Layering Sheer Floral Patterns & TJ Maxx/Marshall’s Haul


I know. My OOTD pics are so bootleg!! LOL! But, I’m not a fashion blogger by trade and Wei’s not around to take pics. So a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do … and the work it takes to crop out the door and mirror frame out of all these pics is just too much;)!

So, anywho, this is my work outfit from yesterday! I really liked it, so thought I’d share. The two tops are sheer florals I purchased from TJ Maxx or Marshall’s. I think they were hanging right next to each other, and I thought the two patterns worked well together as they were both petite florals with almost identical color schemes! As the cream top is billowy with a long hemline, I decided to pair it with a belted pencil skirt, also from Marshall’s. Pairing loose/oversized items with more form-fitting ones keeps the proportions balanced and prevents the figure from being swallowed up in too much fabric. Finally, I’m wearing these Vince Camuto fabric and patent leather platform peep-toes that I absolutely adore. I picked them up from MJM a few years ago (I should have gotten them in the black too :(!).

So, I also cleaned up at TJ Maxx and Marshall’s over the last week!! Figured I’d share my hauls as, for once, I’m sharing things I bought recently that you may be able to get if you are willing to hit a few stores in your area!! Whenever I have an improptu shopping spree, I refer to it as an “incident.” Well, yeah, I had several incidents in the last week! And sadly, I’m not even including the things I ordered online from ideeli and DSW!! BUT, most of the purchases were made with gift cards from my birthday, so they were essentially “free” … guilt free shopping … ahhh, that’s the life! LOL!! And get this, one of my purchases from DSW is being returned to the store, because I found the same shoes for $30 less at Marshall’s! Guilt free savings!!

Oh, one last thing. I don’t think any item was over $40!! Now, when you buy multiple items at $40 a piece, it can add up! But, I still think that I didn’t do too badly ;)!!

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(p.s. If you want to see bigger pics, check out the Facebook album!!) 


Have you had any “incidents” lately? Any major scores or deals?!? You know, sharing is caring ladies ;)!! *lol*


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  1. Hey, Shellz , I think you have a great figure. You need to accent it more. Your tops need to be tailored to your size, Just like that cheeta dress. Sometime baby doll tops hide our stomachs but make us look heavier around the mid section (im guilty of this.) May I suggest you go with solids instead of the grandma flowers (lol). Love the london times dress, the cheeta maxi all the shoes are great. check out J everyday fashion .com she has some great ideas and she uses staples alot. Flaunt that figure you work so hard to maintain.


  2. I agree with curlychellz!!!! How much would you charge to be my personal shopper?????? Or I could just tang along with you to steal (borrow) some ideas from you why you shop. LOL!!!!!!


  3. Thanks ladies!! Tiffany, I like fitted, but I also like playing with proportions. I know everything I like won’t be loved by everyone, but you know, I like it. LOL! As to the other blogger, yes, you’ve shared her blog before. She has some nice styles.

    Michelle and Miche’al, come for a visit and we can hit every Marshall’s and TJ Maxx in a 30 mile radius!! LOL!! My former boss used to always tell me that she wanted me to be her personal shopper! LOL!! Miche’al, you really are close enough to come hang! So, just shoot me an e-mail and we’ll have to make plans!!

    Akia, the leopard was in the junior’s section and they were S/M/L. I think there might have even been an XS, but can’t say that for sure.


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