A Dream Deferred


Curlformers Hook Down!!

Ummmmm … see, what had happened was …

So yeah. I just got home a little while ago and decided that it was time to see if the long & wide Curlformer curlers were long enough to set my hair. I pulled the almost two year old box out from under the bathroom sink, dusted it off and cut open the corner of one of the four sealed bags of curlers to remove one. Then, I grabbed the two pieces of the hook and attempted to assemble the little knitting needle like device. The little bugger wasn’t snapping together, so I pushed the two pieces really hard and … it snapped alright. Snapped right in half.


Not to be denied in my quest to discover the truth … I put the two broken pieces together by inserting them into opposite ends of a curler and confirmed what I had suspected anyway …

Ummmm … yeah … this ain’t gonna work. The curlers are too short for the length of my hair and it’s not even stretched to the full length. Chy’s Curlz shared this post with me a couple of weeks ago, because she had ordered the knock-off Curlformers that only came in short and wide. She figured she could use the technique demonstrated in the post when her hair got longer. The blogger in the post demonstrated how to use two Curlformers to set hair that is longer than one curler. That being said, I doubt that I’d have enough rollers in the kit of 40 long and wide and 6 short and wide to set my entire head, if I had to double up most of them.

That being said … guess there won’t be any Curlformers set this weekend. When I did a length check on my pressed hair in February, my longest lengths ranged from 22-23″. It’s been a few months, so I probably gained about 1 1/2 inches since then, but I’ve also cut about 3″ from the longest lengths. The blogger in the above post indicated that the extra long and wide curlers are good for hair up to 22″ long. Therefore, I think that they should work. I don’t have the receipt for this set anymore, but I’m going to see if I can get a store credit/exchange for the extra long and wide. Hopefully they’ll have pity on me as it’s obvious that the set was never used and the hook broke in the first attempt to assemble it. Guess we’ll see! If they won’t do anything for me … I know what the June giveaway is going to be!! LMBO!!


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  1. Shelli, the same thing happened to me. The rod snapped. I also had several mishaps with getting a hair and rod stuck in a curlformer, only to be released VERY carefully by cutting apart the roller.


    • Did you just buy a new rod Marsha? I remember when you had to cut the curlers off your hair … you posted a pic of a cut curler on your old NC.com blog (I remember you definitely did a post about finding the knock offs at a flea market for a fraction of the price of the real ones) or on Hairology.


      • Well the knock offs were purchased from a county fair. I only used them once. I purchased legit curlformers from Sally’s as well as from a legit EBay merchant. It was actually one or two of my good curlformers that I had to cut out my hair. I had a back up rod. I need to purchase another just in case I’m half way through a set and the rod breaks. I think they cost $3 at Sally’s.


  2. I bought some Curlformers recently and I almost panicked after reading this post! I had to double check to make sure I bought the extra long ones. I’ve been transitioning from relaxed to natural for almost 4 months now and I have MBL hair. I bought these because I absolutely LOVE curly hair. I plan on trying these out this weekend. Hopefully they are long enough!


    • LOL!! La’Don … I think I thought I had the extra long!! Duhhhhh. Good luck!! Let us know how it goes and, if you’re on FB, post a pic on my FB page!!


  3. Shelli,

    lol – hate it when that happens! At your rate of growth retention, my bet is that even the extra long and wide won’t last you long.

    Also, any reviews forthcoming on your experience with the Wildgrowth oil?


    • Rhonda, I agree. I figure I’ll have to double them up like in the post in order to keep using them!

      As to the Wild Growth Oil …. I have started a draft. I can’t really do a review on whether I’ve seen any results. But, I’m going to sum up and link some of the information I found on it and just review the consistency and smell and talk about what I’m doing with it. I have been using it every few days.


    • How did your first set turn out Katherine? Also, how long did it take you to set your hair with them and how long to dry? I’m really worried that it won’t be completely dry when I remove them and I’ll have wasted 2 hours or more on setting it!


  4. I saw Whitney from naptural85 do an awesome curl formers tutorial recently. Her hair was beautiful. I wanted to give it a try, but the cost is prohibitive. And now hearing about broken parts, and the possibility of out growing them, I am not feeling it. I am looking forward to seeing how the “doubling” method works for you. Maybe seeing another head of heat less formed curls will wrench open my wallet!


    • LOL!! Razzy Yazzy, that’s the video that I watched that partially convinced me to finally dust them off and give them a try. Her first video tutorial, she did the set on dry hair and used a Tangle Teezer and since I only finger detangle, I vacillated about trying it thinking that I might get a bad set if I didn’t comb or brush before setting. So, when I saw her do the set on damp hair with minimal product and no other hair tools, I thought …. “Okay, now that I can do.” Well, I thought that after my last few wash sessions with Aubrey’s to deep condition, because my hair was smooth as silk and easily detangled. So, I’ll definitely post results if I manage to pick up some extra long and wide and manage to accomplish a set!!


  5. hmmmmm, you were using your avenger or avatar strength on the stick..lol I hate to share this Shelli but Chloe put our stick together and actually applies the curlformer to the stick for me to put on her hair.

    Re: the hair length, I forget what YTer it was but what they do is pull the curlformer down until her ends will be in the curlformer. You could try that, in the mean and in-btwn time, I’m going to look it up for you. Love all your #successes and #fail’s…lol just reminds us you are hair idol and HUMAN too!


  6. Mine snapped right before my first use as well. I bought a new rod at Sallye’s. Can’t remember the cost but it was reasonable. Love my curlformers. It’s amazing how fast your hair will dry and how straight it will get without heat. Just make sure not to have too much hair in each one. Also, I must admit right before I take them out, I sometimes sit under the dryer with them for about 20 minutes, just to make sure they are dry. Only other problem I’m still working on is finding the right kind of setting lotion to give the curls some hold. Without it, my curls don’t last as long as I would like.


  7. I love my curlformers! I haven’t had a problem with a snapped rod yet. Like CherylB I usually sit under the dryer for about 20-30 minutes to make sure they dry completely. I usually do my set around noon on wash day and take them down right before bed because I don’t like to sleep in them. I hope that the extra long work for you, I’m dying to see how it looks on your hair!


  8. Too Much Rece and Michelle!!!! I like the idea Chy’s Curlz posted. I think I am going to have to try and get some of the knock offs because the real ones are kind of expensive.


    • Your comments keep getting sent to my spam folder Miche’al! So, in case you’re wondering why they don’t appear, it’s because I have to check my spam, mark them not spam and approve:).


  9. Shelli, sorry about your stick breaking and about the curlformers not being long enough. I knew you would be better suited for the wide and extra long. I was wondering too (just as CherylB), if a setting lotion would have to be used to offer hold. Whitney (Naptural85) does not use one. I don’t think you will have a problem obtaining the larger/longer curlformers w/o a receipt. Best Wishes!!!


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