GOC Contender #30: Nadine


Name: Nadine.

I am entering into this GOC to achieve healthier, longer hair. I am starting off this GOC at 14 months post texlax with 2 1/2″ left of texlaxed ends. My hair breaks quite easily, so areas to watch out for are my ends, the demarcation line and my short hairs in the centre of my hair.

Goal(s): I have been using no direct heat on my hair for the past 8 months. My hair longest length is just past collar bone (between SL and APL). I want to reach BSL, maintain healthier hair and to be fully natural.

  • Protective style (PS) with more then two hairstyles.
  • Curb my PJ ways.
  • No direct heat until fully natural at least.



  • I shampoo my hair once a month and only near the scalp, never the ends.
  • I co-wash weekly/every fortnight (depends on my hair state) with Herbal Essence Hello Hydration.
  • I oil and massage my scalp, every 2-3 nights using a mix of lavender oil, amla 2 drops, rosemary oil, almond oil, jojoba oil and castor oil.
  • Daily, before I PS (usually with my two cornrows), I spritz my hair with a blend (Alberto Balsam Condition with 3X’s water). Helps to style.
  • Seal hair with shea butter mix.
  • Flaxseed gel (Naptural85) occasionally is used for bunning styles.
  • I have contact dermatitis/eczema in my hair, which flares up from time to time). I reduce dermatitis with co-washes and ACV rinses (with 1 tbsp of oil – any).
  • Nightly, I detangle and twist into 7 twists. Pop a plastic cap on head and baggy for the night. Or, sometimes, I get a spray bottle and, like with a WnG, I use A.B blend and go to bed.
  • Planned styles: Weaves, braids and natural protective styles.

Health & Fitness
I am looking to include a new routine, i.e. gym, healthier eating. My current diet is poor, fruit is non existent. Junk food diet. However, home-cooked dinners are more rounded in terms of vitamins and nutrients. Exercise non existent.

  • I take Biotin 1000, codliver oil and I eat seeded sunflower seeds frequently during the week.
  • Increase Fish and Vegetable intake
  • Drink more water daily

Reward: Hair treatment at Hype Coiffeur hair salon in Battersea, South London.

Follow me online: I just started a Fokti to coincide with this GOC. My Fokti name is Miz-scruface21.


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