I know you had a great time. 🙂


    • Hey Margaret!! Yes, exactly! I mean, I love nice clothes and shoes, so at work, I tend to dress well, but that is the extent of my effort in regard to dolling up my appearance!! LOL! And that skirt was the bomb, right?!?!? I was a little nervous with the crinoline when they showed it to me! I thought I would look like a top!! But, when I saw the pics (I never saw what I looked like full length until then), I was like, “This is beautiful!!!” I got to keep the skirt, but not the crinoline. So now I have my eye on a couple that are on Etsy!!! I need to snag up at least one of the ones I like before they are gone! And, the thing is, I have two of these skirts now, the other is in black. I got the black one as a gift on my birthday! I wore it a month or so ago, but didn’t have the crinoline. It looks cute either way, but the crinoline really pumps up the volume, literally and figuratively! And here you go saying the sweetest things too!!! Thank you so much for the compliments!! 🙂

      As to Streetcar, yes I really enjoyed it:)! Again, Nicole Ari Parker KILLED it!! 🙂


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