April GOC Update: Miss Leah (#7)


My hair has taken a backseat to the wedding… So sad, but at least I’m keeping my hands out of it. I’ve been bunning and co-washing almost daily. My sister bought me a “Turbie Twist” hair turban for by birthday. This  is straight from the heavens!

It soaks up the water for real, which means “dry neck” mornings again. lol. I took those mini-twists out 4 (front half)/3 (back half) days after I put them in!! Itched toooooooo much. I won’t be doing that again.

Just took the twist down … I wore it like
this for a day (sleepy face).

I’m going to a hairdresser on Saturday for a hair trial for the wedding … PRAY. lol. I’m gonna be like Shelli of Hairscapades and Michelle of Radiant Brown Beauty and say, “You ain’t trimming my hair Chick … .” Sike! lol. They didn’t say that, but I’m gonna make sure I tell her, “NO SCISSORS around my head!” I can already feel a debate!

Want to see how the trial run at the salon went? Are you sure? Then check out Never Again Part One, Part Two and Part Three on A Diamond Through the Fire. Warning, you may want to sit down first.

And, if you missed Leah’s first GOC-The Sequel post, you can find it here.

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  1. OMG, I know I would be the same way with the twists, take all that time to put them in and turn around and take them suckers out!!! They looked good Leah! Good luck with the trial wedding do!


    • I have such a crazy scalp I can’t take braids or twist for long without them itching like crazy!! I Knew better when I put them joints in but I wanted a new protective style… An thanks… The trial run turned out horrific by the way lol


      • My hair likes being co-washed at least twice a week so after a few days of no water, it starts to kick and scream for some H2O! NOT horrific!!!! Pics and deets please in your May update (=


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