April GOC Updates: Michelle & Chloe (#13 & 13.5)


We’ve had a good start to the challenge!  Hair, for the most part, has been “easy breezy” and the health regimen has been initiated. I’ve been busy as beaver, both of my sons are graduating (one from UMD and the other from high school), my niece had a beautiful baby girl a MONTH early and I finished up 3 classes and am looking forward to a summer break! Needless to say, I have faced many situations that I could have used to say, “the heck with it,” but, for the most part, I have kept our train on track!

We, well more me, LOVE TMW (Terressentials Mud Wash)!!!!! Chloe loves that it is mud, but I love the results!!! I dilute it, about 3 squeezes into an applicator bottle and fill with water to first tick mark on the bottle, and shake to mix. I apply in sections, concentrating on the scalp as Whitney and Shelli do, let marinate for 30 minutes and then rinse.

So, I’m here to testify that your hair does dry faster than usual! Crazy, right? Because I was giving the reviews the side-eye, but both of our hair did dry much faster.  Chloe’s post wash twists were plumper and I didn’t have to secure the ends, I could curl with my finger and they stayed put!!!! The next morning I usually undo and put a quick pony in, but the twists were so cute (to me) and she rocked them all week with an assortment of headbands and cute ponytails! And, when I released them, it was the best twist-out ever on her hair!!!! Her hair had a luster that I usually get after applying some oil and the bounce was bouncy!

The TMW effect on my hair has resulted in my first ever TnC (IMO)!!!!! I was so stoked when I released my post-wash twists and it had definition and no frizzies! I thought that it might be a fluke and, sho’ nuff, it was #success 3 more times!

I was rocking the TnC for the first three weeks and then came Michelle’s post on the Elegant Pin-Curled Updo. I couldn’t pull off the updo, but I got all the way to the step where you use the banana clip … ah, that was my treat I got at the February meet-up, I have one! Well, I loved the look, sorta like a curly fro-hawk!

So, I’ve been rocking that look and, with the warmer weather, my WnGs are back! I haven’t done a length check and probably won’t until about mid-way thru the challenge.

Ok, so the first week or so, I did NOTHING. But, I did think about it and mentally beat myself up. Then, one Saturday, laying in bed I saw the most awesome infommercial ever!!!! Kettleworx, kettlebell work out!  20 minutes for 3 days a week for 6 weeks will tone every muscle with resistance, core and cardio.  So, no, I didn’t buy it then. But, I got up and went to Target and they had it for $49, a sign right?! Yep I got it! And it came with a 5 lb kettlebell. I got home and thought, “Shoot, I’ll have to get a bigger one.” But after the first workout … well, actually, the intro to the DVD that takes you through the moves … I was sweating, could feel the burn in my legs and arms. “Nope, I’ll keep my 5 pounder.” I’m watching the timer on the DVD and pushing through the burn and pain and feel a difference in my waistband. Haven’t checked my weight yet (I’m scuuuuuured).

I’ve started eating Activa with Multi-Grain Cheerios for breakfast and a moderate lunch of salads or protein and veggies and go home and have the same. Oh, and my little shopper convinced me to buy Zipfizz after a trip to BJ’s. The salesperson touted it to be beneficial to your “hair and nails,” as well as Dr. Oz loves it (deal clincher)! So, that has increased my water intake and curbed my yearning for a Coke, because of the fizz. So hopefully, I’m on my way to slimmer, sexier ME!

Check out Michelle and Chloe’s first GOC entry here! Want to read their hairstories too? Then find Michelle’s here and Chloe’s here!


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  1. Both of you and your hair look wonderful. I am waiting for the day when I can wear a smile as big as yours about my hair! Keep up the good work!


    • Girl that smile was a long time coming…lol I’ve had so many TnC bushy bushes, the braid-out, flat-twist out..nothing worked. Just keep trying, cuz if I can do it ANYONE can do it! My next challenge is working on hiding the parts in my head and Chloe’s…lol!


  2. AHHHHH!!! that smile and her hair are just fab. You’ve got a little heartbreaker on your hands I’m sure. do you find it hard to detangle with the TMW that’s the only thing that scares me, well that an it’s mud. I’m not a girlie girl….but it’s mud. I don’t even mees with mud/clay face washes. I know I know… I just can’t get over the fact that it’s MUD.

    If it’s fizz you’re yearning for have you tried seltzer or club soda? with a few slices of lime or lemon they really helped me when i kicked the need for bubbles. It does take time to get used to. but if you’re trying to shake the grips of canned soda that might be a helpful alternative. be sure to stay away from those flavored waters though. They are NO GOOD!!!


    • lol@it’s MUD…it’s similar to applying Henna and we all know the bennie’s of Henna, right? Plus it’s scented (they have non-scented too) so doesn’t smell anything like mud…lol I detangle and put the hair in twists (4 for me and 6 for C), I apply the diluted mud to each section and rub the scalp really good and let the run-off cleanse the length when I wash out each section and re-twist…guess what NO CONDISH! It’s phenomenal! Detangling is a non-factor when I do it like this (naptural85’s and Shellie’s method). I just re-upped and ordered some more, we’re going to try the lemon scent (just can’t say flavor when its not food!!) Let us know if you try it and if you do, give it a good 2-3 washes before you make a decision.


      • oh and thanks for the tip about seltzer and club soda! I NEED something cuz the fizz of a coke or pepsi is like NO OTHER! I drink water with lemon so if I can get the fizz of my coke with the bennies of water, I’m all for it!!! I don’t like the flavored waters or diet sodas, there’s an after taste that just ruins it for me…lol I so appreciate it Stephanie (=


    • awww shucks *blushing*…thanks Leah but that was the side you couldn’t see the parts that much…I gotta learn how to hide them, but i’m so stoked about the TnC I’m like bump it…lol!


  3. Great mother and daughter hair! I hope I can get my TnC to look like yours (Michelle) one day–my hair is so fine and thin. (Sigh) Also, in regard to the fizzy drinks, I drink flavored sparkling water (they have no sugar or sugar substitutes) from Trader Joe’s or Ice Mountain. Trader Joe’s sparkling water is like 79 cents and they have several great flavors–lime, lemon, orange, raspberry-lime. Even my teenaged daughters like them. If you choose to go with seltzer water, be careful of the brand you choose, some have sodium.


    • Veronica, my hair is thin too, but I think the trick for me was the TMW, I swear it plumped my hair (Chloe’s too). Yes, I’m a product pusher…lol but it cleaned my scalp and hair without stripping it and without weighing it down so it could swell without alot of frizz. My co-worker drinks the sparkling H2O from trader joes and loves it. I’ll try those too, I’m not just a hair PJ, I’m a PROUD PJ of ALL THINGS! Thanks so much Veronica!


  4. Alright Michelle, you got my inner PJ going. The possibility of plumped up hair–OMG!!! Sounds like another product I’ll have to try. I’m so tired of see through hair. Depending on the outcome, I may report back. Thanks for being the product pusher.


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