GOC Contender #32: Cococrispecurl


Name: cococrispecurl


I’m rolling into this hair challenge from BGLH.com’s “Protect Ya Ends” challenge; achieving some of my goals (retaining 1-3 inches of length, no direct heat and learning new protective styles). My starting length is 15 inches on top and 12 inches in the back. To stay on course, I want to learn how to cornrow, braid and do mini-twists. My styling options are so limited without these skills. I want to retain length, strength and continue to learn fun and easy protective styles for the summer.

Health & Fitness
My weight loss goals are tied to accountability. I plan to continue with Weight Watchers, get a trainer and track my progress with monthly photos. I think losing 30 lbs, my double chin and back fat are attainable.


Other than sealing my ends once a week with Karen’s Beautiful Body Butter and using a satin scarf/pillowcase for bed, I don’t quite have a routine anymore. I’ve been experimenting with mini-twists and treating myself to the salon. My stylist uses sulfate-free shampoo, deep conditions and detangles quite nicely. I pre-poo with an EVOO/coconut oil mix the day before. I figure I’ll develop a routine as I get back to doing my own hair.

Health & Fitness
My current weight loss routine involves:

  • Weight Watchers
  • Walking to and from the car at work
  • Occasionally taking ChaCha, my dog, for a nice walk and;
  • Jumping on the elliptical for 30 minutes, followed by 3 to 4 days of making excuses for not going back until the following week.

I need to get on track with meal preparation and planning. I cancelled my membership at a more expensive gym and will be joining a smaller, les expensive gym and getting a trainer. I mentioned that I need accountability, right?

Reward: I’m keeping my rewards simple: spa visits and cute workout clothes.

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  1. Those twists are so juicy and love the length. But you are so wrong for only giving us one photo lol…. Are you on fotki or another blog as well with more details on her hair etc?


  2. Thank you for all the compliments 🙂 I’m really bad at taking pictures, but I’ll be sure to take as many as I can during the challenge. I don’t have a blog, I’m learning about tumblr and fotki. It’s all kind of new to me. 🙂


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