I ♥ Aubrey Organics!!!


This past Saturday I finally made time for a long overdue henna day.

Pre-Shampoo Deep Conditioning
On Friday night, I decided to take a leap of faith and do a pre-shampoo deep conditioner treatment with the Aubrey Organics GPB (Glycogen Protein Balancing) Conditioner mixed with Vatika Oil. Though it’s a protein conditioner and I was doing a henna treatment, I suspected that I could violate the cardinal rule to not use protein and henna at the same time for two reasons.

  1. I only henna my roots, so I could concentrate the protein conditioner on my length and go lighter on the roots that would get henna.
  2. I was doing the protein treatment prior to shampooing, so I would still be following the henna treatment and protein with a moisturizing deep conditioner.

I slept in the treatment overnight and, on Saturday at around 1 pm, I set out all of my henna and indigo supplies and hopped in the shower. I rinsed the AO GPB/Vatika Oil combo and my hair felt strong, sleek and smooth! SCORE!! It wasn’t hard or brittle at all, it just felt good! After rinsing the deep treatment, I placed my hair into 6 loose twists and shampooed with diluted DevaCare No Poo (again, diluting the shampoo with water makes it go on so much easier, more thoroughly and aids in detangling). I rinsed that and then applied Herbal Essence Hello Hydration to thoroughly finger detangle before rinsing and hopping out of the shower. Again, detangling was a total breeze. I can’t tell you how awesome that feels as my hair had started to become a struggle to detangle and I thought that it was due to the added length and wear and tear. What a difference Aubrey Organics makes!!! I am in love (I even begged Wei to let me put it in his hair on Sunday for a pre-poo DC before he hit the shower so that he could see what I was talking about!!! I was just so excited about it. I don’t think he was too impressed though ;). Of course, he didn’t condition after he shampooed either. Men. *lol*).

Now on to the henna/hendigo treatment. I reeeeeeeaaally didn’t feel like doing a two step treatment,which at the minimum adds another 1 1/2 hours to the process, so I decided to give hendigo another whirl. I applied straight henna (mixed with honey and Sally’s GVP Matrix Biolage Conditioning Balm) to the center top roots of my hair. Then I applied what I think was about 2/3 indigo mixed with 1/3 henna to do the sides and back of my hair (again, roots only) in hopes that it would make them a dark brown. Finally, I applied Sally’s GVP MBCB to the untreated length of my hair and sat under my heat cap for a full 4 hours. #FAIL … AGAIN.

Ugh. So, it looks like I have no option if I want dark brown/black hair in some areas. I can’t take the shortcut. I have to do the two-step henna/indigo process *sigh*.

Anywho, though the hendigo was a bust, the length of my hair that had conditioner on it was so smooth and sleek!! The parts with henna had the typical, post henna, dry, hay-like feel. As it seemed the Sally’s GVP MBCB worked wonders on my length, I decided to pull out the jar of the real deal that I picked up many months ago on sale at Ulta!! Although it isn’t formulated as a deep conditioner, it seemed to work great! So, I applied it heavily to my henna treated hair and very lightly to the length. Then, I sat under the heat cap again.

After an hour, I removed the heat cap and allowed my hair to cool for about 10 minutes. Then, I pulled out my other new Aubrey’s acquisition, the Green Tea Cream Rinse. This is a different looking conditioning product. It has a light, minty green color and smells like mint green tea. The consistency is like Pepto Bismol, which was a surprise. I guess it is because the first ingredient is “coconut fatty acid cream base?”

What they say:

Want shiny, healthy-looking hair in a hurry? Fast-acting cream rinse infuses vital nutrients and rinses clean to help hair dry quickly for easy styling. Detangles on contact and controls flyaways to leave lengths silky and full and curls softly defined.

I diluted it with filtered water in a dye applicator bottle and applied it directly over the DC, then rinsed with cold water. Again, smooth, sleek, silky hair!!

Finally, I hopped out of the shower one last time and proceeded to gently and easily finger detangle and set my hair in 13 plump twists … yes, you read that right. THIRTEEN PLUMP twists! When does that happen on my fine hair?? I used AO Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner as my leave-in and sealed the ends with a JBCO/EVOO mix.

