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GOC Contender #35: Kimon


And here’s the other half of the sister tag team that is Donna and Kimon;)!


Name: Kimon

I stopped relaxing my hair when I found out I was pregnant in January 2010. I continued to flat iron my hair through my transition, but wasn’t diligent with using a heat protectant. My older sister did her big chop around September 2010. She started the search for natural hair websites and blogs. She introduced me to this new information and I began to try incorporating some of it. By the beginning of 2011, I was ready to start trimming off my relaxed ends. And by June, I chopped off the last of the relaxed ends, but I still had a lot of heat damage. I still used heat to straighten my hair, but was more aware of using a heat protectant. By August 2011, I stopped using direct heat and did a lot of roller sets. On February 5, 2012 I did my big chop and I LOVE MY CURLS!!

Day after Big Chop 2/7/12

Hair – I would love armpit length. I think it will take longer than 6 months for that.; Health & Fitness – As for a weight loss goal, I’d like to 5-10 lbs and get a more toned physique. And I want to drink more water!!



  • I currently wash once a week with a sulfate free shampoo. I just purchased As I Am Cleansing Pudding … I LOVE IT!!! I plan on keeping this in my regimen.
  • I also plan on weekly deep conditioning treatments. My gym has a steam room and I try to sit in there weekly for about 10-15 minutes. I am hoping to make this part of my weekly regimen.
  • In my current regimen, I make/use the Kimmaytube leave-in conditioner. I like how it makes my hair feel, so I will keep this.
  • I seal with jojoba oil, shea butter or a castor oil/EVOO mixture.
  • I twist, flat-twist or bantu knot my hair nightly.
  • I sleep with a satin bonnet and a satin pillowcase.
  • Oh, and monthly henna treatments (this is going to be the hard part).

Health & Fitness
It’s simple …

  • Work-out 3 days a week for at least an hour.

Reward: I haven’t really thought about it.


GOC Contender #34: Donna


The buddy system is in full effect this GOC!! First we had friends, then a mother and daughter duo and now a pair of sisters!! First up …


Name: Donna

I can’t really remember when I stopped relaxing my hair. I did my BC in September 2010. As my hair has gotten long, I started LOVING my curls more.

Big Chop Sept. 2010

Goals: Hair – My goal is to reach bra-strap length and get a better hair regimen.; Health & Fitness – I don’t need to lose any weight, but I do need to tone up my body. I need to be consistent in going to the gym.


  • I usually wash once every two weeks and deep condition after.
  • Then, I flat twist my hair with Kimmaytube leave-in conditioner and seal the ends with shea butter.
  • I almost always have my hair pinned up during the work week.
  • I was doing monthly henna treatments but I just colored my hair last week and I don’t know how the monthly treatments will work with the color.

Reward: Haven’t thought that far into it.

GOC Contender #33: Rebecca


Name: Rebecca

Goals: I believe my hair is what would be considered armpit length and my goal is to achieve mid back length. I would also like to continue working on keeping my hair moisturized, especially my ends.


  • I will continue to do DCs every week and finding good moisturizers for my hair.
  • I will start doing less wash n go’s and more protective styles.
  • I want to start doing henna more often than I do, because I slack sometimes.
  • I want to stop using gels and hair sprays on my hair and also find staple healthy products.
  • I’m still experimenting with different products from Jane Carter, Aveda and Shea Moisture, so I’ll still use some of those. But, I will probably exclude a few Aveda products because they contain alcohol.

Rewards: At the end of the GOC, I would like to treat my hair to a trip to the salon, because I never go. I’m a DIY kind of girl (thanks to YouTube *lol*), so getting my hair straightened will be fun.


GOC Contender #32: Cococrispecurl


Name: cococrispecurl


I’m rolling into this hair challenge from BGLH.com’s “Protect Ya Ends” challenge; achieving some of my goals (retaining 1-3 inches of length, no direct heat and learning new protective styles). My starting length is 15 inches on top and 12 inches in the back. To stay on course, I want to learn how to cornrow, braid and do mini-twists. My styling options are so limited without these skills. I want to retain length, strength and continue to learn fun and easy protective styles for the summer.

