Sofn’Free Nothing But Curl Wake Up Spray & Curly Pudding


As I indicated the other day in this post, my plopping experiment didn’t go too well. After bunning to save the day, my hair was looking quite the mess when I took it down that evening.

So, I figured a dry twist and curl was in order and opted to try a couple more items from the Sofn’Free Nothing But line. I decided that I would try the Curly Wake Up Spray and Curly Pudding combo. If you remember from my review of the Mold & Hold Wax, this line is free of petrolatum, mineral oil, sulfates, parabens, colorants*.

Curl Wake Up Spray ($7.99)

Curly Pudding ($7.99)
*Click the hyperlinked product names to check out some great info about the ingredients on the Nothing But Hair Care site.

So, I placed my hair into 8 twists after spritzing lightly with the Curl Wake Up Spray and moisturizing each section with about a finger full of the Curly Pudding. The Curl Wake Up spray had a light, citrusy smell that I really liked. The Curly Pudding didn’t have too much of a scent at all. It was white and had a lightly whipped consistency that was neither runny nor too heavy. After twisting all of the sections, I set the last couple of inches of each twist onto small red flexirods. The next morning I released to a softly defined TnC. This was my hair at the end of the day.

Pretty good, right? If you remember, the only things I used on my hair on wash day were KCKT leave-in and AVJ to seal. So, I didn’t have much product on it before using the spray and pudding and the added moisture was good.

However, that moisture is partly attributable to the glycerin that is high on the ingredients lists. And, unfortunately, my fine, medium to high porosity hair is not a fan. Glycerin tends to make my hair tacky (though, surprisingly, it was not overly so) and leads to frizz (i.e. lack/loss of definition). If you’ve spent any time in NJ during the summer, you know the humidity is a BEAST. So, with that season fast approaching, using anything with water attracting glycerin is a recipe for disaster for those of us with high porosity hair.

The other ingredients about which I’m not too enthused are the dimethicone and dimethiconol. I generally try to avoid non-water soluble cones, with the exception of amodimethicone and bis-aminopropyl dimethicone, which repel build-up. So, although I don’t practice the Curly Girl Method, I do tend to avoid too many build-up prone, water blocking cones (see this Curly Hair Product Ingredient Guide for more info on cones and other common ingredients).

Final Thoughts:
With all the above being said, although I got a decent set, these two products in the Nothing But line will not become staples for me. But for those who don’t mind a cone or two and have hair that loves glycerin, these just may be the ticket (especially with the reasonable price tag)!!


Have you tried the Sofn’Free Nothing But Curl Wake Up Spray and Curly Pudding? If you have, how did they work out for you? If not, what products do you use for dry sets?

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  1. Prematurely, I was marking on my calendar to buy the Curly Pudding…*scratch off!*.. Cones totally make my hair dull up, so I tend to avoid it. Thank you for an enlightening product review. –


  2. I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!! I got the line at a natural hair meetup. I liked the fact that I received at least 3 full sized products. I put them on a shelf; not really knowing when or if I’d ever use them. I finally used the curl wake up spray and curly pudding using the LOC method. While twisting my hair, I could see the intense shine my hair had. When I woke up the next morning & took down my twists, I couldn’t believe what I saw. My hair has NEVER looked so shiny or defined. Shrinkage was minimal. I’ve been natural for 3 years and no other product has worked the way this has. My twist out is lasting more than it usually does. I pineapple’d my twist out before bed & slapped on a bonnet. My hair is still as moisturized & defined as it was on day one. I’m SO happy I’ve finally found something that works!


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