Pocahontas Braids


Ummmm … I meant twists!! LOL! I attempted this style months and months ago after seeing the tutorial on CurlyNikki. But, my hair was just too tangly to get the twists right. It was stretched, but I just couldn’t seem to work with my hair without breaking strands and fighting spiderweb tangles. Now, with the addition of strengthening protein to my regimen and the wonder that is Aubrey Organics conditioners, I decided to give it another go!! My hair was smooth and stretched and I was able to do the loose two-strand twists necessary for this style relatively easily. It’s not perfect. But, I’m sure that I can do it now and can’t wait to rock it on the weekend with a cute little sundress and accessorized with one of the strands of pretty trim that I picked up last year at Michael’s and JoAnn Fabrics!!

Here’s the tutorial and a few more pics!

via whoissugar

Hair stretched by a twist-out.


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  1. I’m going to try this on ChloChlo!!!!! She’s marinating in a Vatika and AO pre-poo cocktail for the night so probably won’t be until the weekend but I’ll send a pic.


    • Oh em gee Michelle … this would look soooo totally cute on ChloChlo!! Can’t wait to see it!! Is this the first time you mixed the Vatika with AO or have you done it before?! Seriously, my hair was like BU-TTA!!


      • Like I said, I’m going to TRY this on her…lol. It looks simple enough but I’m style-challenged. Yep, first time with the AO but we usually do pre-poo with EVCO or Vatika. After reading your results, I jumped on a sale at vitacost.com and got all my AO products for less than $8each!!! Chloe is rocking her chunky twists to school and I’ll wash out tonite-lookin for BU-TTA results as well!


  2. Who is sug? also inspired me to try this after I saw her video. I have done it on my curly hair and when it is straight and I love it both…sometimes I will just do one side and wear it to work. You look great!


    • Awwww, thanks Marcia! Oh, that is clever!! So, you just put your hair all on one side and make a side braid? That’s sounds like a perfect way to modify and wear this for work!!! I’m gonna need you to do that soon and post a pic on the FB page ;)!!


  3. You make me want to sing, “1 little, 2 little, 3 little Indians . . . Please tell me there is a 70s baby out there that remembers that now politically incorrect pre-school ditty!


  4. Now that came out really good, and love the hair accessory as well. Actually that would be a cute hairstyle especially for a wedding at the beach :). Also, I happened to see a new video by “Longhairdontcarellc” a couple of minutes that I thought would look great on you. Here’s the video link titled: DulceCandy87’s Contest


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