Why I LOVE African Black Soap for Skin and Hair


by Journey Mahogany

Don’t let your eyes fool you. Many have misconstrued the photo below for a blondie and, although this soap only contains the “yummiest” ingredients (i.e. shea butter, palm kernel oil, cocoa pod ash and coconut oil), I wouldn’t eat it ….  lol.

There are many variations of true African Black Soap (ABS). But for the purposes of this entry, I will focus on the kind that I use, which is handmade in the West African country of Ghana and typically looks like this:

NOTE: The soap’s color isn’t black.

So why do I love it??

There are so many things to love about African Black Soap; in fact, it changed my life. Ok, I’m being a bit dramatic, but I do use it to wash my face, body and my hair with beautiful life changing results! Yep, ABS is THAT versatile and THAT good.

It is THE only soap that has worked to completely clear, moisturize, tone and brighten my sensitive skin; and trust me, I definitely have sensitive, problematic skin. ABS has also done an exceptional job at cleansing, moisturizing and detangling my THICK, kinky curly hair and at keeping what I use to consider a dry, itchy scalp at bay.

So how do I use it on my skin?
I either lather some soap in my hands or a washcloth, rub on my face and body and rinse … nothing major. Since the soap is organic, I would be careful about rubbing the soap on my skin as it may have bits of harden cocoa pod ash and other matter that may scratch a little.

And how do I use it on my hair?
I create a shampoo by boiling water, grating the appropriate amount of soap over the water and letting it thicken overnight. I store it in an empty Kinky Curly Knot Today bottle and use it as a regular shampoo. The initial ratio of soap to water I decide to use and whether I decide to add oils or other ingredients will determine how thick it gets — it is a personal preference. The shampoo can also double as a body wash and should be stored in a refrigerator in between uses.

You may be wondering how a soap does all that in one? I am no chemist but my guess is that it is all in the ingredients- there are no harsh skin/hair irritants in this soap..at..all.  In fact, this is probably one of THE purest skin and hair products you can ever purchase. Either that or maybe God blesses each and every one of them before they are shipped out…lol.

And how much does it cost? 
Being the frugal chick that I am, I have never paid more than $2.75 for a bar of African Black Soap since I try to catch it on sale and buy it in bulk.

So there you have it.  This is my beauty secret for the day.

Want to learn more about African black soap? How it works? What are the pros and cons? Then check out African Black Soap Part 2: How Does it Work.


Have you tried African Black Soap?


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  1. It’s funny, I was JUST thinking about finding a bar of black soap. I haven’t used it in quite a while but when I did, I really liked it. I think it did a lot to even my complexion. I think this was a sign to go ahead and cop another bar. thank you!!


  2. Journey Mahogany…Girl….Let me tell you…This is Nia!!! JPRCS Nia. I was just thinking two nights ago about when you cut your hair and I was wondering how it had grown! Your hair always looked so nice, even in the beginning of your “journey.” I am SO surprised to see you here! This is my fave blog site. I’m definitely going to try this. I recently started making flaxseed gel for my hair, and I’m in LOVE with it. I’ve been wanting to use more natural ingredients for my hair and skin, so this seems great!

    Oh, this has really made my morning to see this post and to see you! Big hug to you!


  3. I use this to for my daughter’s eczema prone skin and it works so well. I have not tried it as a shampoo yet.
    – discoveringnatural.blogspot.com


  4. I’ve been looking for some African Black Soap for the longest and because I didn’t want to pay shipping prices (frugal is the game, and I play it well), I decided to buy the SheaMoisture version of this. Can I tell y’all that my face is worse than how it was before?
    I purchased this because of the occasional acne and the dark spots on my face. I read the reviews online and just because I didn’t want to pay shipping prices, I copped the SheaMoisture one, thinking, hey! their hair products are great, so why not the soap for my face? Ugh! disappointed is not even the word. But i’m gonna suck it up and purchase the real thing. Thanks for this post. Truly appreciated.


    • The shea moisture one isn’t actual black soap. you need to buy one made in like ghana or africa. When you use it for like acne and stuff it may make you purge for about 2ish weeks before it clears your up.


  5. I’ve been using ABS for close to a year now. First i purchased it from Lucretias body oils and sprays but switched to butters n bars, because i needed a more solid soap. Can some one suggest some sites where I can purchase more. Thank!


    • well from my experience one of the best and most purest form of black soaps ive used was from a company called greenplanet-organics….i found them on etsy.com and havent used any other soap ever since!


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  7. I have just used some PH test paper on a piece of black soap from Ghana and it reads alkaline about PH 8 or 9, I have been trying the no shampoo baking soda and vinegar hair wash routine called “no poo” but today I received this soap from Ebay and I used it on my hair as it was so bubbly and a slight rub on wet hair was plenty. It has left my hair feeling nice and clean and soft too, I did use conditioner after but I have tried Dr Bonners castile soap in my hair and even with conditioner it felt dry, so I am very impressed. It’s great to find such a good product that’s organic, works great and is supporting people in Africa and not big chemical companies who are destroying our beautiful earth. Peace, love and light to all.


  8. Hey ladies
    I was wondering help me if you all experience very itchy skin after using your African black soap? Because when I first used it my skin itch really bad and my face broke out a little bit so is this typical activity whenever you for use the soap?

    Tiffany Monique


    • Hi Tiffany. I don’t use bar African Black soap. But I do use the Shea Moisture ABS body wash as a facial wash and haven’t had any itchiness or break-outs. I’ve never seen anyone complain of that either. So you might be allergic to it.


    • Hi Tiffany – I’ve been doing a lot of Google ‘research’ on ABS and breaking out isn’t uncommon – it may even take a couple of weeks depending on what’s lurking under the skin to be drawn out. Dryness can be common for some people too; people suggest using oils like jojoba or rosehip, a drop or two as a moisturiser afterwards. Another blogger ‘cuts’ her soap with oil for her cleanser. Some people can use ABS everyday, others only a couple of times a week – we need to read our skin and decide for ourselves. My soap just arrived today, ordered it a week ago, looking forward to playing with it.


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