GOC Contender #34: Donna


The buddy system is in full effect this GOC!! First we had friends, then a mother and daughter duo and now a pair of sisters!! First up …


Name: Donna

I can’t really remember when I stopped relaxing my hair. I did my BC in September 2010. As my hair has gotten long, I started LOVING my curls more.

Big Chop Sept. 2010

Goals: Hair – My goal is to reach bra-strap length and get a better hair regimen.; Health & Fitness – I don’t need to lose any weight, but I do need to tone up my body. I need to be consistent in going to the gym.


  • I usually wash once every two weeks and deep condition after.
  • Then, I flat twist my hair with Kimmaytube leave-in conditioner and seal the ends with shea butter.
  • I almost always have my hair pinned up during the work week.
  • I was doing monthly henna treatments but I just colored my hair last week and I don’t know how the monthly treatments will work with the color.

Reward: Haven’t thought that far into it.


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