I’m Bringing It Back!


Okay ladies, I’m coming to you crying tears of sadness again as comments, ratings and likes have been pretty scarce :(. *lol*

As I mentioned when I ran this poll the first time, I know how it is. Sometimes you don’t have anything to say or you mean to comment, but can’t because … ya know, you’re at work and not supposed to be on hair blogs. Or maybe you visit a site every day, but don’t even think about commenting or rating. Or maybe you really, really, really want to comment, but just don’t have the 30 minutes it takes to enter your info and decipher the CAPTCHA: “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” to get past the spam firewall. But, you know, comments, likes and ratings are a bloggers bread and butter … they let us know that you are actually enjoying what you’re reading and seeing and want us to keep doing this thing ;).

So, anywho, just to hopefully make myself feel better ;), I’m bringing back a couple of polls I did in January. There was a GREAT response and I had a grin from ear to ear for a couple of weeks:). If you already answered these polls, thank you very much for brightening my January!! But, I don’t think you can do them again. For those who always comment, thank you so much as I read every single one and get so excited when I see a new message in my inbox!! For everyone, if you have any thoughts that you’d like to share, I’m all about it!! If there is anything that you’d like to see or read more of, I’m open to suggestions about that too, so use that comments section ;)!!

And, without further ado (shoot, I probably lost a few people who didn’t make it through that intro!), here are the polls!!


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  1. We are reading Shelly. We are!!! I check in daily but almost did not leave this comment cause I had to enter this or that info. Anyway, I learn a lot from your site & owe you a WonderCurl review. Your hair looks fab! Keep up the good work.


  2. I visit multiple times a day, but I rarely ever post comments. I’m sorry about that. I will do better. I truly appreciate all of the work you put into your blog and YOU!


  3. I feel like chatting “We’re here! We’re here! We’re here”, just like the microscopic community in the movie “Horton hears a who”. LOL.. I’m reading…


  4. Love your site!! I visit multiple times a day. I’ll make more of an effort to leave comments and ratings. Keep up the good work lady!


    • Thank you all (who commented and who completed the poll)!!! I really appreciate all the kind words and encouragement!!

      Sawah, you had me cracking up with the Horton Hears a Who reference!! LOL!! And you always comment:).

      Che, I try to do as many as I can muster, but the 3-4 was just too much. Maybe I can get back to that if this ever becomes a money maker;)! LOL!!

      Autumn, YEA for the comic book geeks:)!!

      FortheLoveofKinks, I see you;)! And, you’ve commented a few times already too!! So thank you, thank you!!



  5. We here Shelli. Maybe you should have a counter for visits per day then you’d see how much of us stop by on a regular basis. I am guilty of not always commenting but I stop once a day if not twice sometimes.


    • He Liebink! I have the flag counter, but I’m not sure how accurate that is and it says it’s new visitors. So, I’m never sure how many are unique visitors and returning visitors. Gotta work on getting better stats:).


  6. Hi Shelli,
    I stop by regularly to check out your site. I was wondering if you have any articles on single strand knots? I’m getting alot lately :/


    • Hi Lily, I didn’t do a post per se on these. But one of my first round GOCers was having a problem with them and I shared a video I’d seen on YouTube at the bottom of her post. Here is the link to that post, the video is at the bottom:


      Unfortunately, SSKs just come with the territory for naturally curly hair. But we can minimize them, mostly by making certain our hair is properly moisturized, protected and detangled … and but cutting out the ones that inevitably form so that they won’t cause new ones on adjacent strands. I search and destroy every wash day (I don’t look at every single strand, but if I feel or see them while detangling, I cut them, along with any split ends I see). Some just trim all their ends themselves or have a professional do them. That’s what I used to do. Every 6 months I got a trim and I think most of the time the reason I needed about an inch or more off was because of those pesky suckers (I was a WnG girl back then and that will definitely cause more SSK then styles that stretch our hair). Hope that helps!!


      • I’ll check out the video and try trimming them as they form.Thank you for the help! I really appreciate how you take the time to help out your readers. : )


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