Health & Fitness
My weight loss goals are tied to accountability. I plan to continue with Weight Watchers, get a trainer and track my progress with monthly photos. I think losing 30 lbs, my double chin and back fat are attainable.


Other than sealing my ends once a week with Karen’s Beautiful Body Butter and using a satin scarf/pillowcase for bed, I don’t quite have a routine anymore. I’ve been experimenting with mini-twists and treating myself to the salon. My stylist uses sulfate-free shampoo, deep conditions and detangles quite nicely. I pre-poo with an EVOO/coconut oil mix the day before. I figure I’ll develop a routine as I get back to doing my own hair.

Health & Fitness
My current weight loss routine involves:

  • Weight Watchers
  • Walking to and from the car at work
  • Occasionally taking ChaCha, my dog, for a nice walk and;
  • Jumping on the elliptical for 30 minutes, followed by 3 to 4 days of making excuses for not going back until the following week.

I need to get on track with meal preparation and planning. I cancelled my membership at a more expensive gym and will be joining a smaller, les expensive gym and getting a trainer. I mentioned that I need accountability, right?

Reward: I’m keeping my rewards simple: spa visits and cute workout clothes.

GOC Contender #31: CJ


CJ is back for the GOC sequel!! If you missed it, check out her Final Update from the first round of the GOC here.


I hope it’s not too late. I still need a trim, but this is where I’m at right now. Thank God it’s spring and I can quit torturing my hair with dry styling. I’ve desperately missed the simplicity of the wash n go. Now my problem is figuring out which conditioner/gel/oil combo works best. Wish me luck!


Preference, Privilege or Political?


Last month, a natural friend of mine posted the following status update on Facebook:

I definitely prefer wearing my hair straight and blonde over wearing a huge, dark brown afro … It’s simply more flattering. Not a political or cultural statement. Simply a preference.

Of course this prompted a flurry of responses, including the following question and my friend’s reply:

Q: Playing devil’s advocate here- if this statement is not meant to be political or cultural- why vocalize it on Facebook in the first place? Just curious.

A: I recently unfriended an acquaintance on Facebook who had the nerve to tell me how he thought I should wear my hair and his preference for a more “natural” looking woman. Never mind the fact that I am romantically committed to someone. Never mind that my hair is personal and none of his business. This man felt so deeply offended by what he saw as a deeply political act that he was compelled to send me a message voicing his disappointment. Thus, the status update explaining that fashion, at least in this instance, is a matter of stylistic preference, and not a defense or critique of the how’s and why’s of what other women of African descent choose to do their hair.

Now, generally speaking, I am not one who likes to stir the pot of controversy. It’s just not my thing and that’s probably why I am not a fan of reality shows ;). I also belong to the “camp” that qualify anyone who doesn’t relax their hair as natural, regardless of whether they weave up, wig out, press and/or permanently color their hair. It’s just that simple to me. Anywho, my friend asked me to chime in on the topic and my reply was as follows:

As you know —-, I’m a fan of the huge, dark brown afro … but, you already know, I love huge, curly hair. That being said, I agree with you that how you chose to wear your hair is your decision and a casual acquaintance has a lot of nerve to tell you what HE prefers. I don’t care what YOU prefer. I myself wear my hair curly, but on occasion wear it pressed. If someone who I knew peripherally, after seeing my hair pressed, had the nerve to tell me he preferred my hair straight, I’d be pissed. And, it would have nothing to do with how I view myself, but with that person’s belief that they have a right to tell me what they think of how I wear MY hair [as if] their opinion should matter to me when I know them not.

At the end day, I found my friend’s statement to be about the presumption of male privilege rather than issues with self-image and acceptance. And, let me clarify, my friend loves her hair in every form and has rocked it in a variety of styles in its natural state. However, she has indicated that she currently prefers it blonde and straight.


So, what do you think? Is this about preference, male privilege or racial politics? Can a Black woman’s preference for “straight and blonde” hair simply be an aesthetic choice and not fueled by a deeper, hidden meaning or self-hatred? Did the explanation that prompted the statement change your initial, visceral reaction to it?