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Effort = Results (Socially Fit)


Thought this was very apropos as many of us have health & fitness goals for the GOC. I’ve listened to and overheard similar convos. The advice given here is wise and so true.

Socially Fit

Walking The Walk

As I was on my way home from work yesterday, I heard two people talking about a particular exercise DVD. This is how the conversation went:

Person 1: I tried that new DVD you recommended. It wasn’t all that you said it would be.

Person 2: I’m surprised because I thought it was great.

Person 1: It’s all just a money-making scheme. It really does not work.

Person 2: Really? What happened?

Person 1: I gave the program two weeks and I saw no changes.

Person 2: It took me a while before I saw results but I stuck with it everyday and lost 12 pounds in 4 weeks.

Person 1: The first week I missed two days and in week 2 I was only able to do half of the instruction.

That is when I began to get a little irritated. This is not the first time I…

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40 Down, 7 to Go


Okay, I crashed and burned yesterday. I was so tired at work that I didn’t think I was going to make it through the day and contemplated taking a couple hours off to leave early. I didn’t and then ended up being at the office an hour after my work day was over, because I got caught up talking about hair!!

When I got home, I decided to take down my bun as I knew my hair needed to be moisturized (I definitely think I need to use a leave-in … Terressentials is NOT enough). It was quite tangled, so it took a little time to get through it and, after making four twists, I decided to snip about 2 inches off of the back twists, which were tapering to a fine point. I have an appointment for a free trim tomorrow (won a giveaway:), but was advised that a trim is an inch or less. Although I’m still testing Chicoro’s Lead Hair Theory, I know my longest strands are more than 2-3″ longer than the bulk of my hair. So, I know that I need more than an inch off of the back and decided to take 2″ to help keep the “cut” a “trim.”

As you can see, those tips are really pointy! I also took about an inch off of the front twists, which are fuller to the ends. You know, that crown area is a b@#$! LOL!! But, I do think (hope) that I have it under control now!

Anywho, once I finished that, I sat on the couch, fudged around on FB for a little bit and decided to take a”nap” on the couch. … And that’s all she wrote! Yup, woke up on the couch this morning. So, yeah, didn’t get to putting the rest of the GOC posts together. But, don’t worry, I’ll finish them up tonight for posting tomorrow! And then, we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming next week!

Lata Gatas!!