Wei and I then went out to dinner and those jokers had the nerve to be dry by the time we got home a couple of hours later. AGAIN, another “never” event for my hair!! The hits just kept coming!!

 Since my twists were dry, I decided to release them and found a very defined, but soft and silky twist-out!

Could have used some more fluffing, but it worked. I can’t wait until I fully transition out my thinner ends!

And that’s it!! Aubrey Organics is a KEEPER!! My PJ ways may be over y’all! I’ll probably still try other things to give reviews, but I really think that the products in this line are going to be my staples/holy grails!! I mean, have you seen Jasmine and Zhara’s hair?!?! The proof is in the pudding!! I ordered one other product that I’ve yet to try, the Green Tea Clarifying Shampoo. I didn’t want to strip my hair too much as I was doing a henna treatment. So, I didn’t use it this wash day. But, I want to try it this upcoming Friday in order to get nicely clean hair for my first Curlformers attempt!! We’ll see!! I don’t know if I should be experimenting with a Meet-Up on the line! LOL!!

Oh, and lastly, I put my dryer together on Sunday! It was very easy to assemble. Test drive pending.

Don’t get it twisted. I assembled it! He’s just Vanna White;).


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  1. have you ever tried lush henna bars? I believe they have a pre-mixed, dark brown henna bar that might work for you. The only thing is, the bars don’t go a long way. When I do a henna gloss I end up using about half the bar and my hair is half the length of yours I think. So, you’d probably be using the whole bar…they are nice though.


    • Hi Deperies, no I haven’t. Too much work to shave the henna, so I never went that route!!! Funny though, I just told someone else about them yesterday on another post. But thanks!


  2. You just made me want to try more Aubrey Organics products. I’ve only tried the Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner and loved it. That was the one that was most raved about so I never bothered with the others.

    I can’t wait until you transition out of your thinner ends too. Your twists looks delish and that twistout was niiiiiice!


  3. Shelli, I love the plump twist. They look shiny and quite healthy. I believe you have a keeper in AO. Like you, I, too, am transitioning from thinner ends. And so once again I am following in your giant footsteps.

    Enjoy your Monday and I am happy to hear that you have not reported any headaches!

    PS. Any reviews on the salon/stylist that gave your last trim?


    • Thanks Rhonda!! And, yeah, the salon visit didn’t go too well. I wasn’t that happy with the way that my hair was trimmed (I believe it’s even more uneven now). So, I need another cut and am thinking about getting some long layers around my face to give my hair more of a shape.


  4. Very nice! I have been seriously thinking about henna (again) lately. Did you find that it loosens your curl pattern? That part really concerns me. Your hair is, as usual, drool-worthy 🙂 thanks for the post!


    • Oh yes Candice. I talk about that a lot. But, I only notice it loosen it a lot when I do more than 3 applications. So, I only do my roots now and haven’t had any problems (you’ll notice in some of my WnG pics that the lower 6 inches of hair is more wavy than curly, this is due to too many henna txs in 2010). When I say roots, I overlap onto previously hennaed hair twice, so I get about 3 treatments on “new hair.” This gets me to the deep red color I like, but seems to enable me to keep my curl. Amla caused me to have an allergic reaction and excessive shedding, so I stopped using it. But some report that adding amla helps prevent curl loosening. Just wasn’t the move for me. And thank you lady!!


  5. Oh my look at those chunky twists. I don’t think I’ve ever seen your twist out as chunky defined as this! What a great find! So you know i’m printing this post right? I have to try this Aubrey Organics product. I had used their shampoo and condish in the past and didn’t like it at all but this one I want to try Thanks for sharing.


    • LOL!! Girl, I was blown! 13 twists and this plump?!?! I’ve never tried them before and I wasn’t impressed by the AO HSR as a post wash conditioner at all. But again, before shampooing? The angels are singing!! Do you remember if you used it as a pre-shampoo DC on dry hair? I think adding the melted Vatika oil kicks it up a notch too! Whatever it is, I am IN LOVE!! Have I said that enough times?? LOL!!


