Hairscapades Meet-Up (Orange, NJ) Recap & Photos!!


Okay, this is a quick post to share some pics from the meet-up at Pooka Boutique in Orange, NJ! We had such a good time!!! I want to take a minute to personally thank those who donated their time and talents.  Thank you so much to Donna and Dawn of Pooka Pure and Simple, who generously supplied our venue, the Pooka Boutique in Orange, NJ.  Thanks to Arlinda, the brilliant designer and owner behind Sofistafunk, the Skirt Co. and Michelle who dressed me in this fabulous skirt for the event. Thank you to Tameeka of Jaded Tresses,who did a wonderful styling demo and provided great information to all who attended! There was some awesome networking going on between all of these black female businesses and I’m sure we are going to have some amazing events coming up for you all in the near future!!

And, last but certainly not least, thank you to all the beautiful ladies (and their fabulous hair) who attended my first NJ meet-up! I hope that you’ll all be back for the second one ;)!!

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(p.s. This “quick” post just took an hour to put together! *lol)


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  1. I wish I could have been there! I love sofistafunk! They are all over my Pinterest HAWT Style page! POW! You guys are working them!


    • Sofistafunk is absolutely FABU isn’t it, Faye?!?! I LOVE Arlinda’s creations! Everything is just so whimsical and fanciful and spectacular!! We hope to do something together again soon! So, stay tuned!!


      • YASSSS! Keep me posted. I am so into her style, its classical yet fanciful and ever so feminine! Hopefully there will be a giveaway involved… #fingerscrossed


    • Yes she did Michelle!!! IKR?!?! She’s a lucky gal:), but I’m so happy that she wins because she hits the road to support me all of the time! Good things come to good people!


  2. Good job Shelli. I know how hard organizing events can be. I am glad that it was successful. Wish I could be there.


    • Awwww, thanks Razzy Jazzy:)!! It was a little hectic that last week, but it really was generally so easy because everyone is so generous and helpful, from the venue to the companies who sent samples and giveaways.


  3. Wow! You girls looked like you had an awesome time! I live in Atlanta, so I would probably never make one of your meetups, but I wish I could. Everything here in Atlanta is always “on swole” and such a production, so I never go. However, a nice intimate affair like this – I could totally get into! You all looked great and Shelli, that skirt was absolutely beautiful!


    • It was really nice Tracy:). I was expecting a few more, but it was still a nice size crowd and pretty perfect for the spot! Pooka Boutique is so nice and the owners were WONDERFUL!! And thank you so much for the kind words! Arlinda never fails with her skirts and dresses. She showed me a dress that I absolutely loved, but I was afraid that it would be too revealing and went with the skirt instead. Turned out, the skirt PERFECTLY matched THE shoes I wore to the spot with another dress (Arlinda brought the skirt to the venue and I changed into it there). So, it was kismet;)!! Thank you again:)!!


    • LOL! I told someone else that you Philly ladies have to find me a nice, FREE, locale for it and I’ll be there;)!! As to knowing nothing about your hair, I’m sure that you know some things. But hey, I’m 12 years into this natural hair game and 40 years into having hair and I’m still figuring it out!! So, we’re always learning:).


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  5. I LOVE the skirt!!!!!!!! And dang was Michelle coming from my way? We coulda carpooled!!! Ok, Philly is in the works??? Philly cheeeeeeesesteaks, say yes Shelli, say YES!


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