April GOC Update: Cococrispecurl (#32)


Hi Ladies!

Guess what? On Saturday April 14th, I did it! After watching Naptural85’s mini twists videos for a couple hours, I felt ready. Seven hours later, I crossed over. I. Became. A. DIYer.

I know, I know. You’re thinking, “Seriously?” Yep. Seriously. I can’t cornrow, flat twist or trim my own ends. I can’t do those fly buns, knots and elaborate styles. But guess what? I’m one step closer. Because now, thanks to our naturalistas and the celebration of natural hair, I can do mini-twists.

And, I’m still obsessed with mini-twists. I kept them in for 2 weeks and then wore a twist out for 2 weeks; most of the time, wearing protective styling like buns and pulling it up on the sides. I attempted a WnG at the end of the month and turned that into a loose braid-out. I think there’s a little growth. Too soon to tell.

Twists Regimen:

  • Separate hair into 2 sections.
  • Pre-poo with EVOO the day before and again one hour before washing.
  • Clarify with 1 part Head & Shoulders shampoo, 1 part water
  • Separate hair into 4 sections.
  • Detangle with Herbal Essence Totally Twisted conditioner.
  • Deep condition with The Body Shop’s Banana (2 teaspoons of Kemi Oyl added) for 20 minutes under the dryer.
  • Apply 2 teaspoons of Herbal Essence Totally Twisted conditioner to each section as a leave in conditioner.
  • Prior to each twist:
    • Saturate hair with water (if drying). Squeeze excess.
    • Apply Jojoba oil 1 inch from root to ends.
    • Apply IC Fantasia gel from root to ends.
    • Run comb through and twist.
  • Set twists on purple and orange perm rods.

This regimen worked pretty well. It was my first time using Herbal Essence Twisted conditioner. I can’t wait to get my ends dusted in a few weeks when it’s straightened. I trimmed a few pieces myself, but I’m not ready to trim my entire head. My ends are pretty rough; they haven’t been tended to since January.

Health & Fitness:
I went to the gym less than 10 times. I need to be going 3 to 4 times a week. I created a schedule in 10 day increments to keep me motivated … we’ll see.

Weight Watchers is going okay. The hardest part is the weekends. The work week keeps me on schedule but, come Friday night, something happens and I want to eat a cheesesteak, chicken wings and chinese food. On a good note, ChaCha got a lot of long walks. Next month, I’m going to add 3 lb ankle weights.

Reward:  6 lb loss, a new hair oil.

Happy Growing Ladies!

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  1. Great job with your mini-twists! I love them but my hair in twists regardless of how I do them they turn out super scalpy! Good luck!


  2. Same here Marcia. I would love to do this style, but I would look like a doll head – full when it is all out, but start twisting or braiding and it isn’t as much hair as you thought!


  3. It got a little scalpy for me too. That’s why I pulled the sides up. I don’t think I made the parts small enough in the center. I’m going to try again in a couple weeks.


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