April GOC Update: Marsha (#24)


6 day old twist out from old stretched curlformers set.

by Marsha of Hairology aka 24hourhair

How do you know you are over your obsessions and PJisms?

Ever since becoming natural, I have been obsessing over my hair, YouTube videos, natural hair blogs and new hair products. Of late, I can honestly say that I spend less time stalking  YT videos about natural hair, different hair blogs/sites, obsessing over different styles to try on my hair and natural hair care products.

On my day off, I usually spend countless hours stalking YT videos, and hair care blogs. I’m trying to read more, in order to stay away from being obsessed. I recently started reading a raved fave by readers, Fifty Shades of Grey.

I haven’t been tempted to try any new hair products and I’ve been sticking to what I think my hair loves. My all time love is KCKT mixed with castor oil, for that cure for my dry hair, and a great styler for curlformers and twists sets.

It has been a month since starting the GOC with Hairscapades and it has been going great.

  • I have been deep conditioning weekly.
  • Weekly wash sessions with Terressential hair mud wash.
  • Monthly clarifying with apple cider vinegar and distilled water.
  • I have been doing more overnight weekly pre-poo treatments. Last nights prepoo was a little mayonnaise, honey and Vatika coconut oil. I think I was a little heavy-handed with the oil. I rinsed with cool water and Giovanni conditioner. My hair is incredibly soft.
  • I set my hair with curlformers after washing, which lasts me 6-7 days. I add a light oil (grapeseed) mid-week/style (currently under dryer with curlformers).
  • If I have no time to do curlformers set, I blow my hair out (until its 60-70% dry) doing the tension method, avoiding excessive heat. Then, I use a little KCKT with a little castor oil to set two strand twists, with flexirods to curl the ends.

3 day old two strand twist out. Curled ends with flexirods.

  • I have not used a comb in more than 4 weeks now. My fingers do a terrific job detangling.
  • I only wash my hair in twists.
  • I avoid re-twisting or setting my hair until the next wash day.

So, I plan on continuing with the listed regimen above to see if I’m able to gain or maintain a healthier growth. We shall see …

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  1. Hi Marsha!
    I am also a “curlformer lover!” What products do you use to preserve the curls? Also, how do you preserve them at night, pineappling?

    I get about three days out of mine.


    • All I use to preserve my curls is my bonnet. If by the 3rd day if the curls seem to fall I would either use satin rollers or I may twist my hair adding flexirods to ends. It all depends.


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