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Aubrey Organics Sun Care Advertisement


I sent Tiffany, of Natural Hair in the Media, this ad for sunscreen that I received via e-mail from Aubrey Organics. I thought it was important to share this as I think Aubrey did something pretty big here by using a Black model on a product traditionally marketed to the fairer complexioned masses. Tiffany dug deeper to research skin cancer survival rates among blacks and what she found may surprise you. I know it did me. This is so much deeper than the aesthetics of natural hair in the media. This is about our lives and I applaud Aubrey for subtlety suggesting that we protect ourselves from a potential health risk that many of us may think of with a cavalier attitude. I know what Aubrey product I’ll be picking up at Vitamin Shoppe next!!

Natural Hair in the Media

Calling all natural hair product junkies: If you’ve done your research on products for your natural hair, then you’ve probably heard of Aubrey Organics. I know I have. *raises hand* I’m a card-carrying member of the product junkies’ club.

When it comes to Aubrey Organics, many naturals list it in their daily regimen or favorite products. The Honeysuckle Rose Moisturizing Conditioner and White Camelia Conditioners seem to be a favorite among naturals. Check out some reviews by Natural Chica, K is for Kinky, and Derby City Naturals.

The company was founded in 1967 by the late Aubrey Hampton, and its products can be purchased at Whole Foods, health food stores, and nutrition stores, among others.

But who knew Aubrey Organics had sun products? I’m so used to hearing about the shampoos and conditioners that I had no idea there were other products *hangs head in…

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I ♥ My Beard


I know I haven’t been writing much, but I kind of figured that you all would be more interested in the GOC stories and Shelli’s videos (did you know that you can subscribe to her youtube channel, skillsgill, and follow her on twitter @Hairscapades?). Anyway … I’ve got a good one with plenty of pictures for ya here. I hope that you enjoy it. It was fun for me and I hope that it at least gives you a few talking points about sports, music and socio-political issues to engage people (I really gotta do this writing thing more!).

OK … So …


by Weusi

I got his package in the mail a few weeks ago. The return address just says Casually Debonair … It leaves me scratching my head. Obviously … this has something to do with Hairscapades.

I open it … pull out the contents … then scratch my head!

The bottle says, “Casually Debonair 7.” And then, in smaller print, “Men’s MDXV Beard Moisturizing Lotion” … and, on the back, it says a bunch of stuff … but the print is too small for me to read.

Shelli comes home and I show the package to her. She says that I agreed to review a product a few weeks prior.

I’m like, “Cool” … but … ummm … there are 5 little issue here …

#1 … I like my beard … as it is. I like to rub it and occasionally scratch it to enjoy the manly coarseness of my beard! It’s mine!

(Get these t-shirts for your beard-wielding friends, as well as the original I love my hair gear for adults and youth, from my homie KissaStarr of www.buttaflyunltd.com.)

#2 … What ya see is what ya get. I’m a pretty all natural kinda dude. I’m not really a beard product type of cat, ya dig? The only products I use on my hair are the natural shampoos that Shelli brings home and my coconut oil based magic juices and berries! And, the latter I use from head to toe, so there’s no need to use anything else.

#3 … I don’t know what this stuff is made of! I can’t read the print … it’s too small!

#4 … I was about to trim my beard (Shelli’s fly … I can’t be looking all scraggly and beat up! She’s gotta reputation and a brand. I’m not gonna mess things up!). So, I trim my beard and we go gather the families … many of you have seen and/or read about this event and seen those pics already (if not, they’re here.) Then, a week or so passes and my beard has grown out a little … so, I muster the nerve to put this stuff on my face.

I realize that I am not the best person to get a baseline reading of my beard’s softness, so I ask Shelli to rub my beard a little (I like this!) and I apply the MDXV Beard Lotion … Then, it happened …

I started rubbing my beard in awe! I ask Shelli to touch my beard again … now we’re both marveling at the change in texture! I’m feeling soft and sexy like the beard and voice of THE MAESTRO: Barry White.

Shelli is touching my beard and it feels GREAT, but I’m so amazed and my beard feels so good, I just wanna touch it myself!



