GOC Contender #43: Le Shor


Name: Le Shor

Goals:  Hair – I just had 3-4 inches cut at the Hair Rules Salon. My current length is about an inch from armpit. My goal length is brastrap.; Health & Fitness – My current weight is 247 lbs. My goal weight loss in three months is 40 lbs.


My current hair regimen includes the Hair Rules line:

  • Shampoo: Daily Cleansing Cream
  • Conditioner: Quench Ultra Rich conditioner (every 2-3 days co-wash with same)
  • Styling: Curly Whip
  • Finishing: Hydrating Finishing Cream
  • The first two weeks, I am going to do wash and go’s
  • 3rd week, follow hair regimen listed above; but, for styling, use Blow Out Your Waves and finish with the hydrating finishing cream.
  • Wear hair straight for 1 week, protective style the following week.

I am following the regimen Anthony Dickey has listed on the Hair Rules website.

Health & Fitness
My workout regimen involves:

  • 3 days of 60 minute personal training.
  • 5 days of 20-minute HIIT cardio.
  • I am will be following a low carb diet.

Reward: Treat myself to a Mac Cosmetics splurge!

Follow me online: www.alifeuncomplicated.com


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