Frizz Ball


So, on Monday, I mentioned that I re-braided my hair on Sunday night with a new product, which I would reveal on Tuesday. Well, I didn’t reveal the results, because I didn’t capture them upon releasing my hair and when I got home that evening, my mop was about as defined as the picture above!! LOL!!

I didn’t feel like the product got a fair shake though, because it clearly states on the tub, “Medium Curl Cream – without hold.” However, it does also state, “for effortless, frizz free curls.” The earlier claim I can co-sign, the second one, not so much. You see, it was hella humid and rainy on Monday and my braid-out did NOT survive the  moisture-filled air. In fact, halfway through the work day, I formed two twists to tame the frizz cloud that was floating around my face.

But, my hair was super soft and felt lovely. So, I know what you’re saying … “WHAT’S THE PRODUCT SHELLI?” *lol* It was Curls Souffle gifted to me in a Curls Cocktail box by CurlyNikki. It’s one of her faves. And, again, I don’t think I gave it a fair shake. So, this isn’t really a review. I’m just sharing to appease “my public” as Veronica put it!! LOL ;)!!


Have you tried the Curls Souffle? Any recommendations on what to layer it with to get moisture with hold? 


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  1. I have not tried this product before, however, I have a question. as a fellow blogger, I know that sometimes pictures do not show the real appearance….so, did this product have good shine? From the pictures above, your hair lacks the lustrous shine it use to have in the past.


    • Hi Sawah! When I first released my hair, yes. But, I took these pictures after it got all frizzy from the rain … and frizz = a raised cuticle = no/limited shine:). Now, let me clarify though, the flash also didn’t fire on these pics and I generally post pictures with flash. So, these pictures lack that element that would have made my hair look shinier and my hair in real life NEVER looks as shiny as it does in the pictures with flash! I try to put that disclaimer every now and again! Just like my face tends to look super shiny, so does my hair. LOL!!


  2. I haven’t tried Curls Soufle, but I live and die by Curls Creme Brûlée. It sounds similar in function, but I do get definition without the hard hold when I use it for twistouts. I even use it to slick my hair back instead of gel.

    Give it a fair shot. You may have to use more product though. It also works best on wet hair for me.


  3. Thanks for the reveal, Shelli. I’m sorry your results weren’t as expected. Please give us an update if you decide it’s worth trying again.


  4. So Shelli, what do you normally do to combat the humidity? I hate that whole “cottony” feel, but my hair used to do this when I was relaxed, too. In my relaxed days, I lived on Mizani’s HRM (Humidity Resistant Mist), but since I am trying to commit myself to the CG method, I cannot use it. Also, is glycerin good or bad on humid days?


  5. I’ve used both Curls Souffle and Curls Whipped Cream (very similar products, in fact, I don’t see a difference on my hair). I use it over a leave-in (mainly kimmaytube leave-in) on wet hair after a fresh wash/co-wash and I love how soft, moisturized, shiny, and well-scented my hair turns out whenever I do this.


  6. Hi Shelli,
    Sorry to hear that it didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to. Maybe try using a little flax seed gel with it? I’m still looking for a good conditioner and styling product. I’m trying to make my own products atm. We seem to have similar hair, but i get alot of frizz… >_>


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