OK … not everyone … but people like … maybe …

GREGORY PORTER (vocalist). Because he’s a great throwback into the future of music (if you’re not up on him … you’re welcome!).

For real … this guy is SOOOO nice … I had to share 2 tunes with you …

Be Good (lion’s song)

(Thank you Pierre @exiththeapple and shawn @shawnpeters.)


THIERRY HENRY (Arsenal & NY Red Bulls). He’s a real deal footballer. And this is one of the reasons the ladies love soccer players!

And yes … soccer players like basketball too.

(This is for you Buggs!)

BARON DAVIS (New York Knicks). They needed some help in the playoffs! Maybe next year they’ll have more beards and this will give the team the power of Sampson. But, for now, B.D. is my favorite bearded one in the NBA. I’ll show you why a little later (I hope that he recovers from his injury)!

JAMES HARDEN (Oklahoma City Thunder). He caught a MEAN elbow from Metta World Peace that gave him a concussion and was out of the line up for a heartbeat … he could have used that time to rest and work on his chin mane. Now, he’s in playoff mode and can still use it … because, a good feeling chin can lead to a win! I just made that up … sorry! (The OKC Thunder are deep in it right now, I’m sure that any help will be appreciated).

I guess that I should give Lebron and his beard some love, because he stays struggling in the playoffs (maybe because he trimmed his beard!).

On a side note: I want the Miami Heat to win the championship … mainly because of all the flack that they gave them for being smart, young brothers that utilized their power and influence. OK, they went a little overboard with the theatrical announcement, but … that couldn’t have been done without the franchise’s permission and, more than likely, it was the franchises idea. BUT … I want Dwayne Wade to be the highlight of the team. People really need to know that, although Lebron is a great player, D-Wade has IT*!

*By IT, I mean the, “I WIN” gene … He also has HER (see, she’s not always wearing a weave).

(Shelli knows that I dig her smile and her down to earth demeanor … but … as one who enjoys a little competition and trash talking, but shuns extra attention and drama, I just wanna say, “Gabbbi, chill out a little when you’re court side” [yes, in my mind, we’re cool like that!]. Peep THIS, if you don’t know what I’m talking about.)

**FOR THE RECORD: I’m really a 76ers fan, but we don’t have any big beards … BUT … we were in the second round of the playoffs for the first time in a long time. Thursday was game 7 against the Boston Celtics … another team that I respect. They have the small dude Rondo, Kevin “The Game Changer” Garnett (he negotiated his contract with a team of lawyers instead of an agent) and Ray “Jesus Shuttleworth” Allen (no, I don’t like Paul Pierce) … anyway …

FIDEL CASTRO (Cuba). Because it may make him happy and … therefore … make the world a happier place!?!

And to stay ahead of the trend … instead of sending some Casually Debonair to Rick Ross … send some to STALLEY!

AND … oh yeah … that fifth thing … so …

#5 … There was something else in the package … but, I can’t tell you exactly what it is, because it’s a top secret prototype “sexybeardinator” type thing (yes, that was a Shelli inspired, Phineas & Ferb reference!).

But, it kind of doesn’t matter … the product is so good, everything else is like buttercream icing on the cake!

I’m sure that we’ll be able to announce the secret soon! Right CASUALLY DEBONAIR!?!

Anyway … I know I hit everyone with the jazzy feel of Gregory Porter earlier, so I wanna do little hip hop for you too. Here’s one in honor of CASUALLY DEBONAIR’s MDXV BEARD LOTION and beards world wide … Here’s a video from my NC homie/producer, SKI BEATZ, featuring STALLEY and his beard. Well, actually, it’s Stalley’s voice and his beard … here’s a fun video …


And, if you are a fan of beards, roller skating, New Edition and basketball, you’re gonna love Baron Davis in this (I LOVE almost everything about this … but you can like one thing or all of these things!).

One shot

I know that this is a kind of long post. But, like I said, I haven’t written in a while … I had a lot to get out of my system! I hope that you enjoyed the info. (I really need to write more!)

Catch ya later …