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by Nia of Ask Nia B

Dear Nia B,

I recently purchased a steam dryer. I researched it & debated it for months. In the end I concluded it is an investment. But how often should I use it? Can I use it too much? Is it true now that I have the steam dryer, I don’t have to pay a lot of money on my conditioners because the dryer is going to do the work regardless? Should I do a pre poo now that I have the dryer? I think that’s enough questions for now :).

Happy & Natural,
Hi Happy & Natural

Congratulations on your hair steamer purchase! Now let’s get down to business!

How often should you use a hair steamer?
This is a very good question. If your hair is damaged, using a steamer once a week during your conditioning session may be necessary. If your hair is healthy, this level of frequency may not be necessary and twice a month during your conditioning session is sufficient. I’d say start off using your steamer once a week for about a month. The next month, steam twice a month. If you liked the way your hair “behaved” with your once a week steaming, continue with that. If you noticed the same results when you steamed twice a month, then it’s safe to say you’re fine steaming twice a month. You may need to continue to adjust/test the once or twice a month routine until you understand what your hair needs.

Can I use it too much?
I don’t think it would be necessary to use your hair steamer, say, everyday (in which case may be too much!). This question ties into the above one. Say for instance you feel that steaming once a week, twice or even once a month during your conditioning session is beneficial to your hair, then you’re not using the hair steamer too much. When I say beneficial, I mean you notice a positive change in the way your hair looks and feels. But, if you notice your hair is not “right” and seems “off” since you started using the steamer, chances are you’ve used it too much and need to reduce the frequency.

Is it true now that I have the steamer, I don’t have to pay a lot of money on conditioners because the dryer is going to do the work regardless?
Whether you choose to buy cheaper or expensive conditioners is a personal choice. The steamer – along with the conditioner you use, will work together for the benefit of your hair. The warm steam will help open up your hair’s cuticle, which will allow your hair to receive all the beneficial ingredients found in the conditioner. So, in a nutshell, I’d say use a conditioner that will benefit your hair along with the steamer to optimize your results – regardless of cost.

Should I do a pre-poo now that I have the steamer?
Pre-pooing for some people helps to soften the hair and makes detangling the hair a bit easier before shampooing – or whatever cleansing method is used. It also adds an extra layer of oil or moisture to the hair that sometimes gets stripped away during the shampooing process (depending on the product used during this step). So, because the pre-poo step happens before you cleanse your hair and will most likely be rinsed away during the cleansing process, if you’ve been doing a pre-poo, I see no reason to stop. I’d like to add, you have to do what works for your hair. Try doing a pre-poo and steaming; the next time don’t pre-poo and use the steamer. See how your hair responds. If you like the results with pre-pooing, keep doing what you have been. If you don’t notice a big difference, skip the pre-poo and save yourself some time!

Xs and Os
Nia B


Do you own a hair steamer? If so, how often do you need to use it and when, to get the best results, and maximum benefits?


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  1. I love using the steamer to prepoo with once a week. I tried it with a deep conditioner too and prefer using it before I wash. I mix an oil with my deep conditioner and apply it to dry, lightly spritzed hair. Afterwards I use my mudwash and that’s it. It saves time because I don’t feel the need to dc afterwards and just apply my leave in and seal. I feel like it works better for me as a pre wash treatment. since using it my hair feels like it retains moisture better and longer.


  2. I got mine last year and use it once a week with a deep conditioning treatment. I spritz my hair, apply my dc treatment and twist my hair in sections before I wash. This week, I’m going to wash my hair first and then use my steamer for a hot oil treatment afterwards.


  3. I know I’m late but I have a question that I hope someone can answer. I have a new Heautiful and I’m wondering whether or not I should use a plastic shower cap with the steamer.


  4. Hi, I got my handheld hair steamer (q-redew) last week and I love it! It leaves my hair soft and detangled. I have 4c natural hair and just 2 months ago I chose to wear my hair natural. So far I like using it daily but hope to eventually use it less often.


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