Botticelli Botanicals: Winner’s Results


Last month, Anne won the Botticelli Botanicals Giveaway, which included bottles of the Foolproof Formula Flax Gelee and Styling Mudd. Now she’s back to share her results with the Gelee!! Thanks Anne!!


Hi! I wanna show you my hair. I love this Foolproof Formula Flax Gelee from Botticelli Botanicals. This really defines my hair and make the scalp feel great. I just joined the Curly Girl Challenge using conditioner and gel and this is amazing. I used a little Tresemmé Naturals. I don’t leave a lot in like most do, it was barely a quarter amount. I just deep conditioned with it and a little olive oil overnight, then rinsed this morning leaving the quarter amount. I sectioned with four clips and did as the Gelee directions say and raked it through small sections. I placed the magnetic clips in the front until it dried just to hold it in place.



I’ve been natural for 10 months and, honestly, this is the first time I have worn my hair all down. It’s usually in a ponytail, twists, braids or a protective sew-in. Thank you so much for allowing me to win this product.


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