Effort = Results (Socially Fit)


Thought this was very apropos as many of us have health & fitness goals for the GOC. I’ve listened to and overheard similar convos. The advice given here is wise and so true.

Socially Fit

Walking The Walk

As I was on my way home from work yesterday, I heard two people talking about a particular exercise DVD. This is how the conversation went:

Person 1: I tried that new DVD you recommended. It wasn’t all that you said it would be.

Person 2: I’m surprised because I thought it was great.

Person 1: It’s all just a money-making scheme. It really does not work.

Person 2: Really? What happened?

Person 1: I gave the program two weeks and I saw no changes.

Person 2: It took me a while before I saw results but I stuck with it everyday and lost 12 pounds in 4 weeks.

Person 1: The first week I missed two days and in week 2 I was only able to do half of the instruction.

That is when I began to get a little irritated. This is not the first time I…

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