April GOC Update: Marcia (#17)


Here are the deets from April and my hair adventures….

April was interesting because I started to notice a lot of shedding. Not sure if it is the change in seasons or what. I also started doing braid outs instead of twist-outs. I have had good success with the braid outs lately and love the definition. I tried it before in December with disastrous results. In the middle of April, I got real busy and missed a wash week, meaning it was two weeks before I could wash my hair. BIG MISTAKE. I learned that I have to wash weekly.

I got my replacement steamer, so I steamed twice in April. I am still using the amla, brahmi and shikaki powders to pre-poo. I wash and deep condition and sit under the steamer. I am still narrowing down hair products. In April, I experimented with two of my CurlBox samples, Brown Butter Beauty and Darcy Botanicals. Both worked well, so I’m trying to really stop my product junkie behavior (I need an intervention). I’ve noticed with the warmer months, my hair is “growing.” I already have BIG hair … but with the heat, it’s growing and the definition fades by the end of the day. In the winter, I wasn’t using a styler or gel, but I am now starting to experiment with gels. I think now that it’s getting humid, a styler is necessary.

Health & Fitness:
As far as exercise … it was a BUST!!!!!! I did eat better and was more conscious of what I was eating. I also increased my daily water intake. I added Green Vibrance to my daily smoothie … still not sure what the Green Vibrance is doing. I didn’t feel the energy that everyone boasts about. In May, I will get back to working out and trying to shed a few pounds.

Wanna see where it all began … like, one whole month ago *lol*? Then, check out Marcia first GOC post here.


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