GOC Contender #33: Rebecca


Name: Rebecca

Goals: I believe my hair is what would be considered armpit length and my goal is to achieve mid back length. I would also like to continue working on keeping my hair moisturized, especially my ends.


  • I will continue to do DCs every week and finding good moisturizers for my hair.
  • I will start doing less wash n go’s and more protective styles.
  • I want to start doing henna more often than I do, because I slack sometimes.
  • I want to stop using gels and hair sprays on my hair and also find staple healthy products.
  • I’m still experimenting with different products from Jane Carter, Aveda and Shea Moisture, so I’ll still use some of those. But, I will probably exclude a few Aveda products because they contain alcohol.

Rewards: At the end of the GOC, I would like to treat my hair to a trip to the salon, because I never go. I’m a DIY kind of girl (thanks to YouTube *lol*), so getting my hair straightened will be fun.



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  1. So nice to see someone with hair like mine! Good luck with your hair goals. You should have much success (from what I read with your regimen).


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