Pre-Wash Deep Conditioning and a Braid-Out


Okay, I am officially an Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose (AOHSR) Conditioner convert!! OH EM GEE!! On Saturday morning, I melted some Vatika oil and mixed it with AOHSR. I globbed the mix on my dry, stretched hair and smooshed it down the length, but didn’t detangle. Once I worked the conditioner through and ensured that my hair was thoroughly coated, I bunned and donned a baggie while I hopped in the shower. Then, I got dressed, removed the baggie and went about my day. That evening, I placed my hair into 6 twists and hopped in the shower to shampoo with DevaCare No Poo diluted with water (thanks to Bdanni of mightyfinenatural for this tip! It makes my DevaCare even more awesomer!!).

My hair was sooo smooth and soft and felt virtually tangle free through the length. But, after rinsing the Deva Care No Poo, I still applied HE HH to each twist, one by one.  Then, I started with the first twist and thoroughly finger detangled. Given that I hadn’t detangled at any stage prior to this, you’d think that this would have been a little tough. Not at all!! My roots were the most tangled, but I was able to get through them very easily.

Once I finished detangling and re-twisting each section, I rinsed with cold water. I exited the shower, blotted with a Curl Cloth and then applied my modified kimmaytube leave-in (1 tsp jojoba oil only) to each section and decided to braid my hair for a braid-out! I don’t think I’ve done a wet braid out since I’ve been natural, to tell you the truth! LOL! Oh, and as an afterthought, I applied Wonder Curl Butter than Love (BTL) Pudding down the length of each braid. You see, it hit me, I’d been somewhat doing the L.O.C. Method on my TnCs when I used the kimmaytube leave-in (the “L” and the “O”) and then BTL (the “C”). So I thought, what the heck? Next time, I’ll apply BTL before braiding.

 Once I finished braiding, I set the ends of each braid on big doobie pins to seal and curl. Then, I tied a satin scarf around my edges and hit the sack. I didn’t release my hair until around 2 p.m. on Sunday. As usual, my hair was still slightly damp, but actually wasn’t as wet as usual as I didn’t apply as much leave-in as I usually do. In fact, I was surprised how close to dry it was as my hair was very wet when I applied the leave-in and braided it. Anywho, when I released the braids, my hair was very defined and oh so soft. It lost some of the definition once I fluffed since it wasn’t fully dry. But, as you know though, I don’t mind sacrificing definition for big hair ;).

I re-braided Sunday night with a new acquisition and sealed with JBCO. I’ll reveal the new product with a results posts tomorrow ;). (On another note, I need to henna in the worst kind of way! I really planned to do it this weekend, but it was sooo nice out after 2 weeks of overcast skies! I just couldn’t bear to stay in to henna. But, I know what I’ll be doing this upcoming weekend!!)

Okay, now back to Aubrey Organics. Ladies, I am so sprung on this conditioner!! Mixing it with Vatika Oil and washing with diluted DevaCare No Poo seems to be a match made in heaven!! And, as I previously indicated, I love pre-pooing and deep conditioning in one fell swoop, with the bonus of being done with one round in the shower!! No going back in or having to use the kitchen sink to rinse!! In fact, I’m so sprung, that I went back to Jasmine’s November GOC update to figure out what shampoo she uses and ordered the Green Tea Clarifying Shampoo, the GPB Conditioner, the Green Tea Finishing Cream Rinse and another bottle of Honeysuckle Rose from the Aubrey website (I should have researched a little better first though, each product is about $2 cheaper on Vitamin Shoppe’s site)!! Anywho, I really want to see how the products from this line work together!! If they are anything like AO HSR, I may really give up my PJ ways y’all and retire a lot of stuff!!

Okay, let me not get ahead of myself. But, it’s been a long time since I’ve been this excited about a product!! Keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be as blown away by the other offerings in the line!!


 When was the last time that you were blown away by a product? What was it and why did it turn your grey skies blue ;)?

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  1. Yeahhhhh, that Aubrey Organics Honey Suckle Rose is the truth. It’s probably one of the only products I’ve bought several times. The only thing I hate is that I can’t buy it in stores.


  2. I’ve had great results with AO products although Ive only used the HSR and GP conditioners. Both provided great moisture. Cant wait to learn the identity of your mystery product and your review of of the AO line. *PS. Pricing for AO and Jane Carter products is cheapest at The Vitamin Shoppe.


    • Thanks Adrienne! Yeah, it is seriously awesome! I have the GPB mixed with Vatika oil in my hair now! Hope that it works just as well, because I’ll start alternating the two!


  3. I will have to try Aubrey Organics HSR. I’ve only read good things about it so far. Unfortunately, I’ve not been blown away by any branded products. Although, I’m happy that I’ve discovered henna, coconut oil and argan oil. I can’t live without them now. LOL! By the way I’m transitioning…15 months so far. I think that once I’m fully natural, many products will work differently for me and I’ll finally find some “staple” products to put in my stash.


    • Nancy, I often read that things that didn’t work during transitioning worked great when fully natural. So, you may be onto something there;)! And 15 months! Go girl!! How long are you planning on transitioning? Do you have a time goal or length?


  4. I have just discovered Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner and I love it! I’ve been using it as my cleansing conditioner and each time my hair is clean, soft, and moisturized. For me it’s a great, cheaper alternative to DevaCare No Poo.


    • Tayec, I’m hoping that the AO Green Tea will work great as it is about $8 cheaper than DevaCare No Poo too! I think I remember Whitney/Naptural85 not being too happy with the TJ Tea Tree Tingle because it wasn’t all natural. However, that doesn’t hinder me from trying anything;)! Just wanted to put that out there for anyone interested.