  6. Hey shelli I have an question I was using shea moisture curl smoothie and doing henna treatments my hair started to break a little right at the roots what can i do to stop it please help


    • Hi Wendy. Are you deep conditioning immediately after your henna treatment and using a leave-in? If so, what are you using? Are they moisturizing and protein free? How does your hair feel? Is it dry? Brittle? Hay like?


      • Hey Shelli thanks for getting back to me no I dont deep conditioner after I henna , and I use carols daughter black vanila for a leave in what is a good deep conditioner I can use?


        • No problem!! Oh yeah, you DEFINITELY need a moisturizing DC after henna. I’ve had good results with JessiCurl Weekly Deep Tx with about a tsp of honey, EVOO and coconut oil added or Darcy’s Botanicals Pumpkin Seed Conditioner. You can also take a protein free conditioner and add the honey and oils. I prefer using conditioners formulated for deep treatments, but the two I use aren’t readily available on the ground. Sounds like you need something ASAP, so you may want to try the latter approach. OR!!!!! Since you aren’t doing a henna treatment, I’d really suggest trying the AO Honeysuckle Rose!! You can get it at Vitamin Shoppe or Whole Foods. Apply to dry hair before shampooing like the instructions say though. It doesn’t work using it like most DCs where you apply after your shampoo. I leave it in anywhere from an hour to overnight. Good luck!! If you try the AO HSR, you have to report back!! I soooo want to know what others experience with it!!!


  7. Those twists are gorgeous! They look so silky. I’m going to have to give the AO a try once I use up some of the other products in my cabinet!


    • Thanks KinkyCurlyK. You know, I completely respect resisting PJism and waiting until you finish other products before buying new ones. But, another part of me is like … why wait to try something that may change hair as you know it?!? LOL!! I know, so bad. But, I’m like, if it works, you get rid of the other stuff. If it doesn’t, you return it!! But, why wait for perfection?!?! I know, I know, I’m horrible!!! I’m becoming an AO pusher!!! LOL!!


  8. Hey Shelli! Your twists looks incredible!

    I have to wonder if maybe you are not getting full color deposit with your henndigo treatment. I always did a henna gloss for the first few years of using henna; and for the last few years I have been mixing with ACV, aloe vera gel, & hibiscus powder only. I started getting much more color deposit when eliminating the conditioner and oils. Also, I only clarify in sections with a sulfate-free clarifying poo (Elucence) before applying my henna treatment. The aloe vera gel softens the henna enough that it feels like a gloss and softens my hair upon application.

    Even with making those changes to get enhanced color, I notice that the grays are much more resistant to taking in the color. Newer gray, closer to the scalp, seems to be really resistant; and consequently, it takes a few treatments before it completely takes up the color. Like you, I only get the desired color results with the two-step process; but I would like to streamline the process with one step. I will be experimenting to find a good ratio that works, perhaps 75% indigo, 25% henna.

    Luckily, henna never dries me out after clarifying and using the mix I have adapted; but indigo dries me out terribly. That can be disaster for extremely fine hair like mine, so I have been experimenting to find a solution. I met up with Khadijah of Hennasooq at the NNHMD and she suggested that aloe vera powder is said to lessen the drying effect of the henna and/or indigo mixes. She didn’t have any with her, so I’m gonna purchase some and give it a try at my next treatment. I will let you know how it goes with the 75:25 mix and the AV powder.


    • Lavendar, definitely keep me updated on your results, because I really would like to shave off the extra time to do the two step. It is SUCH a PAIN!! I’ve never heard of aloe vera POWDER! Where do you get that? Sound interesting. Hmmmm, you may be onto something with the adding conditioner to the hendigo. It’s not a problem with henna, but when I apply indigo, I never add conditioner to it. You’re right, maybe I need to try the hendigo straight, no chaser;). Thank you lady!!


  9. Those twists look gorgeous, and love the shine factor. Hum makes me want to do jump rope with your hair lol… As “Whoissugar” from youtube would say, those twists are giving me life :).


