It has been a rooughhhh work week ladies. I’ve been on the road up and down the highways and bi-ways of NJ and in meetings galore. I’ve been running after work as well, not getting home until midnight on Wednesday and running to an important meeting for my condo association yesterday. I had a headache all afternoon and went to bed 9 pm with my frontal lobe pounding. Woke up this morning with the same dang headache!! Ughhhh … one more day … one more meeting … then the weekend will finally be here!

Anywho, felt so bad about not having any posts yesterday, but I just couldn’t. And, I HATE missing a weekday :(! As I didn’t want the one day without posts to turn into two, I’m posting a couple pics I took of my braid out, turned twist-out, refresh. On Tuesday night, I re-braided my hair with the Curls Curl Souffle for another braid out. Once again, my hair was ÜBER soft when I released the following day. But, by the time the afternoon rolled around, my hair had expanded and lost a lot of the definition (another humid day in NJ). I was deep in South Jersey and hit the road to head back to my north Jersey office.

At the halfway point, had to stop for a potty break and saw the wildness that had become my hair. So, I divided my hair into two, dampened my hands with some water, smoothed them down the bottom half of my hair to “reactivate” the Curls Souffle and twisted. Then, I took two of those big doobie pins and wrapped the ends of the twists around them to secure and curl.

When I pulled up into my office, I released the pins and twists to controlled hair and just allowed it to do it’s own thing (i.e. self-fluff *lol*).

Again, the Curls Souffle adds great softness to my hair, plus it smells delicious. But, it really has no hold for a dry braid or twist out. So, I’ll be trying it on freshly washed, wet hair for a TnC or a WnG like HeyFranHey did here with gorgeous results!

So that’s it! This weekend, it’s Henna Time!! Oh, and my hard bonnet salon hair dryer on wheels arrived earlier this week!! Wooh-hooh! It’s still in the box, because I haven’t had time to open it and set it up! I’ll be doing that this weekend and I may sit under it with my henna, just to see how it works!



What do you have planned for this weekend?! (Go see Avengers if you didn’t see it yet!! LOL!)


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  1. Sorry about your headache and rough week, but you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, TGIF!!! You’re hair looked wonderful after the refresh, but thank goodness you were in car driving back to you’re office to do that. When you leave the house, you don’t want to look in the mirror hours later to find that your hair has self-destructed and you have to try and salvage it somehow. In the words of Sweet Brown, “Ain’t nobody got time for that”! Feel better and get into full relax mode while doing your henna this weekend!


      • LOL! I have one, but you don’t Tracy ;). Believe you me, I’ve wished for one many a time posting on FB and other blogs though!! LOL!

        And yes, I had time to “refresh” with the drive. But, if I didn’t, I would have just pulled it up into a bun!! That’s why I’m always packing my “hair emergency” kit!! Bobby pins, spin pins and mini jaw clips are never far away!

        And thank you so much for the compliment on the hair and the well wishes:)!


  2. Look at you with the boobies, lol. Happy Friday to you too. Hopefully next week will be less hectic for you. To close out the end of my week, I’m actually on my way to Disney World for my daughter’s 8th grade field trip.


    • LOL! Faking the funk Marsha!! Thank you for the well wishes! And I hope Disney World was fun!!! Assuming that you had the typical lovely weather, I hope? We are having beautiful weather up in New Jeru for the last few days. After about 2 weeks of rain, it was about time!!


  3. Shelli, the refreshing retwist did wonders. Me’likey! I had the same results with the CURLS souffle. The product just did not offer my soft, fine tresses any long term (or short term for that matter) hold. I tried it on damp, wet and dry hair. It was uber-moisturizing though……#containersitsunderbathroomcabinet

    Hope your headache does not follow you into the weekend!


    • LOL @ the hash mark! So, I shouldn’t hold out hope of it providing any hold on a wet set either, eh Rhonda? Maybe I’ll take a page from my past and mix it with some gel for a WnG with moisture and hold. We’ll see.

      Thanks lady. Do you know, that headache did come back last night and I had to take some more ibuprofen. So far, so good today though.

      And thank you:)!


  4. This is totally off-subject, but I was going to tell you about a young lady from the CN forums and MahoganyCurls blog that has designed her own line of satin bonnets. Her name is Ebonie aka eboniempowered on YT. She has created the Ebonnet and she sells them on She makes them by hand, so she is almost sold out. But check out her YT video about moisture loss with regular satin (really nylon) bonnets. I found it quite interesting.


  5. TGIF for real, I think this has been the longest week of 2012!!!! Lol@Marsha, I was thinking the same thing about the ‘twins peeking’ out! I guess I’m on the itty bitty committee all by my lonesome…love the hair as usual! Get some rest, we’ll still be tuned in!


      • Girl, please!! I’m a very average B-cup. That was just some smooshing going on with one of those bandeau bralettes and the tube top!! LOL!!

        Thanks for the compliment about the hair. I know I’m not going to juice, but I should at least get back to the green smoothies. I am sooooo off my game:(.


  6. Goodness Shelli, girl today iz’da day! It’s Friday and you’ve had a heck of week it sounds like. You’re hair turned out just lovely, looks good. Henna?!?! You and I both will be doing the same thing this weekend (hence the reason for my update that is M.I.A., it’s coming though) and my Darcy’s conditioner and other products by her that I ordered are finally here…so I’m ready. Get some rest lady and let us know how your dryer does. πŸ™‚


    • Awwww, thanks Kendall!! Yup, the henna is now rinsed and I’m sitting with a conditioner under heat. It’s not a real DC though, so we’ll see how it works! I’ll update you guys on what I used next week. I tried a henndigo again … and again, it was a no go. The color just won’t stick well to my roots. I’m hoping that there was enough henna for me to just do an indigo treatment later this week though.

      As to the dryer, still haven’t opened it! I decided to use my heat cap instead. I have more mobility.

      And thank you!!


  7. Sorry you had a rough week! And a multi-day headache to boot. (I hate when I get those too.) 😦

    Hope your weekend is much more pleasant. Please don’t stress over the blog- real life comes first. I’m sure your readers understand.

    On another note- call me crazy, but I loved the pigtails on you even though you were headed for work. Super cute.


    • Awwww, thanks Viv! I kind of like the pigtails too!! LOL! But, it’s more of a weekend look ;).

      And thanks for the words of encouragement and support. I do hate missing week day posts, but sometimes life calls and it can’t be avoided. So, thank you for understanding!


  8. LOL @curlychellz girl you are not alone on that committee!
    Shelli, don’t feel bad about not posting. It give us all a chance to catch up on other post we have missed!!


    • Thank you Natural Beauty! I have to check out your blog a little more! Saw you are running 5Ks and shaving time!! Congrats!! I should sign up for one to get motivated, because I am sooo off my game :(.


  9. ugh, i get those stress headaches too; so uh yea, i know how much they suck. Hope you’re feeling better now πŸ™‚ As for my weekend, im going to go to the crab pot with mum for mothers day.
    I know it was last wkend
    Im a procrastinator


    • LOL @ #dontJudgeMe. LOL!! Thank you Toya!! Yeah, those stress headaches are a mug! I took a half day from work after my morning meeting. I was #putaforkinher done. I went home, took a nap … and don’t you know, woke up with a little headache again?? Later that night, I took some more ibuprofen. Seem okay for now … you know … until Monday. #Nothinkingaboutit. Thanks again:).


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