    • Ooooooh Marsha!! LOL!! I’m sure it’ll be fine!! A rinse doesn’t damage hair. I’m sure a good DC will snap it back if you do experience any dryness. But, I’m sure you’ll be okay.


  5. Beautiful braid out. The product that made my skies blue has been growing in my yard the whole time. I am talking about hibiscus shampoo. Warm distilled water and some 5-10 crushed leaves, let it sit for 30-60 minutes. I also deep condition (mayo, honey and two drops of mint extract) before I shampoo with this natural shampoo, and my hair has been soft, soft, soft. My wallet is also happy, because my yard has two big bushes of hibiscus!


    • Nice RazzyYazzy!! Unfortunately, as I just heard in a commercial, My house is where plants go to die. LOL!! I really want to try a hibiscus tea rinse or adding it to henna though, because I hear it gives a beautiful red color!! Do you get that with your shampoo?


  6. You hair looks great Shelli!! Th last time I was smitten over a product had to of been when I discovered SheaMoisture. I am a bit of a PJ but that line has really made a difference in the health and appearance of my hair.


  7. Love AO HSR to deep condition on dry to lightly spritzed hair, but not so much on as a regular deep conditioner. Love AO GPB on dry hair as well. When I use the GPB I apply Vatika oil as a pre-poo and then apply the GPB on top. I left the GPB and Vatika on overnight and had the strongest hair this morning it was great! I’m doing the Curly Girl Method so I rinsed the GPB out and finger detangled with Tresseme Naturals and cold water rinse and I was like yeah!!!
    I usually leave the GPB on for an hour or two when I do a protein treatment so that was a nice surprise. Also I love the GPB for my 1 year old daughter who has thin fine hair. I used the tip you had featured a about diluting conditioners with water and that worked great for her.


    • I can’t WAIT to try the GPB!!!! Got the “it’s shipped” confirmation today!!! But, the thing is, I’ll have to wait to try it as I have to do a henna treatment this weekend. I mean HAVE to!! I can’t go to my meet-up looking like a calico cat!!! LOL!!


      • I got the GPB and decided to mix it with Vatika oil and pre-poo with it overnight and henna tomorrow! I figure, since I only do my roots and it’s been a few weeks since I used the ApHogee 2 minute, I need some protein on my length. I’m hoping that my hair with be strong, but moisturized, so the henna will be okay to apply after rinsing. Also, since I’ll do a moisturizing DC after the henna treatment, I think I should be okay.


  8. Shelli I am so happy it worked for you! Your hair looks great and Ive seen that you have converted to AO HSR ahaha… Is it your top fave conditioner now?


    • Bdanni, oh yeah, diluting the no poo makes suuuuuch a difference! Thank you so much!! And yeah, the AO HSR is probably my fave right now … I LOVE Darcy’s Botanicals Pumpkin Seed … but, the fact that I can be done with one stop in the shower? That puts AO over the top!!


      • Wow , I might have to revisit HSR again. I still have not found an amazing moisture DC as of yet. But I’m going to use my Surya Brasil Color Fixation Deep Treatment first before I even think about buying another moisturizing DC. LOL


  9. I’m going to have to try AOHR. I’ve been meaning to forever but upon your recommendation, I’ll more than likely go out and grab some on Friday. Your hair clumps so well even without a braid/twist/knot set. That is why I prefer sets over the wash and go but your hair looks so neat either way.


    • Valencia … seriously, it’s the bomb! But, on dry hair before washing. I swear, it did NOTHING when I tried to use it after washing like a “normal” DC. But before?!?! The angels were singing. LOL!! And thank you hun:). You’re the sweetest! How is your sister-in-law doing?!?!


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  11. I am a serious PJ…like, I’m in definite need of some meetings or an intervention or something…and I am feverishly taking notes over here and have a growing list of all the things I want to try now!

    My question has to do with deep conditioners. I have some that are protein conditioners (that’s my current experiement), but I don’t think I have any moisturizing deep conditioners. Do you have any suggestions for good DC’s that don’t contain protein? (Like my wallet can really stand any more suggestions!)



    • Ummm Polly …. the Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner that I talk about in this post is a GREAt deep conditioner. LOL!!! You just use it on dry hair before you shampoo, rather than after. However, if you are looking for a “traditional” post shampoo deep conditioner, my favorites are currently Darcy’s Botanicals Pumpkin Seed Conditioner and Jessicurl Weekly Deep Treatment. I used to LOVE Carol’s Daughter Tui Hair Smoothie, but had to find a cheaper alternative when 8 ounces went up to $20!!! That became too rich for my blood. Jessicurl used to be about $12, but they went up to almost $17, which is why Darcy’s Botanicals is now my regular go to at $12 for 8 ounces. Hope that helps:)! And sorry for more suggestions!! LOL!!


      • Umm…the first step to getting help is admitting you have a problem…


        I went to and order the AO HSR conditioner…and then I ordered some henna….and then, I…uh….order some JBCO.


        I need help!

        Did you say Darcy Botanicals???


        • Nooooo!!!!! You are good now!! LOL!!!! Try the AO HSR first:)!!!! You too can overcome your PJism … one product at a time. Not getting rid of one product at a time of course … just trying one at a time and not buying a new one until your figure out if the old one does or doesn’t work! LOL!!

          And LOL @ PJism inhibiting your spelling ability! You are a card Ms. Polly :)!


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