Curlformers, Have at Thee!!


I’ve had these under my sink for almost 2 years now … and have never tried them. I’ve been scared of that first time struggle of getting the hang of using them … and of spending 3 hours doing it … for it not to dry. But, after seeing Whitney’s stinkin’ gorgeous results with her updated technique (finger detangling only … no comb or Tangle Teezer like she used in her first tutorial) … and knowing my hard bonnet dryer is on the way … maybe I’ll finally try using them in the next month ;)!!

via Naptural85

*le sigh*


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  1. You can do it Shelli. It took me many trials and errors the first,second, and third time. It gets better with time. The results are different each time.


    • Mershauna, where are the results pics?!?! How long did it take you to get the hang of it and set? How long to dry? Did you use a bonnet dryer or just air dry? Deets lady!!


    • Okay … don’t hold me to it now!! LOL!!! No, seriously, I do want to finally try them. Probably won’t be this weekend because I need a henna treatment in the worst kind of way. I was out of indigo, but my order arrived yesterday. So, I should be able to do that this weekend and I’ll aim for doing the Curlformers set the following weekend *keeping fingers crossed*.


  2. TRY IT, TRY IT,TRY IT! I JUST took curlformers out of my hair a few minutes ago. Let me know if you want to see pics of curformers in times past. I love them they work GREAT!


  3. lol i have to send you some. i got the hand of it after putting in the third or fourth roller. i tend to stay away from heat so i’ve been letting them dry over night 🙂


  4. I bought one pack and a hook just to try them out, but I haven’t even done that yet; and I feel the exact same as you. I really want to get the kit and try them, but I’m so skeptical about that first try.


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