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Hairscapades Meet-Up: Confirm Attendance & Updates!!


Saturday, May 26th
1 – 4 pm

Pooka Boutique
15 South Essex Avenue
Orange, NJ 07050

T#: (973) 954-2471

To all the ladies who made the cut-off for the Meet-Up (first 30), please send an e-mail to hairscapades@gmail.com to confirm that you are attending and your count (1 or +1). Please include your name as it was listed in your RSVP on this post and confirm attendance by Tuesday, May 22nd. I’m going to send an e-mail to all confirmed attendees to bring to the event as I’m strictly limited to 30 people by the venue. If I don’t receive a confirmation e-mail, I will move to the next RSVPs who didn’t make the cut-off and offer them entrance. So, if you are one of those ladies who didn’t make the first cut, send an e-mail to let me know if you’re still interested. If anyone doesn’t confirm, I’ll send any additional entry confirmation e-mails on Wednesday.


Now, for all of the amazing goodies!!!

Thank you to all the companies who have graciously donated samples, giveaways and their time to make this an amazing event!!

One last thing, I’m trying to gauge interest in having dinner after the event for attendees and those who didn’t make the cut-off. There is a spot in Maplewood, Health, Love & Soul (HLS) Restaurant,that we could head over to after the meet-up. But, I want to see how many might be interested so that I can call ahead and make a reservation with the head count. So, if you’d like to do that, please comment below. Thank you!

Can’t wait to see you guys for the fun next Saturday!!




It has been a rooughhhh work week ladies. I’ve been on the road up and down the highways and bi-ways of NJ and in meetings galore. I’ve been running after work as well, not getting home until midnight on Wednesday and running to an important meeting for my condo association yesterday. I had a headache all afternoon and went to bed 9 pm with my frontal lobe pounding. Woke up this morning with the same dang headache!! Ughhhh … one more day … one more meeting … then the weekend will finally be here!

Anywho, felt so bad about not having any posts yesterday, but I just couldn’t. And, I HATE missing a weekday :(! As I didn’t want the one day without posts to turn into two, I’m posting a couple pics I took of my braid out, turned twist-out, refresh. On Tuesday night, I re-braided my hair with the Curls Curl Souffle for another braid out. Once again, my hair was ÜBER soft when I released the following day. But, by the time the afternoon rolled around, my hair had expanded and lost a lot of the definition (another humid day in NJ). I was deep in South Jersey and hit the road to head back to my north Jersey office.

At the halfway point, had to stop for a potty break and saw the wildness that had become my hair. So, I divided my hair into two, dampened my hands with some water, smoothed them down the bottom half of my hair to “reactivate” the Curls Souffle and twisted. Then, I took two of those big doobie pins and wrapped the ends of the twists around them to secure and curl.

When I pulled up into my office, I released the pins and twists to controlled hair and just allowed it to do it’s own thing (i.e. self-fluff *lol*).

Again, the Curls Souffle adds great softness to my hair, plus it smells delicious. But, it really has no hold for a dry braid or twist out. So, I’ll be trying it on freshly washed, wet hair for a TnC or a WnG like HeyFranHey did here with gorgeous results!

So that’s it! This weekend, it’s Henna Time!! Oh, and my hard bonnet salon hair dryer on wheels arrived earlier this week!! Wooh-hooh! It’s still in the box, because I haven’t had time to open it and set it up! I’ll be doing that this weekend and I may sit under it with my henna, just to see how it works!



What do you have planned for this weekend?! (Go see Avengers if you didn’t see it yet!! LOL!)