April GOC Update: Mekale (#36)


Happy end of the first month of the GOC!! I hope all is well with everyone. I am going to begin with all the new products that I used this month and my feelings about them and then I will wrap it up with my fitness update.

Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Conditioner – I used this as a detangler and leave-in conditioner. Final thoughts are, it was a good detangler, it provides decent slip. I am not so sure I will use it again as a leave- in though. It felt “producty” or tacky. I am not sure how to describe it, but I just didn’t like it.

Suave Professionals Almond and Shea Moisturizing Conditioner – I used this as a detangler, leave-in and styler. Like it all the way around and I used it to make that awesome braid out. I also used it under the SEMS Curly Jelly for a wash and go.

Silk Elements MegaSilk (SEMS) Leave In Hair Moisturizing Creme – I used it as a leave-in, styler and refresher. I think I am going to keep it in my line up. I used under the SEMS Curly Jelly for a wash and go and I liked it a lot. I used it as a styler for a 2 strand twist style and it gave fat, plump twist instead of those anorexic ones I usually have. It also gave a great twist out. I mixed it with some water in a spray bottle to wet and smooth my hair for buns.

Silk Elements Mixed Silk (SEMS) Curly Jelly – I am not a fan of wash and go, because my hair will
frizz something awful and the products usually make my hair crunchy. Using the Curly Jelly over the SEMS Leave-in was a no go, crunchy flakes. Over the Garnier gave crunchy results. Over the Suave gave good results. Over the MegaSilk was the best overall. I am not sure if I will keep this for a wash and go, but I will keep it as a back up while I continue to experiment.

I added finger detangling with coconut oil and with the warm running water from the shower and I think I will continue doing this, prior to detangling with conditioner and tools. I continued to use my staple products SEMS Shampoo and Deep Conditioner (which I use as a regular conditioner and not a deep one) argan oil, coconut oil and Eco Styler Gel (just switched to the one with argan oil and I like it better). I was super lazy this month with my hair, so I did not deep condition or use a protein treatment. During the week I rocked a bun. If I did a 2 strand twist I would also bun it during the week. My weekends are busy since my hubby is still home (he works overseas and is gone for long periods of time, but he has been home since the New Year). We have been to South Carolina twice this month. That’s the reason for more wash and go’s than twist outs.

Health & Fitness:
With that being said, I move to fitness. For breakfast, I have a cup of cereal (I am currently addicted to Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut) and a 1/2 cup of 1% milk. I was eating Lean Cuisines for lunch, but I started to have cravings for salads. I also cooked 3 different soups that I ate for lunch for the remainder of the month. I work out 3-4 times a week.

Now, as I hold my head down in shame, here comes my confession. I did eat out for dinner while we were in the SC and I had a lunch date with my best friend at the Cheesecake Factory. Oh, and I drove by myself to meet my hubby in Charleston and I broke down and ate Krystals on the way. Also, I was on a Gate Gas Station icy kick, which I just realized are made out of soda (and I never rink sodas), so I was tricked into that *lol*. That being said, I did keep my daily calorie intake under 1460. Drum roll please … I am down 5 lbs.

Addendum: Thursday, I was diagnosed with strep throat and was given Z-pak. Between not having an appetite, eating only fat-free orange sherbet and oatmeal and experiencing GI issues from the antibiotics, my weight dropped. I went down another 6 pounds, so making it a total of 11 pounds this week. Not at all the way I planned it, but I hope to be back to myself next week.

Want to read Mekale’s full regimen? Then, you can find her initial GOC post here.


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  1. i have found that implementing raw foods, green smoothies n juices into my daily diet has significantly cut my cravings for fast foods such as Krystals, McDonald’s, Burger King etc.


    • Thank you for your well wishes. That zpak really worked. I was feeling better by the 3rd day. I was shocked with my braid out because it was totally by accident, braid outs never work well for me. I was just being lazy by throwing 2 cornrows in my head. Little did I know that was the key to my braid out success.


  2. Dajewel, thanks for the tip. I usually don’t eat fast food, I was having a weak moment 🙂 but I have not been eating as much raw fruits and vegetables as I normally do. I may start juicing like you suggested to get it in.


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