GOC Contender #37: Brittney E’Lise


Name: Brittney E’Lise.

Goal: My hair is currently at shoulder length for the shorter pieces (for example, in the front and the nape) and the longer pieces are at armpit length (almost everything else, but more so with the crown of my head). My goal is to reach mid-back length by the end of the year. I mostly want to do this because I am curious to see how long my hair can get with healthy hair habits.

Regimen: I’m mainly going to focus on a lot of protective styling. While I don’t wear my hair out much, I do think that my hair flourishes with the aid of this type of styling. I currently have yarn braids/genie locks in my hair and the (tentative) plan is to keep them in for three months with a maintenance check in 6 to 8 weeks.


  • I spray them with water and add a cream and/or oil moisturizer once in the morning and then at night.
  • I keep my scalp clean with either dry shampoo or regular shampoo watered down once a week.
  • I will deep condition bi-weekly.
  • Once I take out the braids, I will give my hair a small break (three weeks) before I re-install them.

Health & Fitness

I am also going to focus on not just what I put on my hair, but what I put in my body. I am going to focus on:

  • Taking in more vegetables and fruits;
  • Consistently taking my vitamins (pill or powder);
  • Eating leaner meats and;
  •  Increasing my water intake.
  • I will try to have two to three vegan/vegetarian meals per week.

The last part of my plan is trying to find a fitness plan. I have some undesirable genetic traits like diabetes and, while I’m not currently in any danger, I do think I need to be more active. This will also help with my job.

  • I am going to try out the free week at Corepower Yoga and I hope that I will like it.
  • If not, then I will get back to doing Middle Eastern dancing (belly-dancing).
  • I will try to do this for three days out of the week before I increase it to six.

Reward: After this will be either a mini splurge of either clothes, books, yarn (or a combo of all three) or a day at the spa. I am so excited and I can’t wait to get started (officially).

Yarn braids


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