Interesting Braided “Bun”


Saw this style on OkDani’s hair blog,, last night and decided to give it a try.

Given that I don’t have a bang, made a slight modification and made the front section of my hair a bump with a big flat pin-curl. Separating and detangling my hair to make the parts and braids was the most difficult part because it  had been bunned all week. It turned out okay, although I’d like to play with the braid “fluffing” and placement a little more. This is one of those styles that I think would work better on shorter hair as I had to wrap the braids back and forth to tuck them.

(Guess who needs a henna treatment?)


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  1. I knew u were gonna mention the fact that u need a henna treatment once I saw a few gray strands peeking out. Lol.

    This style is cute. Shorter hair probably would make it easier. Perhaps I’ll take a stab at it.


  2. Rece, the frozen henna is in the fridge defrosting!! I would have done it two weekends ago, but I let myself run out of indigo! So, I had to order it last week!! It’s sitting at the ready now!! But, now I’m afraid I might not have time to do it this weekend!! We’ll see

    As to the style, cool!!! I expect to see the results;)!


  3. Hi Shelli. I think your hair turned out very cute. I’ve tried this a couple of times with no success. Maybe I’ll try the bump like you did as I don’t have bangs either. Have a great weekend.


      • Thanks! Your site is a gem. You share so much great information, so many great styles, and provide a great place of support for women. I’m working on a hair story, but first I need to get a few pictures. Excited!


  4. Pretty style. I love your version better with the bump! Do you use your fingers to part or a comb? I’m jotting down notes so when my hair is longer I’ll know what to do:)

    Hugs and Mocha,


  5. Hy Shelli! Been lurking for a while but wanted to stop by and say “Hi”! Love this style on you. Its cute and elegant, perfect for day or night. Work it! ~ Icela (


  6. That image actually originated on The Beauty Department, they have lots of neat braiding techniques! When I first saw it, I was wondering it it was possible with natural hair! It looks fabulous on you! I hope my hair grows long enough to try it!


  7. Very cute style! About how long did it take to pull off? Wondering if it’s something I could try before heading to work or if it’s a night before kind of style.


    • Thanks Icela! Erin, that’s the Lauren Conrad site, right? I’ve been there before and seen some pretty cute styles.

      KinkyCurlyK, I’d say to do it at night if your hair is at all tangled. If your hair is easy to part and braid, you can do it in the morning. But, if it is matted/tangled, do it the night before. It probably took me about 30 minutes because of the thickness at the roots from being in a bun for 3 days.


  8. Heh curling iron. Skip that part lol 😉 I might try this, even though I haaaate braiding. It’s such a pain for some reason.

    Hi! New to your site, found it through (which I only recently found). Like you, I big chopped before I even heard of it. That was five years ago, and I spent them texturizing every now and then because I didn’t like the consistency, I guess. But now it’s been about a year and a half since I used any chemical on it, and only in the last month or so have I discovered how to properly care for it. My poor hair has been through a lot 😛 Looking forward to seeing more!!


    • Thanks Tracy! It took me 3 months of research to make the henna leap! I was nervous my first time too!! But, it wasn’t that bad and the learning curve is quick:)!


  9. I tried this style when I saw it on okdani and tracked down the instructions to thebeautydepartment. However, I didn’t like the way it came out on my hair – my hair’s too fine and I plaited it too tight, so it came out a little gappy….Ironically, I thought that this was one of those styles that would look a bit better when my hair got longer!


    • Did you “volumize” the braids after braiding it? I tried doing that and I got them a little bigger, but I did it after I finished the braids. If I try it again, I’ll pull the strands to volumize as I braid to make it bigger. This might work better on me with a blow-out or stretched hair that I really finger comb well for volume.


      • I tried that when I finished them too – I think I thought I’d do them on a twist out or something, when it was stretched but had a bit of volume.
        Ha! I think that’s the first time I’ve ever spoken about wanting volume before! >.<


  10. Hi! Thank you for sharing! My hair in it’s natural state is very thick and has a ridiculous amount of shrinkage so I’d probably try this style with my hair semi straight if not all the way lol. I’m a newcomer to your site and have bookmarked it. Thank you for sharing!


    • Thanks for visiting Ms.KeepingItReal:)!!! I think this style would look great with thick braids, so stretching or a light blow out would probably make it rock!! I would love to see if it you gave it a try!!

      And look at all those likes!!! Thanks ladies:)!!


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