How Much Do You Know?


At the Meet-Up on Saturday, I wanted to get everyone actively involved in the giveaway for the Grand Prize, a Sofistafunk Skirt and Jessicurl Sampler Kit. So, I came up with a Natural Hair Trivia Game. I thought that this would be a great way to find out what our attendees knew about hair, hair products and natural hair lingo and to provide a platform for discussion and the sharing of information. In my opinion, it is very important to understand some of the science behind hair and hair products in order to make informed choices. So, I thought about all of the information that I’ve accumulated over the last two years and have found useful in helping me understand hair in general, my own hair, techniques and products. I used that information to come up with some questions.

Now, I want to share the “quiz” here for the same reasons we played it at the meet-up!! How much do you know about hair, hair products, techniques and natural hair lingo? How many questions can you answer correctly? What things are completely new to you? I’ll post the answers to all of the questions later this week!


1. Translate the following abbreviations (1 pt. for each):

SSK: _______________________________________
WnG: _______________________________________
TnC: _______________________________________
BC: _______________________________________
VCO: _______________________________________
ACV: _______________________________________
HIH: _______________________________________
HG: _______________________________________
SLS: _______________________________________
TWA: _______________________________________
BAA: _______________________________________

2. Name three cones (1 pt for each).
Bonus: Why is it important to understand cones when following a co-wash only regimen?

3. What is pineappleing?

4. What is the “greenhouse effect” as a natural hair technique?

5. What is the main ingredient in Vatika Oil?

6. Generally speaking, what three layers form the structure of a strand of hair?
Bonus:  Which layer may be missing in some hair?

7. What do anagen, catagen and telogen describe?
Bonus: Briefly define them.

8. How do you differentiate a broken hair from a shed one?

9. Briefly describe porosity.

10. What are the three values on the pH scale?

11. Under what value does the natural pH of hair fall?

12. What old wives cure for wounds and burns mimics the natural pH for hair and is often used in hair products or added to home mixes?

13. Name 3 types of protein used in hair care products (1 pt. each).

14. All alcohols are drying. True or False?

15. Briefly describe the action/purpose of a humectant.

16. What common food item found in many kitchen cabinets is a humectant?

17. What does the BAQ in “BAQ Henna” abbreviate?

18. When used after henna, what plant powder produces black results on hair?

19. Of what Hindu traditional/alternative medicine system are henna, shikakai, amla, neem, brahmi, etc. considered a part?

20. Complete the titles and authors of the following natural hair care books (1 pt. for each):

_______________’s Grow It!

The _____________ of ____________ Hair by __________ Davis-Sivasothy

_____________ Like Me (aka The _______ Curly Method by Terri ______________

The _________ __________ Handbook by Lorraine ______________.

(41 Total Points)




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  1. I didnt know alot of stuff on that test. I need to build a better relationship with my hair and be more consistant . Its a shame .


  2. Girl, I am so glad I read your post again. I was about to go to town with my answers. I am a trivia nut! I didn’t know/had to look up about 5 answers. This was fun! #Don’tjudgemeilovejeopardy


  3. I’m with you Tiffany…. there were quite a few that have stumped me. I’ve been natural for too long and I live on hair boards & blogs. I really need to get it together. Thanks for the kick in the butt Shelli


  4. I knew TWA only cuz that acronym is as old as my dusty old behind, and probably older, lol!! *hangingheadinshame* My hair and I have come to an agreement. She acts right, and I don’t cut her azz. It’s that simple, LOL! Just messing with you, Shelli 😉


  5. I don’t know JACK (remember that slogan)…lol I got like a 50% but that’s still a #FAIL! I knew you were a wordsmith but a bio/chem professor, jeez! I felt like this was a pop quiz in class I need to graduate but daydreamed in all the time…lol Cones, Ph Scales and Porosity, oh my!


  6. Can I just say that I love the idea of natural hair trivia? I’ve been to a few meet-ups in my day and have never seen it done before.

    And sadly, I can only answer about 40% of the questions. I don’t know anything about henna because I don’t use it and I am not knowledgeable enough about the different ingredients in hair products. So ingredients would be where I need to step my game up.


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