10 Foods that Promote Healthy Hair


by Nicole W. of Loving Me Naturally  

Hey Ladies,

We all have taken the time to find the right natural products for our hair, but what about putting forth the same effort or initiative, when it comes to what we put in our bodies? Below are the 10 foods you should incorporate into your diets for healthy hair.

I love love love salmon. We eat this in our household at least once a week. I bake salmon fillets or I make salmon patties. Salmon is filled with vitamin B-12 and Iron.

Dark Green Vegetables
Broccoli and Spinach for instance. I make great spinach dip and I also like spinach salads with, bell pepper, cucumber, carrots and tomatoes!

I really like green beans and, when I make chili, I add kidney beans to it.

Cashews are my favorite nuts, but you can eat almonds and pecans as well.

We eat chicken a lot. But also, I make turkey tacos, turkey burgers, turkey chili, turkey spaghetti and baked turkey wings. Mmmmmmmmm!! :o) Poultry will give the protein that hair needs.

Now, I don’t like eggs unless I eat them at Crackel Barrel! Lol. Eggs give us protein and Vitamin B-12.

Whole Grains
Whole wheat bread, which is the only kind I eat, is a great whole grain.

Oysters provide us with zinc.

Low-Fat Dairy Products
Skim milk and gogurt provide great calcium. I do not drink skim milk, but I love yogurt, especially Yoplait.

Carrots are awesome, especially when dipped in a little ranch dressing. Or, you can add them to your salad. Carrots provide Vitamin A, which promotes good vision and healthy hair.

So ladies, incorporating a good diet into your natural hair journey will only benefit you more!!


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