GOC Contender #29: Luv.Lyfe


Braid-out after straightening (12-2012)

Name: Luv.Lyfe

It has been a while (see last update here). Life hit hard, but I’m working towards full recovery.

The GOC was a real challenge; however, I can say that I have learned to listen to my hair. The challenge for me was taking immediate action when needed. Procrastination and healthy hair just doesn’t seem to mesh well for me. My hair has grown a bit, but it was in desperate need of a trim. I should have listened to Shelli at the beginning of the first GOC and made an appointment for a trim. Well, I didn’t. But, this time will be different. I went to an appointment yesterday :-).

I hope to ditch procrastination this time around. I hope to grow, grow, grow. I hope to achieve and maintain healthy hair.

Not much more to say, so here are the pictures.

Needs moisture and a trim (3-30-12)

Blowout and much needed trim (3-30-12)

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Let’s Grow! 

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