    • LOL!!!! Zyaran, you are funny! And OMGosh girl, you just helped me out with the reference to “Whoissugar!!” I just tried a style of hers I saw several months ago. My hair was finally feeling easier to manipulate in order to try it (she did it on straight hair). I needed to remember her name and look for the tutorial … I remembered the name of the style, but not her name. You just made it super easy!! So, thank you;)!!


  10. Whoa! Your twists are so wicked thick and gorgeous! I’m starting to have gray hair as well thanks to the coconut oil. Ugh. I’m nervous about the Henna and I need to take a leap of faith to try.


      • I never heard of that either. But based on my experience, I started to notice I get more grey hair when I used coconut oil on my scalp. That the only thing I use for moisture. I can’t use a hair butter or olive oil because I have sensitive skin. Before I even started, I never ever have grey hair. I am already in my mid-30s, so it might has to do with age. I might be wrong. I need to do more research to prove if it true. I learn something new about my natural hair everyday.


    • Hi Ang, I read your post and was like OH YEAAAAAH, but I think that’s Avalon Organics that they carry. I thought the same thing too. I could be wrong and let me know if I am because Target now carries alot of new brands that were only avaialble online before (Hair Rules is one I’ve been eyeballing).


  11. 🙂 I’m so happy that you had positive results with AO GPB! I purchase my AO products from Vitamin Shoppe when it goes on sell and get three of everything (HSR, GPB, White CO its nice to wash with after Tressame as a final rinse out or as a leave in ).
    Your hair turned out really great and shiny, nice! Thanks for talking about Zhara fotki page it has a lot of great info on there. I can not wait until you talk about the dryer and the curlfomers looking forward to those reviews.


    • Awww, thanks Nadia!!! I’m still scared of the Curlformers, but I’m going to attempt a set in the next two weeks! I don’t know if I can fit under the hood of the dryer with them though!!! We’ll see (and I’ll be sure to take pics … successful or not ;))!!

      As to Zhara …. that is hair porn man!!! That’s what my hair wants to be like when it grows up;). Sadly, it will only be a pale imitation. But, given the way my twists looked this wash day, I may be able to fake the funk with consistency and time!!


  12. Hi Shell…just FY,I the AO GPB (11 oz.) is on sale on vitaminshoppe.com if you’re interested :). I’ve been using the HSR as a pre-poo and leave in for years (interchangeably with Oyin Honey Hemp) and the GPB for protein treatments. I LOVE these two products!


    • Crystal, I saw that online when I was linking the AO products via Vitamin Shoppe!! There’s some GPB sitting in my “cart” right now!! Thank you and so good to keep hearing good things about AO!! Let’s me know tha it’s good for the long haul!!


  13. Hey Shelli,
    Wow your twists are so chunky & beautiful!! Your hair looks so healthy! i’ve been wanting to try Aubrey Organics products for some time. I think i’ll try out the Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner or the  Green Tea Cream Rinse. probably the  Green Tea Cream Rinse because i love tea scents. I hven’t used real Conditioner in awhile…


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  15. Let it be known to the BLOG WORLD (echo) that I asked you about AO a full year before you used it. I CLAIM RESPONSIBILITY FOR SHELLI’S AO SUCCESS LOL (and I told you it was hair crack if used on dry hair with an oil) lol. But does this mean the end of Terresentials????


    • LOL!!!! Yes she did. But, you can’t claim total responsibility … Nikki was the one who sent me the free bottle … but YOU were the one who told me to follow the directions for the DC …. *bowing down* to the lil’ hair guru;).

      As to Terressentials … yeah, I don’t expect to re-order that. I’ll use what I have and then I’m going to experiment with making my own bentonite clay/AVJ clarifying mask to use once every couple of months, if it works well.


  16. This totally has NOTHING to do with the hair post but I just wanted to say that I think you and Wei are SO CUTE TOGETHER!!!! His “Vanna White” pose is hee-freakin-larious!!! I wish you both nothing but peace and blessings, you are an adorable couple. 😉


    • Awwwwww, thank you Ava!!! No one else commented on Wei and I thought it was so funny and cute! He is just such a great sport and always plays along. I love me some him;). Thank you so much for the well wishes, compliments and laughter:)!!


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