Jen Big Chops!!


Remember Jen, transitioning marine and my blogging buddy from the CurlyNikki presents Kim Coles GOC?!?! Well, guess what?! She’s a transitioner no more!! Jen Big Chopped and she sent me the video, so that I could share her huge moment with all of you!!

WOOH-HOOH!!!! Congratulations Jen!! You did it!! That ‘fro is nice!!

*I’m giving those household shears the side eye though. lol*

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  1. Thank you very much ladies! Yeah those shears scared the daylights out of me! I totally left my personal hair shears at home hoping she would’ve had some of her own. Well when I got back I dusted the ends because of that and also because there were still some relaxed pieces. Either way I was still very happy she took the time to do it because I would have totally butchered my hair because of how thick it is! I am in love with my hair, except I still get the side eye from Marines even though I wear my hair “within regulation”, it’s the texture that most aren’t used to seeing. There are not many black women who wear natural hair out in uniform in the Marine Corps unfortunately.


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