April GOC Update: Cassandra (#26)


Here’s my April update!

How did you do in regard to following your planned regimen (hair and health & fitness)?
Overall, my edges are growing in nicely. I recently purchased the Curly Girl (CG) Method handbook and will be following the CG Method as closely as possible. The hardest thing is to not comb/brush my hair with anything other than my fingers. Hopefully, within the next few weeks, I can find a Devachan salon close to me and book an appointment to get a trim.

Health & Fitness-wise, I have completely changed my diet and exercise regimen. I have taken to eating six small meals a day and working out twice a day. I have noticed a drastic change in inches lost just from the way my clothes are fitting, but not a lot of pounds lost, so maybe I am gaining muscles due to the increased exercise?

What tweaks have you made (did you try something new? Add something? Remove something, etc.)?
For the past week, I have followed the CG Method. I have noticed a difference in the way my hair feels and my curls are tighter with less frizz. I wouldn’t have necessary thought I had dry hair, but apparently I didn’t have enough moisture and was using silicone-laden shampoo. I like it a lot so far, so I will keep up with it during the challenge.

Health-wise, I will be increasing my exercise routine by incorporating the Supreme 90 DVDs so that my calories lost are more than my intake of calories.

Have you had any challenges? Setbacks? Accomplishments?
The main challenge I noticed is that the lack of pounds lost during the past month. It is frustrating to just lose inches and not weight, but I am trying to be patient and find other ways to get over the plateau. Another challenge will be to find CG -friendly products since all my other “normal” products have silicone/sulfates. I can see myself keeping the book in my purse so that I can review the labels before I purchase. Also, I will not be using castor oil anymore, since it’s not CG-friendly. But, I will try scalp massages instead and keeping the area moisturized.

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  1. Wow Cassandra! Your hair looks wonderful, and your edges are growing in nicely!! Stay encouraged on your health and fitness goals, don’t be so hard on yourself, we are only a month in. Be encouraged!!!!


  2. Awwhhh, thanks everyone!

    @Mrsleah23 I was surprised myself after only one week of doing the CG Method, my curls will get for a better word “tighter”. After I big-chopped, I’ve always had somewhat looser curl pattern and I still don’t know which curl type I am really ( i’m thinking 3c and 4a?)

    @Akia, thanks! I get down sometimes, but I see a difference in my clothes so I will increase my exercise intensity to see if it will make a difference.


    • Thanks, Tracy! I’ve stopped using Castor Oil, so the only thing I am using is using Tresemme Naturals for co-washes and as a leave-in. I don’t put anything on my edges anymore other than the conditioner. I want to do this for at least a month to see if the moisture level might improve the hair growth since I read that Castor Oil is not CG-friendly.


      • You’re welcome Cassandra. I, too, am trying the CG method, but it’s still trial and error for me. I, hope, the TN works for your edges, but if you find you need something else, you might try Jane Carter’s Scalp Nourishing Serum. It’s light, smells wonderful, and from what I can tell CG friendly. Looking forward to seeing your progress!


  3. Your curls are ao shiny and beautiful….Also don’t be discouraged by the lack of pounds lost. Inches are way better, because that means you are getting smaller and building muscle which is heavier AND muscle burns fat faster. So if you’re losing inches than the pounds are guaranteed to follow. Keep up the great work 🙂


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