Aubrey Organics Sun Care Advertisement


I sent Tiffany, of Natural Hair in the Media, this ad for sunscreen that I received via e-mail from Aubrey Organics. I thought it was important to share this as I think Aubrey did something pretty big here by using a Black model on a product traditionally marketed to the fairer complexioned masses. Tiffany dug deeper to research skin cancer survival rates among blacks and what she found may surprise you. I know it did me. This is so much deeper than the aesthetics of natural hair in the media. This is about our lives and I applaud Aubrey for subtlety suggesting that we protect ourselves from a potential health risk that many of us may think of with a cavalier attitude. I know what Aubrey product I’ll be picking up at Vitamin Shoppe next!!

Natural Hair in the Media

Calling all natural hair product junkies: If you’ve done your research on products for your natural hair, then you’ve probably heard of Aubrey Organics. I know I have. *raises hand* I’m a card-carrying member of the product junkies’ club.

When it comes to Aubrey Organics, many naturals list it in their daily regimen or favorite products. The Honeysuckle Rose Moisturizing Conditioner and White Camelia Conditioners seem to be a favorite among naturals. Check out some reviews by Natural Chica, K is for Kinky, and Derby City Naturals.

The company was founded in 1967 by the late Aubrey Hampton, and its products can be purchased at Whole Foods, health food stores, and nutrition stores, among others.

But who knew Aubrey Organics had sun products? I’m so used to hearing about the shampoos and conditioners that I had no idea there were other products *hangs head in…

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  1. When I got this email the other day, I had to admit I was a little taken aback. Not because it was a woman of color, but because AO chose to use her in their ad! I am a sunscreen user. SPF 30 for my face and I also protect my legs and arms when I golf. I usually use Neutrogena, but me thinks I will try something new! Way to go AO!!! Way to go!!!


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