GOC, Buns, Dresses, Cardis & Skinny Belts


The GOC:
Whew, getting close to the end now!! Five more GOC submissions today and I should just about wrap this up tomorrow! It’s been hard work man!! But, it’s also fun and rewarding to be able to provide a platform where all of these wonderful ladies can share their journeys and, hopefully, help others who are following their progress. So, again, if you’re moved by a particular story or contender, please like, rate, comment and/or share. I’m sure that the recipient will appreciate your support and encouragement:)!

Hair Today:
In other news, I’ve been wearing my hair in a loose bun all week. I applied Carol’s Daughter Health Hair Butter to the length and used it to smooth my edges before using a Goody Ouchless elastic to make a bun. I put the elastic around my hair to form a high ponytail, twisted it once, folded my hair in half and then wrapped the elastic around a second time, close to the ends to form a bun. I left the curly ends hanging out around the elastic and used a hair pin or two to secure the curls that were hanging to long closer to the base of the bun. Then, *BOOP* … hair flower! LOL!!

And here’s my outfit from yesterday. I love this green watercolor print dress by Merona. It’s sleeveless with an asymmetrical cowl-like tie neck and empire waist. It was about $40 at Target and I got the long yellow cardi on clearance there too (I also snagged this cardigan in red and lime green … the latter of which I usually wear with this outfit, but didn’t take the time to look for it yesterday morning!). I almost always wear a cardigan over sleeveless and short sleeve dresses/tops when going to work because they try to cryogenically preserve you up in there!! However, to keep the look from becoming boxy and shapeless, I cinched the cardi with a skinny green belt secured at the empire waist of the dress. Then, I completed the look with flower earrings and one of my favorite shoe acquisitions in years, these leg elongating, camel-colored, knotted leather wedges by BGBG (I also have them in black, but they are a couple of seasons old and sold out everywhere:(.).

Man, I sure do love easy, breezy, summer dresses! I need to hit Target and Walmart to check out the newest offerings and supplement my existing inventory;)!! Oooooh, I see a few potential options here!!


What are your summer wardrobe staples? And no flip-flops!! They don’t count!! LOL ;)!!


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  1. Love the hair! but my summer staples consists of my ray bans (never leave the house without them) Polos, jerseys, and tons of sun dresses.


  2. Love the look and green is hot right now!!! When are you going to start playing in the makeup Sham inspired you to buy? Her St. Patty’s look with that outfit-WHOA! And I beg to differ, flips flops count, do you know all the colors they come in and how much a pair of Havianas cost (those are shoes)! Chloe and I break our FFs out as soon as there’s no frost on the ground…lol


  3. Luv the Hair Shelli, and the OOTD. I initially got the idea of layering the summer dresses with winter tops from you. You always have the best thoughts and ideas. Definitely an inspiration for fashion.


  4. Awwwww, thanks ladies:)!! Q, jerseys? Like sports jerseys?

    Michelle, no!!! LOL!! I knew that someone would say that;)!! As to the eyeshadow … girl, I tried her green eye once … I looked a HOT mess!! LOL!!! I haven’t figured out how far above the lid to bring the shadow without looking like a clown!! LOL!! I did the green eye and Wei looked at me and I said … “too much?” and he nodded that sad nod, like, “Please wash that off!!” He doesn’t even get why I wear any make-up at all at any time. I only put it on when we go out and, for work, fahget about it!!! I barely get out of the house on time now!! LOL!!

    Miche’al, thanks lady:). Actually, there were more in the first group!! We had 50! This will be 47! I thought I had 60. But, when I actually did a real count, realized we had a little less.


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