April GOC Update: Margaret (#5)


For the month of April, in working towards my goals, let me start with my hair.

I discovered that this is a never-ending journey. I have determined that my hair does not like gel, not even flaxseed gel. Glycerin can only be used in deep conditioning products, not in leave-ins or mixed with butters, however I can use honey and castor oil (go figure).

Finger detangling is working well. I am trying to decrease the length of the time it takes. Coconut oil is working beautifully. It leaves my hair shiny and well nourished. I am still using Terressentials LCL Hair Wash weekly, modified co-wash with Giovanni 50/50 and weekly deep condition. I need to seriously trim my ends as I am just dusting right now. With hair in layers, it seems to be easier to trim in sections/braids or twists. Will work on that this month.

My protective styling is improving. Still working on the out styles. I purchased some Curlformers and flexi-rods and hope to work with those soon. I used the monthly Ayurvedic mask as a pre-poo, which helped in regards to time.

Health & Fitness
Dietary improvements … Carlson’s The Very Finest Fish Oil Lemon … LOVE IT!!! Need to work on H2O, which should be easier as it gets warmer here. Fruit and vegetable consumption and exercise are going as planned. No eating after 5pm. Although I must confess, I had some chips and salsa during my daughter’s birthday weekend. Just have to work harder to get it off. 🙂

Spring Cleaning 90 Day Challenge 2012
Still working on Spring Cleaning and decreasing clutter, negativity and toxic people, places and things.

Missed it the first time around? Check out Margaret’s GOC goals here.


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  1. @curlychellz…lol, you are so right ‘always evolving’. Thanks Chica.
    @Michelle@RadiantBrownBeauty…Girl I was so hoping I could use Flax seed gel. Oh well. I love the Flex barrettes. I just wish they were a little more decorative. I need something with a little more flare when going out for entertainment or to Church. Thank you both for the Encouragement!!!


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